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Play Hajime no Ippo on PSP

Started by sigourneyanderson, September 27, 2021, 07:39:16 AM

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Hi everyone,

Ive been playing Hajime no Ippo on PSP for a very long time now.. does anyone knows whats the cheat for infinite round time of the game? the purpose is that so round 1 will not stop until someone is KOed.. i know how to search cheat on cwcheat but its hard to search a timer type value.

Thanks in advance!!!


outside the scope of this website, you actually want


Don't search for specific values (even when you have numbers you don't necessarily know if it has hidden tenths/hundreds/frame counts, is counting in reverse or is just putting numbers on screen as a convenience for you and has little bearing on the internal timer)
You want to instead do searches for things that change (can try dropping or counting as it appears on the screen but if it does not work then go for changing). Bonus for timers is by the time you get back to the game and then load the cheat search some time will have passed and you can search again.