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How to Find Address Code for Cartographer

Started by LittleTeaFlower, November 30, 2018, 09:23:09 PM

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Hello all!

I am trying to translate a game for the first time as a practice. I am using Cartographer as my tool for script dumping; however, I am still a bit new to using it and therefore am in need of assistance.

As some of you may know, Cartographer has a command called:

I know that this means it is the beginning address for my script dump (which is RAW). But, I am unsure of how to find this address.

My idea would be to put my script in the Hex Editor and look at that offset (the table on the far left that starts with 00000000) and copy that address to the #SCRIPT START. My only problem is, the example shown for Final Fantasy one is 5 digits, whereas my Hex Editor the offset shows as 8 digits.

For example, the example for Final Fantasy shows as this:
#BLOCK NAME: Dialogue Block (RAW)
[b]#SCRIPT START: $52E88[/b]
[b]#SCRIPT STOP: $53986[/b]
#TABLE: sjis.tbl

It is only 5 digits for the address. However, the offset in my hex editor is 8 digits (00000000 at the least). Therefore, how would I properly find the address in my Hex Editor?

(I apologize if the answer is really obvious, I've tried looking around several different posts, but none seem to run into and address my problem).


The number of digits is irrelevant. The address is just a hexadecimal number. So $10, $123 or even $DEADBEEF should all be valid. I *think* Cartographer also supports decimal numbers as well.
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Also, most of those 0s are leading zeros. 00000000 is the same offset as just 0.


Got it, so if the offset in the script says something like 00F52EA0 then in cartographer I would just put

EDIT: Never mind, I tested it and that did the trick! Thanks for the help!