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Beyond Super Mario Bros. DS
« on: August 29, 2018, 07:42:05 am »

Beyond Super Mario Bros. DS is a hack of a hack. It is based on Newer Super Mario Bros. DS, released at Christmas 2017, to take advantage of the ASM hacks installed in the game such as the minecart and the rotation controller. Once ported to the Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii engine, but did not gain as much support. As a result, this hack is still being worked on.

This hack currently uses version 1.06 of Newer Super Mario Bros. DS.

  • Brand new levels, polished and reviewed before both final and demo releases.
  • Most of the original tilesets used in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS, with a few retextured tiles and custom tilesets.
  • Custom level previews using the template provided by Newer Super Mario Bros. DS, including stage names and screenshots.
  • Mechanics from various games in World 7, but not remakes.




Hiring Level Designers & 2D Graphic Designers
If you'd like to apply, please submit a level/video of it made in either SMM, NSMBe, Reggie, CoinKiller, Miyamoto, SMB3 Workshop, Lunar Magic or whatever you have. It must have good level design. If the application is successful, you can choose whether to include the level in the hack or not. Here is a build of the editor for starters: NewerSMBe + My Spritedata

2D Graphics Designers for custom tilesets/backgrounds are also needed. Please show your past works for your application.

1-World Demo Update 3 (U)
Please feel free to post suggestions. I will review them and make improvements.


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