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Final Fantasy IV Advance: Visual Improvement Hack

Started by Piggy Chan!, August 07, 2022, 06:39:02 PM

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Quote from: Piggy Chan! on September 26, 2022, 01:08:26 PMIndeed there is! As I mentioned it earlier, the colors in the intro are completely different palettes, and the sprites are different sprites entirely. I could edit the palettes, but I also did sprite work for this project and the sprites in the intro seem to be compressed data, so I can't edit them with my current tools and skillset. I decided it wasn't really worth touching on this basis; they won't match up to the main game's sprite work no matter what I do. If I ever find out how to edit the sprites in the intro, I will of course go back and fix this issue. Oddly enough, the tiles used in the intro seem to be the same palettes and may even be the same maps as in-game - its all an issue with the sprites.

Thanks for clarifying. Interesting that they'd go and compress one set of sprites like that and leave others alone.
It's kind of a shame the portraits couldn't be done similar to this Pixel Remaster mod:

I actually have a similar project with Donkey Kong Country 2 on hold because the compression with the backgrounds is a nightmare so I can understand the frustration there. A few of us have tried looking for workarounds but haven't had any luck.