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Author Topic: [PS1, Saga Frontier] Help on How to find where a RAM address is written from?  (Read 1038 times)


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I am fairly bad at finding pointers and would like help on how to learn (the CE tutorial was fairly bad at explaining) and some help on backward engineering some codes for saga frointer. My desire is to learn how to take the game shark codes that already exist as well as some tools, and rebalance saga frointer to reduce the amount of grinding while still making the game highly enjoyable.

0002E728 is the difficulty learning location for slash in the ram. This can be used to find the location for all spells with the character in question has mastery of the magic type, including dummied out spells. I'd like to find where the information is in the disc to edit it into a patch.

I would also like help with doing the same for the following code.

PC Magic Gifts Possessed Modifier:
30010015 00yy
xx: ID of PC (see list above)
yy: Gifts Possessed bit toggle.

This one is coded for Emilia. The goal is to give all mystics access to Mirage magic and rebalance all magic to be more powerful, as well as adding some dummied spells with effects back into the game.

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I just wanted to note, any attempt to rebalance SaGa Frontier gets a big thumbs up from me.  I love the characters and some of the storylines, but others...