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Secret of Mana, Turbo - Beta 210915

Started by Queue, January 31, 2019, 06:45:12 PM

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Mr X

The shadow saber had the reverse effect on the thunder gigas I forgot to point that out. I guess the Gigas boss series are of the undead type?

September 19, 2019, 04:41:33 AM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

And in regards to Shadow Saber and Blaze nerf yeah I think I would nerf them. I drained the mp too fast of some bosses. I wonder if it's possible to break their mp cap past 99 could be another solution.



Wait, you have a list for the drop percentage code for all monsters?  If so, then could you please make a list of that?  That would be wonderful.

@Mr X

I think they're Ghost type.  Except that you can hit them with melee attacks.


It seems that Gas types (like the cloud enemies like Dark Funk) also reverse HP/MP.  It's probably because Gas and Ghost have the same "type".  Perhaps you should put that in the description for the HP/MP reverse patch.


@hmsong  Okay, I'll let you know when I've finished writing up the list.  Cheers!

Link to all the tables I've documented so far:  Secret of Mana Information (Vanilla).   ;)

Back shortly...

September 19, 2019, 05:27:51 AM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

QuoteMr. X:  And in regards to Shadow Saber and Blaze nerf yeah I think I would nerf them. I drained the mp too fast of some bosses. I wonder if it's possible to break their mp cap past 99 could be another solution.

The game uses 8-bit addresses for MP values, both for characters and for monsters/bosses.  The maximum MP you can technically have, therefore, is 255.  Only problem with that though, is this:

If you cast Analyzer on a monster or have it bounce onto a character, currMP/maxMP, as well as currHP/maxHP, is part of the information that gets displayed in a Message Event, at the top of the screen.  If the target's current or maximum HP/MP is past a certain value, they won't display correctly in that Message Event.  I don't know what the cutoff point is for that, but I intend to find out.  If I can fix it, I'm going to.  Because I don't like arbitrary code like that.  EDIT:  Thanks to kethinov for the information about this text-glitch, it's truly an odd thing to behold.  :D

I definitely like the idea of monsters having a cap of more than 9990HP and 99MP when fighting them.  Not sure how many others do.  Hope that helps, a little.  :)
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In [Harder Final Boss] patch, the final bosses had far more than 9999 HP.  Dark Lich had 44444 HP, and Mana Beast had 65535 HP.  I don't know about MP, but Mana Beast seemed like it had infinite MP (but perhaps it had 255).


@hmsong  If I'm not mistaken, the Mana Beast and the two Slime bosses technically have infinite MP.  Only reason for that is, there's code in the battle system to keep restoring their MP to full at regular intervals, or keep it locked at 99.  So oddly enough, you can MP-"drain" them infinitely for more firepower.  Weeeeell... not with the Mana Beast, though.  It has 999 Mag. Def., and 99 MagicBlock%, so you'll get 1MP per use of Magic Absorb, and it costs 1MP.  Cancels out the piddling 1 you just Absorbed.  True story, that.  Apparently...?!   :laugh:
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I remember doing 0 damage to Mana beast with my melee.  Not 1 damage, but actually 0 damage.

Also, 99 M.Eva?  Is there even a point?  You can't evade magic, right?


@hmsong  No, no you can't.  But, as weird as this sounds, Evade% and MagicEvade% are still used as part of the damage calculation for weapon attacks and spells, respectively.  There's a (EDIT) very convoluted loooooong algorithm, that gets run every time an attack occurs on screen that hits someone.  Well, two actually.  One for physicals, one for spells.  The difference between the two is that a physical attack can be reduced to 0 damage, if your Evade% AND Defence is high enough.  Regrs stated, but I haven't quite confirmed, that reducing AttackPower to 0 is what a "miss" is.  With spells, the SpellPower can never fall below 1, regardless of MagicEvade%, Mag. Def., and/or any other factors involved.

You can test this out with a cheat code if you like.  Say you're at the end of the game, and you have a character with the best helmet, armor and accessory he/she can equip.  That character's Mag. Def. will be 500+, right?  Well, try setting a cheat code like so:

- For the Boy:     7EE1A700
- For the Girl:    7EE3A700
- For the Sprite:  7EE5A700

Then, go to a battle map like the Mana Fortress or Pure Land, and wait until that character, or those characters, get/s hit with a damaging spell.  You may be surprised.  Make sure they're wearing their best gear, or the second-best gear from Neko, while you have the cheat codes active.

I can't blame anyone for not knowing that Magic "Evade%" (more like Magic Block%) exists in the game.  Not only is the fan name for it a bit misleading, it's also a hidden stat.  The Status Menu Screen which ought to TELL you this kinda stuff, has no entry for it, unlike Evade% (or possibly "Evade%").  It's tough to work out what the programmer's reasoning for this algorithm was, exactly.  I'll come back to it later, if anyone's interested.

If you find yourself confused by the result, so was I back in the day.   :D

EDIT:  Sorry.  I think the MP-drain of Shadow Saber works differently.  Will have to check what Queue said about it, my bad.   :-[

Here's the Link for the Drop Table you asked for.  A quick note, though:  The table still needs formatting, but the data is all there from the Vanilla ROM.   ;)

*****Monster Treasure Drop Data Table*****

Okay, this is gonna be quite the description of a bug... <whew!>

So, as we all know, Lunar Magic can have 1 of 8 effects, chosen at random.

- <Enemy/party HP recovered!>  All enemies on-screen and all characters restored to full HP.  That one's not so bad...
- <Raring to go!>  <TargetName>'s <Attack>&<Hit>&<Evade>&<Defence> Up!  Oh, you mean that Master Ninja I was fighting just got stronger, faster AND tougher!?  Thanks a lot, Loony Luna!
- <Burned out!>  <TargetName>'s <Attack>&<Hit>&<Evade>&<Defence> Down!  Take that, Rabite scourge!  Oh wait, it was already weak to start with!  Ah well...
- <All are confused!>  All enemies on-screen and all party members inflicted with Confuse... gre-eaaat!  No spells for us, then!
- <Kupi ku po po!?>  All party members inflicted with Moogle.  Also tries to Moogle enemies, but can't because all monsters/bosses are immune.  Sure fine design Square, you dopefishes!
- <World's bigger?!>  All party members inflicted with Pygmy.  Does not try to afflict the enemies... if it did, they'd always be immune anyway.  Maybe Sailor Moon will come along, and put us in her dollhouse.  Jeez...! <forehead slap>
- <Enemy wimps out!>  All enemies on-screen inflicted with Transform.  That's more like it!
- <Knocked senseless!>  All enemies on-screen and all party members inflicted with Sleep.  It's like fairy dust... smells like Rainbow Dash's farts, makes everything dead silent for 6 seconds!  I could use a nap... noooot.

Now, I patched a ROM with the latest version of the ZPS file, so the 150919 one.  In one case, I patched it without [Spell_System_Extensions] enabled, and from what I could tell, all Vanilla spells including Lunar Magic, were not bugged in any way.  They did what they were supposed to.  So that's no worry.

In the other case, I patched it with [Spell_System_Extensions] enabled, and here's where the strangeness kicked in.  The new spells like Shadow Saber and Blaze Barrier, and the altered ones like Speed Down with the Inflict Tangle, HitDwn and EvaDwn effect, for example, worked as intended.  The only one that didn't... was my good friend, Looney Toony Magic!

So here's a list of effects I noticed, after casting it over and over, and reloading if anything went seriously wrong:

-  Got "Enemy/party HP recovered!" message, spell restored HP the way it should.  So, not bugged.  Yay!
-  Got "Burned out!" message, but all enemy targets would receive <stat1/2/3/4> UP.  Instead of DOWN.  Curious, but it's not as though Mr. Eye Spy would get much mileage outta that.  Put that on Master Kung-fu Werewolf, now we're in the money!
-  Got "Kupi ku po po!?" message, but all enemy targets would receive <stat1/2/3/4> DOWN.  Instead of the party getting Moogled.  Curiouser and curiouser...
-  Got "Enemy wimps out!" message, but all enemies on-screen and all party members get Confused.  I think someone broke out the magic mushrooms at this point!

In all other cases, I'd get either:

-  Game softlocks, with the Luna sprite still on-screen, spell animation does not start playing before the softlock begins.  Music still plays...
-  Game crashes to a black screen immediately after Luna is meant to vanish back to the Elemental Moonlight dimension... or whatever it is.  Music still plays...
-  Game actually does a soft-reset, was not using SRAM at the time, so don't know if you can just load your game from that.  Was using two savestates instead.

Did you get all of that?!  Don't worry.  My brain's overheated too!  :laugh:

Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me work out, or even speculate, on what would be causing the spell to do that.  Since no-one in their right mind cares about casting Lunar Magic, in its Vanilla form, with the Sprite, this is not quite as serious as it might have been.  It's just... very weird.  Kinda like the Moon element itself...  :crazy:

Sorry I can't offer more information than that.  I have not yet gotten around to teaching myself the basics of using a debugger, to track code in real-time.  Hope to see you again soon... I think hmsong might be really missing you (just kidding)!   :laugh:

Take it easy... aaaand that's enough from me just now.
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Thank you.  Thanks to your list, I tested things out about the drop rate -- The good news is that I gave Rabite a 63 drop rate (99 in decimal), and it always dropped chests (Woot!).  I haven't tested 64+ though.  The bad news is that after Change Form, it didn't affect the drop rate, even after I transformed the monster to Rabite.  In short, there's no point in Change Form to affect the drop rate of the original monster (Boo...).  What a let-down.  Sigh.

I assume in code [08 10 F8 40 04] for Rabite, 08 is the drop rate (percentage?).  What are the other numbers?  I'm guessing they're the contents, but there are 4 numbers, when there are only 2 possible contents.  I know I'm asking a lot, but could you define what those item numbers are, assuming they are item numbers?  It'd be cool if I can edit them (even the bosses).

Btw, thank you for the documents that you made.  I read them, and they're wicked useful (holy crap).  I think I downloaded some of them before, but I was... discouraged, because I had no idea what the documents were talking about.  I learned a bit more in the past few weeks.  Now, it's amazing how much mileage I'm getting out of those documents.  Still, I have VERY limited knowledge when it comes to editing these things, but somehow, even I can use them to do cool things now (still very limited).  Truly awesome.


@hmsong  Good to see you again!  I was starting to think it was your bedtime about an hour ago...  :D

Ah yes, as with the other tables, I am supposed to ensure each individual value, whatever the address size, is explained in terms of how the game uses it to... do what it does.  In the case of this table, I looked at various documentation but unfortunately... what I have doesn't explain how these values get translated into results, at least I think.  So that means... I'm still a bit stuck myself, about which value means what.  <sigh>

I can at least say this:  I suspect that the values of a Chest an enemy drops is determined by the enemy's original ID number, which doesn't change even if the monster is Transformed.  Perhaps that can be changed, but I don't yet know how.

I'm very sorry, that I can't tell you more right now.  I intend for all the documents that make it into that folder, to be not just well laid-out, but also as informative as possible.  They're still technically a work in progress, but that Drop Table in particular needs a lot of TLC.  If only I knew the formula for it!  :laugh:

Still, I'm glad you got a little value out of them.  It takes an awful lot to dissect a game's inner workings and understand them.  I'm still learning too.

But hopefully, you'll be able to do at least a few things with the game, that you like.  I have as well... just haven't mentioned all of them yet.  Hope you have a good one...  8)
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Yeah, it's currently near 23:00 where I am (S.Korea).  I'm gonna sleep after this.

I'm still going to edit the possible monsters for Change Form, just for my own entertainment.  I'm thinking this:

0x02 Mushboom Plant Dryad
0x0B Goblin Guard Human Earth
0x0F Dark Funk Ghost Fire
0x12 Zombie Undead Dark
0x15 Nemesis Owl Bird Wind
0x1F Werewolf Animal Luna
0x33 Weepy Eye Plant Light <<-- Change this to Tough type
0x34 Shellblast Lizard Water

That way, all monsters have various species and elements.  Well, there's two Animal/Bird.  I wanted there to be a dragon type, but there wasn't (at least, among the normal monsters).  Oh well.  Maybe I'll change few monsters to Dragon type, and then edit what monsters I want on my Change Form list.

I wonder if there's a way for Change Form to affect my characters...  That way, I can control monster bodies (only melee attack and item usage -- no spell, no equip).

I'd really appreciate it if you can come up with a list of all item ID codes at some point (consumables, armor, orbs, etc).  Then I can really go wild.  Haha.

Truly, thank you so much.  I'm gonna sleep now.


Version 2019-09-19:

- Fixed game crashing bug in Magic\Spell_System_Extensions Lunar Magic reimplementation
- Implemented Magic\Comprehensive_Dispel; Dispel Magic also removes Lucid Barrier (Wall can prevent this) and Moon Energy (always)
- Implemented Magic\Stone_Saber_-_NPC_Version
- Implemented Magic\Mud_Saber_-_Replaces_Stone_Saber; replaces Petrify status on the Gnome Saber with the formerly unused "Paralyze" status
- Renamed Blaze Barrier to Inferno Barrier
- Fixed Shadow Saber showing as Evil Saber in-game
- Changed Shadow Saber's mana drain formula; old version stole between 3 and 135 mana, new version steals between 4 and ~40 mana (both versions depend on Shade level)
- Fixed Herbal Boost causing Wall bosses to cast Herbal Boost instead of Revivifier
- Implemented Balance\Less_Fragile_Pygmy; defense penalty reduced to 25% from 75%
- Implemented Balance\Defensive_Petrify; instant damage changed from 50% to 25% of current health and added a 25% physical defense bonus while in effect
- Changed Balance\Dangerous_Poison_And_Engulf Engulf damage from 1/32 of current to 1/64 of current
- Replaced Balance\Lower_Weapon_Status_Infliction with Balance\Weapon_Status_Chance; configurable in Advanced Settings
- Implemented Balance\Double_Saber_Status_Chance; meant for use with Weapon_Status_Chance (which reduces player weapon status chances from 80% down to 33% by default)
- Implemented Miscellaneous\Diverse_Chest_Traps; changed Punch Gloves damage from a fixed amount to a percentage if the victim's health (25%), changed Bomb damage into Engulf status effect, made chests from enemies over level 41 able to be any trap type
- Implemented Miscellaneous\Enable_Paralyze_Status; use with Mud Saber
- Implemented Bug_Fixes\Final_Saber_Hit; last Saber buff hit wasn't applying its effects

Technical Changes:
- Some Extended spell numbers were shuffled around when adding Mud Saber
- Changed descriptions containing ghosts to instead be ghosts/clouds
- Compatibility fixup for Tangled_Up_TextFix related to Relocalized
- Implemented Technical\Overwrite_Unused_Data; overwrites what should be unused data with 0xFF bytes to help locate available unused data


Woo, update!  Several questions:

1. Not entirely sure what you mean by "Dispel Magic also removes Lucid Barrier (Wall can prevent this)".  Does that mean that Dispel no longer dispels Wall?  Or does Wall deflect Dispel now?
  Edit: Okay, I tested this, and Dispel seems to remove both Lucid Barrier and Wall (and even at the same time).  What do you mean, "Wall can prevent this"?

2. What's the difference between "Paralyze" (aka mired) and "Balloon", in terms of effects?  Mired seem to last shorter time (really short), but other than that, I'm not entirely sure.

3. In [Double_Saber_Status_Chance], can you clarify "Note: Causes a slight change to status effect infliction logic, so that instead of the enemy needing any incoming damage for the infliction to succeed, the current attack needs to be doing non-zero damage."  Does that mean that enemy has to do damage to inflict status?  Or is it the other way around?

Well, I'm gonna do some experiments to see, but it'd be nice to know ahead.

Thank you for depowering Petrify.

Mr X

Dope update.

Does it mwean that if barrier and wall both are on, wall will prevent the dispel magic removing barrier until it's cast a second time?


@Queue  Good to see you again... thanks for the latest update, there's a lot of great stuff in it.   8)

QuoteQueue:  Don't worry about burn out. If I do, I do, and honestly I do kinda want to be done with SoM, but I've been messing with it nearly daily since January, so... I have a bucket list of sorts, where once those are complete I'll probably be done, but I haven't gotten to all of them yet and new things to do keep popping up and delaying them getting completed.

Wow, 9 months is a long time to work on a patcher file!  If you don't mind me asking, how are you going with your "bucket list" of Turbo modules?   :o
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John Enigma

And also, do you plan on releasing the source code of this hack once you're legit done with it?



Man, I've been experimenting with the documents you gave me (and having fun with them).  For now, the drop table.  I'm not sure what the heck "84" is, in terms of drop percentage.  I'm just guessing that it's treated the same as "04".  I have confirmed that changing the value to "64" is 100% drop rate (or damn close to it), so that's fun.  So thanks.

And for whatever reason, Shadow 1~3 are treated as "normal monster", although one-of-a-kind.  I want to make two of them drop Axe Orb and Glove orb (and the third drop the sword orb, which will prevent the Tree Palace sword orb chest, but that's okay).  That'll solve the missing orbs issue.

Sadly, I don't know how to edit enemy drop.  I took a look at the chart you gave me, and I'm sort of seeing a pattern, but I can't quite pin-point yet.  I eagerly wait for your item drop edit document.

Mr X

Quote from: hmsong on September 19, 2019, 07:20:08 PM
Woo, update!  Several questions:

2. What's the difference between "Paralyze" (aka mired) and "Balloon", in terms of effects?  Mired seem to last shorter time (really short), but other than that, I'm not entirely sure.


When enemies get inflicted with paralyze they still can attack/cast spells apparently but cannot walk.


zoolgremlin, thanks for pointing out the Lunar Magic issue, I'd messed up and missed a multiply by two, so instead of random result 0 being 0 bytes into the pointer table, result 1 being 2 bytes into the pointer table, result 2 being 4 bytes in, etc., result 0 was 0, 1 was 1, 2 was 2, 3 was 3, etc. Any of them that were an odd number of bytes into a table with 16-bit (2 byte) entries crashed because it was jumping to effectively a garbage address in code.

The ZPS file is internally divided up into virtual files. Any line that begins with an & (ampersand) is the beginning of a file, and it ends on the next line that starts with a & to define the next file. Any given file has to be reference by a parent file, up a chain to the hardcoded parent files, which I guess are &project.aps and &DEF.adf. In &DEF.adf you'll see a bunch of FILE <?????> lines that specify the first tier of child files (which functionally are like folders). So in &DEF.adf is FILE <(mods)>, later in the ZPS file is &(mods) which has FILE <Misc>, later is &(mods)\Misc containing FILE <LessFragilePygmy>, and later still is &(mods)\Misc\LessFragilePygmy, which itself contains an unnamed .asm file which contains some actual code.

&(mods)\Misc\LessFragilePygmy also defines which checkboxes in the UI (internally just called Options) are required for the feature to be enabled:
REQ [Balance]
REQ Less_Fragile_Pygmy

The .asm files are named via ASM <*.asm> instead of FILE <*.asm> and have a few restrictions on which keywords work in them. I don't recall off the top of my head what those are, but there are differences. There's also a DIR <> keyword that automatically includes any child files, but it prevents child files using REQ keywords to prevent inclusion later, so I generally avoid it.

You can set up a virtual file that doesn't require any checkboxes; really, at a minimum you just need some FILE <> up the hierarchy to reference your new file lower down for the ZPS patcher to actually parse whatever it contains.

As for long quotes, if you're concerned, you can wrap them in [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ] tags so someone has to intentionally show it. The forum posts have a character limit of like, 15000 or something, which I've definitely hit. -_-

My bucket list isn't complete. Examples are:
- longterm: make New Game Plus not suck
- longterm: deal with second player hitting whip post
- rewrite overcharge fix
- moon phases
- kilroy door
- fork bow
- check whip event CF03 and NPC guardian spell?
- super fast enemy recovery / unstunnable enemies?

Admittedly, some of those are just general to-do list stuff, but some of the stuff in my to-do list is what I consider my bucket list.

hmsong, Disappearing Rudolf is a maybe for getting fixed (it's not a particularly big issue). His positioning during the ending credits is also screwy and something I've been meaning to see if is reasonable to change (he's standing next to Sant'a house and then faces right, which causes his butt to sort of extend over the building, and it looks dumb). I don't intend to fix Revisit Potos or Revisit Moon Palace dark room; both are harmless / neat quirks of the game. Infinite money should be fixed by No_Blats_To_Sell; though if there are other ways to trigger the bug I'd like to know about them.

The cannon travel issue you point out I'll need to look at and figure out exactly how the events were changed. If VWF / Relocalized changed cannon travel destinations I'll be reverting them, I just wasn't aware if they had.

I really like the Goblin Village idea. It's not going to be easy but I should be able to make something work. It'll likely require 4 doors, so hopefully there are enough unused doors to make it work.

I actually use Revivifier (I hate consumable items in video games and will always use alternatives given the chance). That said, I have something in mind for it that you'll hopefully like. Assuming I make it work, but I've still got a bit of spell system stuff to tangle with so it seems likely.

For the 5-byte drop table entries, the last two bytes are the two items a monster can drop or the amount of gold in a chest. So for a Rabite, the 4th byte is 0x40, which is Candy apparently (numbers up to and including 0x4B should be items, 0x4C and above are equipment, I think... I haven't messed with this too much), and the 5th is 0x04, which is the 4 gold chest Rabites can drop. Weapon orbs are 0x80 - 0x87. I do not know what the 2nd and 3rd bytes do. My guesses would be related to trap chance, and whether the last two bytes are items / gold, but that's just a guess. Looking at the drop chance entries, I suspect the high bit (0x80) isn't part of the drop chance but some flag for chest behavior.

Change form on the players seems dangerous: the players have a lot more animations than most monsters, and if you were in monster form and an invalid animation gets played, poof goes the player (this can be seen in a vanilla bug with frosty form; if you can trigger the "pushing" animation to play while a character is frostied, they'll cease to exist because it plays the cannon fuse  burning animation which despawns them when it finishes). The player moogle form has tons of animations defined to try and avoid this bug (don't recall if they did the same safety work for pygmy, pygmy moogle, petrified or pygmy petrified though).

The Dispel Magic thing is that, if the target has Wall AND Lucid Barrier, and Dispel fails to completely remove Wall, it won't remove Lucid Barrier. If Wall is successfully removed, or the target doesn't have Wall, Lucid Barrier will always be entirely removed (and Inferno Barrier for that matter; it uses the same "has barrier" flag). Dispel always entirely removes Moon Energy (with the feature enabled).

Mired prevents movement but not attacking. Enemies (or players) can change which way they're facing and use physical attacks while mired. If the duration is super short I may need to figure out why; I thought it'd be roughly the same as most status effects, but my testing of that wasn't thorough.

Let's see if I can explain the Double_Saber_Status_Chance Note.

Vanilla behavior:
1) when your weapon can apply a status effect (either innately or because of a Saber spell)
2) when you strike an enemy it checks if they're immune to any status effect being attempted (in theory a weapon or Saber spell could have multiple status effects assigned), and if not
3) it then uses a random number against the status chance of the weapon to see if it should apply the status effect, and if the check passes
4) it then checks if that enemy has any incoming damage that hasn't been applied yet; it doesn't matter if the current attack did 0 damage or not, all it checks is if there's damage queued up to happen, and if so
5) set the status effect to be applied

Double_Saber_Status_Chance behavior:
1) same as vanilla
2) same as vanilla
3) halve the random number if a Saber buff (which is the same as doubling the weapon's chance), then compare against the weapon's status chance, and if the check passes
4) check if the current attack is going to do more than zero damage, and if so
5) same as vanilla

So the difference is in vanilla, it should be possible for an attack that will do 0 damage to apply its status effect if that enemy is already in the process of taking damage. This is basically a bug fix, but it's very hard to separate this "fix" from Double_Saber_Status_Chance, or for Double_Saber_Status_Chance to work without this fix, due to code space constraints. I had to do something fairly tricky to get this to work. in the space of only 6 bytes.

Mr X, the Gigas's are all ghosts apparently. For reference, most ghosts can't be hit with melee because their animations turn on that flickery transparency effect which disables their collision.

More or less what you guessed on Wall / Lucid Barrier. It's if Wall isn't present, or is present but is removed, Lucid Barrier will be removed. If Dispel fails to remove Wall (you get the message) then it won't remove Lucid Barrier either.

John Enigma, the ZPS file is a text file containing largely SNES assembly code. So, the ZPS file is the source code of this project. I do not have the source code for the ZPS Patcher itself.


@Queue  You're very welcome for the Lunar Magic report.  I feel sorry for you having to read it, though.  All that text just to describe a bug, whodathunkit?!  So that's what was happening with the spell... great stuff.  :laugh:

Thanks very much for clarifying how the ZPS file syntax and reference system works, it looks like I simply wasn't setting up the reference to my script properly.  I tried piggybacking a few more tweaks than just the Stat Menu fix, on one of the modules that was already there [Tangled_Up_Bugfix].  That... only partially worked, and I couldn't figure out the reason.  I have copied your explanation into Wordpad for later reference offline, and will continue to experiment with the ZPS File.  Cheers, you're a legend in your own time!   :woot!:

Oh, and I had a feeling your bucket list still had a lot of things in it, damn.   :(

I don't think I've hit the 15000 character limit, yet.  But tomorrow's another day, isn't it?  See you later on, hope you have a good one.
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Thank you for telling me the drop item things.  I shall keep that in mind while experimenting.  And I think you're right about the "84".  I think anything above 80 makes the chest run away.

Oh, so that's what miring does.  Thanks.  I tried things again with that in mind, and it seems to last decent amount of time (well, about the same duration as Petrify, which has the shortest duration of all stat effects).  I was confused, because I thought it would be paralysis, yet the monster was attacking.  So I withdraw what I said before mire being short duration.  I assume mired monsters can still cast spells.

I wish Mud Saber would make the weapons brown instead of grey, but that's asking too much (it's not even that important).

Dispel can "fail" to nullify Wall?  I didn't know that.

And now that Lucid Barrier can be nullified by Dispel, can you make Mana Beast auto-cast Lucid Barrier instead of Wall?  That'll make that thing WAY more challenging.  Not to mention it gives Popoi something to do.  Oh, and have it cast Lv9 magics instead of Lv8.  That way, Mana Beast will be the only monster to cast Lv9 magics (makes sense too).