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New member working on phantasy star 4 hack.

Started by ohx012, October 15, 2018, 05:51:18 PM

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  Hello people my name is OHX I am a romhacker of ps1 and ps2 games, only recently in the last year or so got into hacking 16 and 8 bit games.
  Currently I am working on a Phantasy star 4 hack to make it more like, one of my favorite childhood games of all time which is Phantasy star 2.
  I am working on making stronger the enemies to give challenge to the game.  Mostly just HP doubled, but most enemies need some adjustment after that as well.  I am playing through the game, and doing the adjustments, and then testing them.  I am trying to restore some censored enemies into the USA rom.  I also want to create a "home" type area like in PS2 where you can choose a party, of 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.   Currently I have a couple hacks which arent on here ps4_customparty and ps4_shophack.  Due to certain events in the game it appears this will probably be too hard to do...
  I am one who bought PS4 the day it came out for 100 dollars!  And my GF got super angry, and then I was let down because the game was so facking easy!  I was so exited for it because I loved PS2 so much and didnt care for PS3 and then I heard about PS4 saw it in a magazine and was super hyped!  But it was too easy and I beat the game super fast on top of that it was 100 dollars...
  So on an unrelated topic I also have made hacks of
Anyways that is where I am at right now, if any suggestions, let me know haha


This game is getting a comprehensive hack right now, due to the various efforts from hacks for individual bugs fixes from fans here.