rockman - Battle & Fighters (Japan)(Unfinished translate)

Started by azoreseuropa, October 26, 2018, 04:28:07 PM

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Rockman - Battle & Fighters (Japan).flash?? I understand about .ips and .tbl but what is .flash file for ? Curiosity.


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Yeah that was weird in that translation. I didn't actually try the game (i just downloaded it for RA dat PRs) but i decided to just ignore it. If it was something which the game was supposed to modify on the emulator provided flash memory and didn't even try and decided to cheat, the translation is simply incomplete imo.

As far as i know, maybe that system (SNK color right?) had a habit of giving out flash memory cards along with the games, or it was supposed to be on the cartridge itself but the emulators prefer to divide the rom into 'writable' and 'not writable' part instead of being sane and doing a copy on write.

Could also simply be a savegame, several translations sometimes give them for convenience or because of bugs on the translation (for instance, the english glyphs for names not working correctly with the charset that the game insists on using for the character generation - more than one translation has a 'oh btw use this tool to modify your save files to get the right name ahaha' admissions of failure).