How to find the addresses of a chest or a door in a GameCube game.

Started by DrakenXI, January 23, 2019, 09:35:46 AM

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Hello !

I apologize in advance for my basic English.  :-\

After multiple research on web, i don't find a version of twilight princess randomizer.
I decide to create my version of this.

For starting i want to create a logic files with all chest possible and item required for get this chest.
But I do not know how to retrieve the addresses and the positions in the files of the chests.

ISO fiolder content .arc et .rel file but how read .arc and . rel file ?

I'm based my reaseach on Wind Waker randomizer. In logic file of WW randomizer we have memory adress, fils location of chest and any items require for get this chests and other.

But how get this adresse and file location ?

Thanks for your help.