A whole bunch of utilities and translations to submit

Started by yetisyny, September 12, 2018, 10:20:58 PM

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I found a webpage with a bunch of ROM hacking utilities, some of which are on here, some of which are not, as well as translations for almost all of the Zelda games into Russian. Unfortunately the website is in Russian but fortunately Google Translate works really well and if you are viewing the website in Google Chrome you ought to be able to see it in English quite easily. Most of the ROM hacking utilities are in English, just the descriptions on the website are in Russian but Google Translate can take care of that.

Various ROM hacking utilities

A whole bunch of Russian translations of almost every game in the Zelda series

I think for users of this site, since most of us are English-speakers and the site is in English, a much higher priority should be making sure all of the ROM hacking utilities that are listed, if they are useful at all, are also on this site too. It seems those ROM hacking utilities are the ones that were used to make all of those translations of the Zelda games. It is an actively maintained website. Anyway some of those utilities look really useful. In the Google Translate translations of those webpages, you sometimes will see the word "Roma", substitute the words "Roman alphabet" whenever you see this, sometimes you see "rum" instead of "ROM", various little things like that, no big deal, Google Translate makes minor mistakes. Anyway if we go through everything on this webpage that is quite a long list of things to submit here. Some very useful utilities for ROM hackers are there. Submitting the Russian translation patches is a much lower priority because Russian-speakers can already easily find those translation patches for Zelda games on that website and Russian-speakers are unlikely to look at romhacking dot net very much.

If nobody else bothers to submit any of these I will just have this post here for personal reference so that I can submit all the things on that site that are not already here, when I have the time, if I ever get around to it. In the meantime, anyone else is welcome to look at that and submit anything there they thing is useful too. If you are trying to increase your number of submissions to this site, I would suggest that this is an easy way to do it but you'll have to put some time and effort in. It might be easy but it will take quite some time to submit all of this, quite a lot of time. If anyone wants to hack Zelda games, the utilities there are really good ones that have been proven to work for that purpose.

I found this site when looking at utilities with unknown authors, and coming across BFN Dump. When trying to look up the author of BFN Dump, I found there are hardly any sites on the Internet that mention this utility, but it and a whole bunch of other related utilities are all listed on this site. In fact BFN Dump is pretty useless by itself since the utility for dealing with .dds files that it generates, DDS Viewer 0.663a, is not on romhacking dot net, but this Russian Zelda ROM hacking and translation site has that utility and many others. There are a bunch that deal with Yaz0 compression, a common compression algorithm used in many games, and NONE of those are on this site. And a bunch of utilities for dealing with the BTI format and the TPL format and all sorts of things, yes these are also used in games on Nintendo consoles, none of those are on this site either. Hopefully we can get all the useful utilities from there submitted here on romhacking dot net.

I don't know a single word of Russian so if anyone here knows Russian perhaps you would be a bit more suited for dealing with this than I am. Still I can handle myself pretty well with Google Translate. This is a site with dozens of obscure but very useful ROM hacking utilities I have found here.