Baroque (Saturn) Translation, general hacking

Started by gauss, December 07, 2018, 12:39:12 PM

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Hello, everyone

I started messing with Baroque on the Saturn over the past few days, and I wanted to make this thread to share what I found

I'm relatively new to romhacking so bear with me.

All the text for the game is in these 4 files on the disc

AB_MES.MSB -> has text relating to settings options menus etc.
ALLMSG.MSB -> has all the dialogue in it
ITEM.MSB -> Item info

I'm relatively certain .CAK files are movie files.

I've been scraping together a table file using a hex editor in order to extract the script.   thats what I have so far.

Kanji are 2 bytes, kana and romanji character are 1 byte.  Kanji starts at F803, and goes up to FA0E so far

I've been able to substitute some English for the menus using the in game romanji fonts, but I have some issues with the spacing (title menu options are all 5 characters long and it doesn't display right with more or less).

Once I have all the kanji in the game mapped out, then I'm going to dump the script, and run it through a text analyzer for fun, find common words, find the script size, things like that.  Will probably update progress on this later, but for now Smash Ultimate is done downloading. :thumbsup:


Do you have a translator lined up already? If not keep me in mind and let me know once you have the script dumped.


Sounds pretty awesome.  This game has been in my backlog for ages.  Great music too.  Looking forward to reading on the progress.  Best wishes!