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Author Topic: Please Help Me!! I am a Newbie!!  (Read 795 times)


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Please Help Me!! I am a Newbie!!
« on: October 15, 2018, 01:35:36 pm »
Hello everyone, I have a few questions about the forum, please explain to help me.
1. Romhacking allows to upload raw patch of game file, to forum? Since I'm currently working on the Toukiden Kiwami English Patch [PSP] project, I want to upload it when it's done.
2. By Gbatemp, the current site I made this project, does not allow uploading of patch files for UMD, only allows to upload xdelta.
3. I feel very upset about their rules, such as:
Do not allow too many comments in the topic: I just want to have discussions discussing the project and thank everyone who has support me.
Abuse Level System: They locked both of my projects and asked to put them together, so messy, although I did not do anything wrong.
Do not allow me to upload patch files outside xdelta, it's annoying, when many people do not know how to use them, I just want to help people but they do not agree.
4. I hope RomHacking will not be like Gbatemp, they really upset me about the hate rules.
Ps: Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my topic.