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(see text for clarification) If better modding tools were available, do you have the desire, skill set, and perseverance to make (and complete) a Metroid II mod?

I would make an M2 mod
I would make an M2 mod if I could make it in color
I'm making M2 mods already
I don't make mods or don't care about Metroid II

Author Topic: Metroid II: Modding Interest?  (Read 1302 times)


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Metroid II: Modding Interest?
« on: January 22, 2019, 01:47:14 am »
Hi, all. I'm trying to get an idea how large the current and potential Metroid II modding scene actually is. As far as I can tell there are very few serious M2 mods currently, but also very few tools. As such the intent of this poll is to see how many people would actually make mods for M2 if the tools were available, to gauge what amount of effort could be justified in making those tools.

To clarify the terms in the question, I'm asking about people who:
1. Have an idea for a mod (no need to specify) and want to make it
2. Have the skills in art, level design, and/or programming to actually make it
3. Have the perseverance to stick with it until it's finished


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Re: Metroid II: Modding Interest?
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2019, 09:15:53 am »
I have played with the idea of a adding an in-game map and possibly stackable beams - but never made any serious attempt at it.

If someone would pick any of theese ideas up - I would certainly offer my assistance.