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Author Topic: Fire Red Rival Variation Hack and Battle  (Read 1199 times)


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Fire Red Rival Variation Hack and Battle
« on: February 15, 2020, 10:45:02 pm »

Hello, all!
This is a preview of a series of hacks I've been working on that will be released soon. I use my "Fire Red Legends" hack as a base (link below).
These hacks mix up the protagonists and antagonists, respectfully.
Fire Red Legends- Red vs Blue (as usual).
Green Rival- Red vs Green/Leaf
Red Rival- Green/Leaf vs Red
Water Blue- Blue vs Red

Depending on which starter you choose will determine if your rival's roster resembles that of their game or manga counterpart (esample: Red has Charmander in the game, but Bulbasaur in the Manga. Blue has Squirtle in the game, but Chamander in the Manga. Green/Leaf has Squirtle in the Manga).

As it is, the only thing left to fix is the Fire Red Logo on the Water Blue Title screen, and the Intro Sprite for Blue. Beyond that, everything else is done.

There is also a special team up at the end of Water Blue as well.

Download Link below. Contains IPS files for each of the 4 hacks. Apply only of each to a clean Fire Red VERSION 1.0 Rom, rename the .gba and .ips files the same name and enjoy!