Super Mario Unlimited DELUXE v 2.4 - Released!

Started by frantik, April 14, 2018, 02:12:13 AM

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I have a PAL hi-def nes. Does there exist, or is it possible to easily make a conversion of this rom that plays with the correct speed in a PAL nes? Now it was unplayable due to running way too slowly. I tried to patch SMB1 european rev A but the game froze after the mario hello.


No unfortunately it's not really possible to easily change this for use this on a pal NES

@Captain N and Vanya, thanks for playing!  :woot!:


I'm playing SMB2j on my new Game and Watch and now I'm thinking the reviewers claiming my hack was too hard need to give the original SMB1 hack a play thru.  >:D  I only played the Lost Levels on SNES before, this feels like it's even tougher. 



Just added an update (version 2.2).. nothing too major, biggest news is that "Speedrunner Mode" is easier to use.  Before you had to enter the Konami Code every time you start the game to enable Speedrunner mode.  I realized when I actually started trying to speed run the game that having to enter this every time you reset is super annoying.  So now you only have to enter it one time, then you can just start the speedrunner game by pressing A+start

I also cleaned up a minor graphic glitch when you would press start to skip the title screens, it would show a few scanlines of garbage before clearing the screen, now that's fixed.  Super minor but still needed to be cleaned up

And finally I cleaned up the "Strategy Guide" document, which was pretty messy


Never knew about this or the original Unlimited, but this looks great!  That title screen is incredible.  The simple, clean aesthetic is very appealing.   :thumbsup:


This thing is so incredibly polished, even a strategy guide is included! Easily one of the best SMB hacks out there.


Cheers guys, hope you've been enjoying :)

SMB Speedrunner Kosmic took SMUDeluxe for a spin yesterday on his twitch channel.  Super stoked!  Video here


Check out Kosmic's twitch stream from last week turned into a youtube video:


Just added little update with some bug fixes and minor tweaks
Version 2.3 - 15 March 2021

  • Moved coin in cloud
  • Minor tweaks to some in game text

    • Swapped world 2 & 3 secret message
    • Fixed bug with one end game message
    • Repositioned end game text
    • Changed conditions to show some end game text
  • Fixed bug with hard mode/second quest
  • Made it easier to access second quest for speedrunner mode
  • Modified Podoboo behavior after Bowser has been defeated

>>> Download page <<<


In case you missed it, smb speedrunner Kosmic put out TWO videos of Super Mario Unlimited Deluxe.. first one he checked out the game, second one he did a speed run. 


Checking out the game | Uncut Stream
Speedrun Video | Uncut Stream

I also updated the game to version 2.4, fixing a title screen issue that sometimes popped up after you would beat the game (you can see it on Kosmic's first video).  >>> Download <<<


Thanks for the update, I'm gonna give it a spin after dinner. :)  :cookie:


amazing !!!
This is one of the best hacks i've ever played, thx so much  :crazy:


it was very good, I just thought the gameplay needed to be a little better, but congratulations, if possible launch an update for better control of the jump