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Final fantasy 3 (US) Guest Adder

Started by dartcron, October 22, 2018, 08:23:00 PM

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I found this Rom hack on the website, and after i got the 3 player seiken densetsu 3 rom hack working I decided to try the guest adder.

and allthough I realize it does say "The patch is aimed for hackers and the data of the character guests must be filled in the game database."

So I don't have much coding knowledge, I used several different kinds of gameshark codes anyways I wanted to see what this rom hack would do if I loaded it, on a save file near the end of the game.

so I went here to get save file 27, and I renamed it the same name as my ROM file, and I patched my ROM. and I checked the Party Roster and TORK was there in the 15th slot, A Tera clone with all of her commands listed as "Fight," ( the games graphic was also glitching out a bit on the bottom, which didn't happen before I patched it)

What I would like to do is have Bannon and Leo as usable characters permanently in the 15th and 16th slots in the end of final fantasy 6 (perhaps obtaining GOGO's character being the triggered event) I want Leo to have the commands of Fight, Shock, Sword Tech, and Item since I think it would be more easy to program him to have abilities instead of programming him to be able to wield espers and to be equipped. and I would like Bannon to have the commands of Fight, Health, Blitz, and item. Sabins mentor is in the world of ruin and teaches him Bum Rush, but Bannon disapears and he shares the same character sprite as Sabins mentor, So some fans speculations say that Bannon and Gogo are the same person; other fans speculated that Sabins Mentor and Bannon are the same person. I think with these commands they would be fun to use and different then the other characters.

I cant wait to use some of these rom hacks on final fantasy 3(6) looks like a lot of fun namely;
Equipable Umaro
Fight In Colosseum

Another thing I would like to have in final fantasy 6 is how characters are automatically leveled in the game removed. I like playing FF6 really low levels trying to hold out until I get my hands on stronger espers for stronger characters and its just kinda annoying that the characters "auto level correct" when Im out leveling other characters.

anyways thanks for reading hopefully someone can help me with this.

October 22, 2018, 09:00:46 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

well using the editor.

I was able to get it to load Bannon (as a leo sprite) and a Tera clone on the 15th and 16th slots. however; I cant get it to load Bannon and Leo; Or even Bannon as his own character slot.

I do this by using the Actors editor, and then coping Bannons ID over from actor ID 14 to 48; any help would be useful thank you!

October 23, 2018, 02:37:47 AM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Well I figured it out.
first you download
and patch your ROM file (it needs a header)

then you need to download Final Fantasy 3 Multi Editor,
load your hacked ROM and click on the actor editor.
you can copy Bannon and Leo from the slots 14 and 15 to 48 and 49 but, you need to change 2 things.

there is a Extra HP value and Extra MP value on each actors main page.

from the adobe reader file that comes with guest adder:
        The extra hp field corresponds to the item ID of the guest. If the item is in the inventory, the
guest becomes available in the roster. The item should only be obtained in the World of Ruin.
The extra mp field corresponds to the sprite ID of the guest. Valid values are from 0 to 21.
Higher values are invalid and they will generate many graphical glitches.

so for the extra HP field, you need to make both guest characters different Items so I decided to use item 36 Imp's Halberd and item 155 Imps Armor as I can edit the file on those gear with FF# multi editor to make them un equipable and they are not obtainable until WOR either.

for the Extra MP field, 17 for Bannons sprite and 16 for LEO//

and thats it! it works... I just reccomend you not to use load states with final fantasy 3 it causes a graphical glitch for me on the bottom of the screen that is unpleasant.


I remember playing around with this patch a few years back, after I got everything set up I was amazed to see Leo and Bannon in the roster. I am surprised not many people have taken advantage of this patch, since this pretty much gives us a working Leo and Bannon w/o having to sacrifice another character.   


I would like to design my own rom hack that involves making 2 more end game dungeons to the game similar to Gogos dungeon except with a boss at the end, and you fight and earn the item as a reward.

the item would be Errie Sword or Errie Staff, which would unlock Bannon and Leo. I think I would also in this hack would like to rescale Kefkas Tower, so the monsters and bosses pose and much higher challenge to a level 90 party.. while leaving the rest of the game alone.

So I would turn Imps Halberd=> Errie Sword and Imp Armor => Errie Staff,
then i have another hack that allows me to change the drops of monsters and bosses,
I just lack motivation and for the time being I like how this patch works it is quite amazing.

It would be neat if someone could hack final fantasy 7 to have co-op multiplayer