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NES Metroid HD Pack

Started by Aclectico, August 09, 2018, 12:28:12 AM

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**A new pack version (V 1.5 Custom Edition) is available as of 2/17/2021**

A trailer is available here:

How to Videos:
-How to Setup Metroid: HD:
-How to Customize Sound:
-How to Customize Graphics:
-How to Customize Level Layout:

-How to Create an HD Pack for Any Game Part 1:
-How to Create an HD Pack for Any Game Part 2:
-How to Create an HD Pack for Any Game Part 3:
-How to Create an HD Pack for Any Game Part 4:

An HD pack is now available for the NES game, Metroid. This pack replaces graphics, sound effects, and music. It is a hack that builds upon many prior hacks and it uses Metroid mOTHER as a base (available at: Credit should go to the original authors for work done on prior hacks.

The pack includes, but it not limited to, some of the features detailed below. Many of these features are carryover from prior hacks that have previously been developed for Metroid. Items denoted with an asterisk are brand new features that have been created exclusively for the Mesen pack.

•   Increased resolution**
•   Increased frame count for running**
•   Scrolling backgrounds**
•   Updated sound effects and music**
•   File resources for alternate sound and graphics**
•   New title and ending screen**
•   Automap**
•   New secret area in Brinstar**
•   Animated environments
•   Beam stacking
•   Saving
•   Full health on startup
•   Enemies disappear during door transitions
•   Improved bomb laying mechanic

The README contains details the work performed by each author below that helped make the HD pack possible:
Aclectico, KYA, Sour, dACE, snarfblam, Infinity's End, DemickXII, Psyklax, Maximum Potion, VariaZim, WIP, Exaelart, Riklaionel, elgwen, strugglepoo, Luminist, Jorge Fuentes, Patricio Herrera, kottpower, PikaXRichMixer, mkwong98, Omegachaino, Rundas45, delta7890, P0ZN0, and Spooniest.

***HD Pack Download (Version 1.5 Custom Edition):

*Note: This is merely a mod and the download will not work all by itself. The pack must be used with a USA Metroid ROM that has a SHA-1 checksum of ecf39ec5a33e6a6f832f03e8ffc61c5d53f4f90b or it will not operate correctly.

#New for Version 1.5#
   -Increased frame count for heat wave effects in Norfair and Ridley's lair.
   -Most enemies now disappear during door transitions - No more cheap Rinka door deaths (special thanks to P0ZN0).
   -More predictable bomb laying mechanic (special thanks to P0ZN0).
   -Fixed glitch with the wave beam and ice beam icons shown at the file select screen (special thanks to delta7890).
   -Fixed graphic glitch that occurs with frozen Rinkas when the player is using the Zero suit (special thanks to delta7890).
   -Fixed graphic glitch that occurs with energy pickups in Tourian when the player is using the Zero suit (special thanks to delta7890).
   -Fixed graphic glitch that occurs with red doors in Tourian when the player is using the Zero suit (special thanks to delta7890).
   -Minor adjustment to music volume level.
   -Minor pitch adjustment for "GotAnItem" sound file (special thanks to Spooniest).


I've been waiting for someone to do this.  Simply awesome  :beer:
ROM Hacker, Reviewer and Critic.

Don't Know What Else To Say So... <3 You!


Holy Crap!  :crazy:

Someone did it!!!!

After seeing Castlevania Redone I just knew there were going to be more projects, Which means the possibilities are endless.

I have always wanted to see the first game as it was shown in the cut scenes in Super Metroid and now it looks like anything is possible!

I mean think about it, Startropics, Zelda, Castlevania II And III, The Final Fantasy Trilogy maybe one day get the FFIII Origins version we got jipped. The Lolo Games, The Mega Man Games. I don't know exactly how this process is done and I am sure it's very time consuming but this is just so awesome!! WOW!  :crazy: :crazy:

Metroid - Rogue Dawn 16 Bit  :crazy:

I can't wait to try this out.  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Just a note on troubleshooting for everyone, the pack must be used with a ROM that has a SHA-1 checksum of ecf39ec5a33e6a6f832f03e8ffc61c5d53f4f90b. If the checksum does not match exactly, the pack will not operate correctly. If you are encountering issues, I would check this first. Happy gaming!


Wow! This looks great so far! Can't wait to test it out!

I'll be following this with great interest!


Just had to log in to say very impressive pack, love how you've used the advanced features and very polished, kudos to your work.

...makes me wonder if i should work on a new pack (have a few test packs)..or see if my old hdnes super mario is worth updating :huh:


It's good to hear from a fellow Mesen/HDNes pack developer. I'd say go for it. And thanks for the kind words on the Metroid pack. I'm very thankful for the work Sour, KYA, and the other hackers did that helped make this possible. I'd say the final product was a nice group effort.


@Aclectico Gotta hand it to you, this is damn cool! Well done, well done indeed!


Well done! :thumbsup:
I only played Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion and never play this one. Time to pick up the controller!

BTW, do you use any tool when working with the HD tiles?


The sprites were edited in Photoshop CS6. Other programs used include Audacity, Notepad, Lunar IPS, and the "HD Pack Builder" feature on the Mesen NES Emulator.

August 13, 2018, 12:39:06 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

After a little feedback from the pack's initial release, I am thinking of making some updates and minor changes. One aspect I'd be interested to hear thoughts on is music. I was considering the following replacements:

-Ending theme: (although, I'd have to do some trimming and editing to make it fit).

-Brinstar: I think the track is very nice in the current pack. I also think the author of the YouTube video did a very good job. But, some seem to feel as though it is too far removed from a 16-bit style. Having said that, I haven't found a good alternative yet. There is this, but I'm not sure it's quite right (a bit too cheery): I'm open to suggestions.

-Title screen: Again, the track in the current pack is very nice. But, I've heard some say it is too far removed. Do others feel the same way?

-Escape theme: I like the current escape theme in the pack. However, there are some that are very attached to the NES melody. This is a possibility: (although, just the first part would be used if a lot of people also like the NES melody)

Of course, all of these considerations would depend on the YouTube authors having no issues with this.


I just finished recording a personal soundtrack, I remastered the Zero Mission Soundtrack and enhanced the already existing sound effects to prevent the sounds from being drowned out.

The music may be GBA Music but it works very nicely. :crazy:


Oh really Sephirous,that sounds cool. :)


That sounds interesting. I'll reach out to you with a follow up via messages.


Can't wait to see how Ridley and Kraid look with these new texture pack :^}


Man, I tried this HD pack and I LOVED it! Sure there were a few things here and there, but overall this is AWESOME! I'm already making videos of this. Hopefully I can complete it ASAP because it is THAT good.


I'm really shocked this was even possible for NES games in general, it opens up a lot of possibilities for future NES projects.

edit 2021 - Apparently I commented on HD packs years ago HAHA! I must have forgotten at the time.


Thanks to everyone for the compliments :) I'm happy people seem to be enjoying it.

August 18, 2018, 03:51:36 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

A new version is in progress and it will include the following:

-Various bug fixes
-Alternate music for a couple of areas
-Enhanced art for a small number of the background tiles
-Improved Samus model and run animation

Below is a work in progress example of the updated Samus run animation:




great is a lot of work with that aesthetics and graphics for a 16 bit console ;), but for a special single emulator :(
it is planned to adapt this title to a ROM for MegaDrive, it would be possible in the future

Thank you :thumbsup:


"hey could you take this game that was designed for one system and reprogram it for another with completely different hardware? that's something you can do in a couple of weeks, right? like i'm sure it doesn't take literal years or anything"

Shade Aurion

This looks great. I want to jump in a play it but I think i'll wait for at least the first round of fixes. I'll def be bookmarking this though. Great work <3