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Author Topic: Tamagotchi Park (Saturn) English Translation/Hack  (Read 686 times)


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Tamagotchi Park (Saturn) English Translation/Hack
« on: February 09, 2021, 07:56:51 pm »
Since no one has ever made one, I'm looking for some disassembly tools for Saturn so I can properly hack and translate Tamagotchi Park for the 25th anniversary of the world's first virtual pet.

What does this hack entail?
The hack will not just be a 100% English translation, but will also be a graphics hack that will replace Oyajitchi, Sekitoritchi, and Charitchi (from the Japanese releases) with Bill a.k.a. Gaijintchi and Zatchi (from the international releases). The basic gameplay of the game will remain intact, though.

When will this hack be finished?
Similar to Super Toads 3, my SMB3 graphics hack that replaces the Mario Bros. with Blue and Yellow Toad, the release date is up in the air as of now. Once I've completed and bug tested the hack/translation, I will announce a release date.