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Author Topic: Mkpsxiso & PSP/Vita Compatiblity Issues  (Read 949 times)


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Mkpsxiso & PSP/Vita Compatiblity Issues
« on: August 15, 2018, 08:11:55 am »
I've been attempting some PSX mods after seeing some threads explaining how to extract the files and modify them but I ran into an issue with getting the compiled game from mkpsxiso working after converting it to an eboot for the Vita to run with Adrenaline.

I included the license files from psyq and they seem to work fine and ran the .bin through starwin's EDC/ECC recalculator afterwards but it's unable to boot, staying on a black screen instead, when testing through epsxe, it runs perfectly without any issues so I'm unsure what the problem is and thought I could get some suggestions on what I can do to get it running.