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Author Topic: Anyone interested in hacking Cyber Doll on the Saturn?  (Read 2664 times)


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Anyone interested in hacking Cyber Doll on the Saturn?
« on: August 17, 2018, 07:06:50 am »
I recently moved to Tokyo, and as I was searching around local secondhand stores, I found myself a cheap Saturn. Went around today and grabbed some games for it, when I came across something called Cyber Doll. Back said it was an RPG, so I grabbed it and tried it out.

It's pretty awesome.

I dunno how long it is. Can't find much information on it on the internet. But it took me like two hours to beat the first Chapter of the game. Game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where AIDS is cured but some new disease takes its place, eating away at muscle tissue in the people it infects. The only solution was to replace the parts of human bodies it attacked with cybernetic robot parts instead. Turns out that causes issues too, and people start getting infected with a new disease with similar symptoms to the old one. They start going nuts and attacking people -- they call this the "Dark Visitor". You're a part of a group of people meant to both get rid of Dark Visitors and try to figure out how to solve the new issue with the disease: the Debuggers.

Combat takes place kinda like Front Mission in a way, in that there's multiple different types of firearms and different parts of the enemy's body that can be hit. But there's also distance: Short, Medium, and Long range. Different weapons only work at certain ranges. You have ammo you have to keep track of (and reloading takes up a turn). You can break the parts of your enemy's body (and yours can be broken as well): Head, Body, Left Arm, Right Arm, and Legs. Break the head or body, and they die. Break the others, and they lose the ability to use them.

Outside of combat, you have several different parts of your body that you can augment with new parts: Brain, Eyes, Ribs, Heart, Spinal Cord, Nerve Center, Frame and Muscles for both arms, and Frame and Muscles for your legs. This is how you "level up" in this game. There are no experience points in this game. When you destroy an enemy, you have a chance of getting any of the parts of their body that you didn't destroy. You can equip any of the parts to upgrade your stats. You can then sell any leftover parts to make money (you don't get money from battles, as far as I remember -- though enemies do drop potion-like repair kits).

Anyone interested in hacking it? I could translate. It's a very interesting game and it's sad that there isn't a ton of information on it and not a lot of people really know it.

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Re: Anyone interested in hacking Cyber Doll on the Saturn?
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2018, 03:19:54 am »
Hello, DarknessSavior. I could take a look at the files for the game and see what I come up with. I started a translation project myself for the PS2 game Hungry Ghosts(check it out later on the help wanted section) but am stuck because I lack a hacker that at least a little more skillful than me and a jap translator (such as yourself.

I will find a copy for the game, run some tests and get back to you.