Hints/tips on Hiouden: Mamonotachi to no Chikai (snes srpg) please?

Started by travel27, October 04, 2018, 01:24:41 PM

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Any hints on how to go about this game, an snes srpg from 1992 (or was that 1993)? The interference looks a little confusing but I can not find a FAQ even on the basics of the game.  It does not strike me as a very intuitive game.



Doesn't the game have a button that gives you information about things? As in X or select or some other. I can't recall the interface well enough to give you a rundown. I do believe the game has mouse support so definitely give that a try.


Yah, it does, but the game is kind of a mess, so to speak so the in game tutorial can only go so far.  It helps with the basics but it does not totally help to understand some of the games more subtle nuances that, while subtle, are still super important to get down and are not totally obvious.  It is an odd game.

EDIT: I am on the very last battle and finding it very long and very hard.  I don't have enough resources.  If anyone has a code/cheat to maybe enter in some medicine and/or revive potions please let me know, PLEASE.  I would hate to waste like 20 hours of gameplay only to come to a roadblock on the very last battle.  I never like to cheat like THAT but my goodness, the last few battles are absolutely brutal and I would be ever so grateful!

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Okay, back one last time to say I beat the game before any potential help arrived on gaming boards and I used no cheat codes but I did use some save states. In fact I think the one downside of the snes consule which is otherwise brilliant and I have been playing it for over two decades is the lack of save slots, usually you are limited to between 2 to 4, sometimes 1 and rarely 5 or more save slots. On the psx and beyond (other than the N64) your ability to save was only limited by the size of your memory card so my advice, if one decides to play this is to get used to the idea of using saves states, at least a bit, and for sure more than the 3 slots allowed in the game. Lets just say that is my only attempt to modernize an already very archaic game using available/current tools! I made use of about 8 save states but tried to conserve them for before, middle and after battles though some battles, like 15, 16 (or whatever the ice map was with all those spikes) and the last few tested this greatly and numerous save states were required...same for map 12, to an extent, which was very hard and despite save states I still had to be super careful and loading an old one often resulted in redoing 30 minutes or more of a very hard battle.

Anyone who plays this, make use of the zzz button all the time (cycle through it, same location as the button for attack/defense/etc.)

Also, ONCE YOU HAVE 24 characters this is super important: awakening a new demon to be your new 24th >>>>> using a revive on a current 24th)dead character, seriously!  Just unequip a dead character and throw him to the fish (literally) and awaken the new demon as that is better than using a revive which are just too infrequent in the game but again, only do this when you are assured of always having 24 live characters.  Otherwise save the dead corpse (they travel with you to new stages) and move to the next stage, even if it takes a few stages, until you finally reach a new demon statue.  I was getting demon statues late into the game, I think a few even in, like stage 18 or 19 or 20.