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Crystal Beans (SNES) - small improvements

Started by turhope, July 29, 2018, 11:42:39 PM

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Playing through this game but it has a few annoying things for me that can be patched out.

Collection of hacks for: Crystal Beans from Dungeon Explorer (Japan).sfc

======  turhope  ======

Vanilla bugfixes
- fix1: transparency line on column 0 (intro: textbox, king's spotlight)

Engine tweaks
- plus1: saving regardless of switching characters
- plus2: loading regardless of character chosen
- plus3: change text speed when printing (L trigger = faster, R trigger = slower) [^1]
- plus4: move around world map while text still printing [^1]
- plus5: bow-m to bowman graphic [^1]
- plus6: party leader chooses next room, not last person [^1]

Gameplay cheats
- easy1: raise total stat limit (base+gems+items) from 15 to 127
- easy2: gems give 2x stat bonus
- easy3: pick up 2x potions (limit 9) [^1]

English 1.1 (Hiei- / Neige) addendum [^2]
- text1: typos (ressurection ==> resurrection, kingom ==> kingdom)
- world1: fast auto-indent text printing [^1]

Patches can be applied in any order
- ^1 = requires 2MB ROM expansion patch (expand.ips) if not using English translation
- ^2 =

Remaining ideas:
1. (MP game) Always camera track 1st player even if others go offscreen. Normally everyone is stuck and bound together.

Progress and samples can be found here: