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Author Topic: [Audio] [NES] Castlevania 3 - Dracula's Curse (Cadence Of Agony) NSF Design  (Read 1133 times)


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I am looking for someone to help build a number of songs that will need to be installed into Cadence Of Agony in the future.

The music will need to be designed in Famitracker or designed directly into the Cadence Of Agony Rom itself. Which ever is easier for the designer.

The following list is a list of all the desired tracks that I am hoping to get installed into the game.

Some are complete and some are still needed.

Intro Reel - Agony (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Name Entry Screen - Underground (Castlevania - Harmony Of Dissonance If Possible Otherwise The Famicom Disk Version From The Original Castlevania)
Prayer Scene - (Complete)
Stage 1 - Bloodlines (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Stage 2 - Roman Rondo (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (complete)
Stage 3 - Slash (Castlevania - Rondo Of Blood) (Complete)
Stage 4 - Grand Ballade (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Stage 5 - Hollow Deep (Castlevania - Chorus Of Mysteries) (Needs CV3 Version)
Stage 6 - The Cursed Prison (Castlevania - SOTN Saturn Version) (Needs CV3 Version)
Stage 7 - Firestorm (Castlevnania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Stage 7-A - Wondering Ghosts (Castlevania - SOTN) (Needs CV3 Version Made)
Stage 8 - Fresh Kill (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Stage 9 - unholy Vespers (Castlevania - Order Of Ecclesia) (Needs CV3 Version)
Stage 10 - Rainshadow (Castlevania - Bloodlust Original By Optomon) (Needs CV3 Version Made)
Stage 11 - Celestial Waltz (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Stage 12 - Dracula's castle (castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Stage 13 - Heart of Fire (Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow Version) (Needs CV3 Version)
Stage 14 - Bloody Tears (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Stage 15 - Hysteria (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Stage 16 - Resting Again (Castlevania - Order Of Shadows) (Needs CV3 Version)

Boss Fight - Flesh Feast (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)

Dracula Second Form Fight - Mid Boss Theme (Castlevania - Legends) (Needs CV3 Version)
Dracula Final Form Fight - Proof Of Blood (Castlevania - Circle Of The Moon) (Needs CV3 Version)

Epilogue - Relief (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Credits - Castle Center (castlevania 64) (Needs CV3 Version)

Character Meeting - Theme Of Renon (Castlevania 64) (Needs CV3 Version)

Stage Clear - Needs Custom Song
All Clear - Needs custom song

Player Death - Need Custom Song
Game Over - Need Custom Song

Hopefully this list makes some kind of sense.  :thumbsup:


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Wow, this project died then?


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It would help greatly if you could provide the finished FTM files. Having the other music from the game helps greatly as it allows a composer to make new tracks fit the current soundtrack.