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Beyond Oasis Dialogue Font

Started by lastdual, November 18, 2018, 10:17:25 PM

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I recently got the urge to give this old Genesis gem another playthrough, and while I can get past the subpar frame rate, I was instantly reminded of how bad the dialogue font is. The font is literally too tall for the tiles, resulting in the black outline occasionally getting cut off at the top or bottom of certain letters or symbols (like the quotation marks). It just looks unprofessional.

No problem, I thought. I'll just take a look with YYCHR and touch up the font as needed.

The only problem is that I can't seem to find the dialogue font anywhere. I located an all-caps menu font around 153400, but have combed the rom several times and (despite the abundance of uncompressed graphics) haven't had any luck uncovering another. Might this be hidden via some weird Genesis compression, or am I just missing something?