Submission of 2 games to database, Zero Tolerance & Wall Jump Ninja

Started by yetisyny, September 25, 2018, 12:45:59 PM

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Hi. I have submitted a freeware Sega Genesis game, Zero Tolerance, to the database. Right now it is in the queue and my screenshots of it are in the scratchpad (the ROM itself, I linked to the official website for instead of adding to the scratchpad). On the website of the company that made it, Technopop, Randel Reiss, the owner of its copyright and trademark, makes it available royalty-free for download and distribution as you can see here: This makes it freeware and perfectly legal for this or any other website to host, so I added it. It is listed on many sites that list freeware games, including Wikipedia's list of freeware games that were once commercial.

However the submission form for games does not allow to specify an author not listed in your database. I specified "R" as the author, short for Randel Reiss, but I would really like the author to be listed as either Randel Reiss, or better yet, Technopop, since they are his company and other people were involved in making it to, although he was in charge of development as the producer, and is also the person who made it available for free, legally. I was not able to upload it without specifying an author, on the form, and the form also did not allow me to add a new author.

Anyway I hope that someone who is able to create new community entries can create a new entry for either Technopop or Randel Reiss. Preferably Technopop since a bunch of people were involved with making this game. It is quite rare for a formerly commercial console game to be made freeware like this, and I suppose that since it was originally developed by a game company before made freeware it is not technically homebrew, but it is not as if this game is outside the scope of this site, and also it is perfectly legal for you to distribute, it says so right on Technopop's official website which I linked to. So I hope this submission is accepted and you can correct the "author" field. Thank you.

In the meantime, anyone who wants to legally download the game can download it from Technopop's official website, before it is added here, or in case it gets rejected for not technically being homebrew or something like that. I would also note that on the old site Zophar's Domain, Zero Tolerance is one of the 27 100% legal-to-download Sega Genesis games they have, although they mistakenly list it as "public domain" when actually it IS still technically under copyright, just freeware: Open-source software under GNU GPL and stuff under Creative Commons licenses is also technically copyright too, but it is still under a free license, this is basically the same situation except Zero Tolerance does not have any source code freely available, just the ROM.

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I submitted another game to the database, this one a homebrew game for Atari 2600 called Wall Jump Ninja, made by a ROM hacker who goes by the name walaber. Unfortunately yet again I was unable to find the ROM hacker's name in the list, the closest I could come to his or her name was "Whatever". Hopefully if/when the Wall Jump Ninja for Atari 2600 submission is approved, the ROM hacker name can be changed to "walaber".

The submission form for homebrew games STILL does not allow to specify an author who is not already in the database of contributors, unlike the submission form for hacks and probably also the forms for translations and utilities. Somebody should really fix the submission form for homebrew games so we can list an author not already in the database. Anyway since this is an actual homebrew game that was first developed in 2015 and the most recent version came out in 2016 and the author published the ROMs for it (NTSC, PAL, and PAL60 versions) for free online, and it was never a commercial game, this ought to be completely non-controversial to add to the database, the only problem is getting the author's name right: walaber. Oh and here is the post where the latest version of this game was posted online, in case anyone wants to check it out before it gets approved (I can't see any reason why it wouldn't be approved):


UPDATE: Zero Tolerance is still in the Queue but Wall Jump Ninja has been rejected because the RHDN staff did not see evidence that walaber had given permission for RHDN to redistribute this homebrew game, and said that ideally the creator of the homebrew game ought to submit it themselves. Just wanted people to know what the current status of things is, if you have been looking at this post at all.