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Author Topic: [Solved][Technical][NDS] D.Gray-man, Kami no Shitotachi JPN>ENG  (Read 386 times)


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Update: Thanks to the wonderful Supper, the patch is now underway!

Hi everyone!

With my first project soon to be released, I've leapt into finishing this for D.Gray-man: Kami no Shitotachi!

I've translated about 100% of the text and images! I've been able to repack the images myself, but do need someone else to have a look at the font, and probably write a text inserter/extractor...

The text can be found in data>script. Here's what I have figured out;

  • It's encoded in Shift JIS.
  • Currently, I'm just pulling the text from CT2 into a word document, and writing the translation by the side. Each of the game missions can be replayed with a different partner, but the text will mainly repeat the entire section rather than just using specific lines that have changed. Those are Stage01>07. There are several other files that appear to have the remaining text from the menu's, but I believe the one that's actually in use is the 'arm9.bin'
  • "0A" in Hex is a line break, and "▼" shows the end of a message.
  • <W6>Indicates a multiple-choice question, followed by up to four answers. Other places with higher numbers, indicate wait time for autorun text.
  • #pi #gl #yl #re #cy turn the font colour to pink, green, yellow, red and cyan respectively. #wh returns it to white.
  • Character name tags in dialogue are from an image called "name_list01" in the main_cast folder.

  • I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. The Characters are what I think is referred to as 'full-width', but the font itself isn't variable-width so at current it's displaying far too wide to be usable. Old example img from in game-
  • Some English letters may actually be missing? There's several places where the font appears and I haven't been able to fully work out which does what yet.

I hope someone will be able to lend some much needed technical insight, and as stated in the title, I'd be more than happy offer the incentive of a skill trade. I'm not the most experienced Japanese translator, but I'll give it my best! I may also be able to help with proofreading, image editing, game testing etc, so feel free to ask!
Thanks for reading!  ;D
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Re: [Need Technical Help: Skill Trade Offer][NDS] D.Gray-man JPN>ENG
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2019, 07:04:51 am »
Excitingly, I've finished 100% of the translation, image editing and written a full walkthrough!

However unfortunately I haven't been able to make any progress on the technical side, so there's no patch yet. It seems the font is a bit of a pain to deal with, something I'm hoping the amazing minds behind Kuriimu 2 might be able to lend a hand with. There's no guarantee's though, so if anyone reading this thread thinks they might be able to lend a hand otherwise, please let me know! As said, I'd be more than happy to offer my skills to help with your projects in exchange for your time!

In the meantime, I thought I'd make a backup of all my work here just in case. This folder has everything I've done, including image materials.
On that topic, let me leave you with some screenshots!  :D