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Table editing help

Started by GhaleonUnlimited, August 22, 2018, 11:33:05 AM

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Hey all, I've been enjoying romhacks for a long time now, so I so appreciate the hard work you all have put in for this scene. There are soooo many people like me who never comment but get immense enjoyment out of your efforts.

I always thought a Phantasy Star IV hack was a no-brainer to fix it up a bit, so I'm working on the text for my 1st project, but I'm stuck beyond the tutorials.

Thanks to this hack ( there's an incomplete table for text.

I started finding words like "Elsydeon" and finding the 2-digit hex code that creates the letters, but many times the codes don't match up with other parts of the script, sometimes in the same paragraph even.

Like I verified that F3 points to "on " in one word but elsewhere "re"

And it seems a two-digit hex code can map to 2 or 3 letters, to boot (shown in the example below).

What are the best ways to fill out the dialog tables when it's like this? I don't mind grinding and puzzle-solving but now I just don't know how to troubleshoot since I'm not even sure what this situation is called.

Thanks! I'm hoping to contribute something worthwhile for Phantasy Star fans.
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