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Pokemon Crystal QoL Edition
« on: January 23, 2019, 12:41:03 am »
Hey thanks for checking my hack lemme give you the rundown of what this hack is about. The idea of this hack was to make Pokemon Crystal a bit more modernized for newcomers who are used to current gens, so what was added? Well and exp share in the style of the current generations was added thanks to SilverChrysaetos and also TM's are also reusable thanks to the pokecrystal disassembly wiki  and not to mention a run button has been included along with other miscellaneous fixes I decided to add. So there are 2 patches released, one of them is called "Pokemon Crystal QoL Edition Vanilla" which just adds the fixes and new features but keeps the game as vanilla as possible for you folk who want the game as authentic as possible to the original experience (though you'd be better off just playing the original release if that's the case) and there's an alternate version called "Pokemon Crystal QoL Edition 251" which is a 251 hack that allows you to complete the dex, I am not a fan of the hack "Pokemon - Crystal Version (Emu Edition)" due to how sloppily handled things were like the ingame trades and ect. I vouched to place some Pokemon in spots that make sense to the ingame universe and add missing version exclusives in the spots they once were and put all legendary's in the wild though they will not be found easily and I am not revealing locations just to keep the mystery up in the air as I hope for the the players curiosity to get the best of them to make them explore the Johto region to the fullest. (or you can say I just am lazy and dont wanna make a location list lol). Anyways I hope you like this hack and thanks to the pokecrystal disassembly for making this possible.

TLDR: This hack fixes issues with the original game and is primarily focused on making the game playable for beginners and I hope you have fun!

Tools needed: Lunar IPS
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