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Author Topic: Ponified Final Fantasy IV: Filly Fantasy IV  (Read 1717 times)


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Ponified Final Fantasy IV: Filly Fantasy IV
« on: June 26, 2018, 02:05:25 pm »
This is the new place of the Filly Fantasy IV Topic:

I've wanted to make a ponification of Final Fantasy IV, but have the minor villain and ninja playable in the same game. I want to keep like the Playable Golbez Edition hack by Fedorajoe, but still have a playable ninja. I've completed the commands for each character. Everything else including gear, items, stats, and enemies need work. The character I've decided to be left out of the playable cast is Flash Sentry. This was the only way for Sunset Shimmer to become a playable character. The differences for the beginning and the end is Applebloom becoming playable at the beginning instead of Luna, and Luna leaving with Celestia after Adagio is defeated. Fauntleroy, also known Fedorajoe, became a big inspiration to my project.
Fluttershy is the playable ninja of the game. Sunset Shimmer's spells are high-level damaging magic including Flame, Flood, and Blitz and she will know all the high damaging level magic by the time she joins the party. I've used ff4kster to make Filly Fantasy IV.

Filly Fantasy IV Character List:
DKCecil=Unicorn Twilight
(Note:She will act the same as Kain like the original game and Playable Golbez Edition but will go with Celestia in the Ending staying true to the MLP canon)
Palom=Belle(Sweetie Belle)
PCecil=Alicorn Twilight
Playable Edge=Sunset Shimmer
(Note: Sunset Shimmer will have Edge's data but she will be a playable character while acting the same as Golbez in the Playable Golbez Edition hack minus the ending)
Unplayable Golbez=Flash Sentry
(Note:Flash Sentry will act as a supporting character and will have Edge's stats from The After Years, but will use weather damaging magic against Adagio.
It will say Golbez in game data, but Flash Sentry will act the same as Edge in Fedorajoe's Playable Golbez Hack of Final Fantasy IV)

Every Playable Characters' Ability Set is shuffled a bit to balance out the game. For example, Adult Rydia not using
White Magic anymore is brought back for Adult Rarity in my ponification as Buffs. Sunset Shimmer and Celestia will not have the fight command because they don't have good physical attacks and it made sense I cut that out. I used various romhacks thanks to FF4kster and it was a starting point to making my project.

Armor Set:
Unicorn Twilight->DKCecil
Zephyr->Edward with a ninja twist.
Fluttershy->Edge(All of Rosa's gear in the original game is replaced with ninja gear using Namingway Edition as a base)
Alicorn Twilight->PCecil
Sunset Shimmer->Golbez Equipment from Final Fantasy IV: Playable Golbez Edition hack by Fedorajoe
Mare Rarity->AdultRydia

Assets from Playable Golbez Edition
Playable Golbez
Golbez Gear renamed to suit Sunset Shimmer
Items and Gear Names

Assets from Namingway Edition
Shop Items and Items from Japanese Version of Final Fantasy IV but
censor white mage gear for Rosa and give it to Celestia.

What needs to be included:
Hold Y to Run-This is a perfect tool if people want to speedrun Filly Fantasy IV.
Maximum Experience Sharing-This is also useful if people want to level up faster.

I want to have Applebloom in the beginning of the game instead of Luna and Luna leaving with Celestia instead of Sunset. I'll email my Filly Fantasy IV rom I've worked on using ff4kster to any one of you guys.

July 03, 2018, 12:00:20 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.) and are two samples of what you will see with Sunset Shimmer in Filly Fantasy IV as a playable character. I'll need help with Ninja gear and Ninja swords for Fluttershy in Filly Fantasy IV. Sunset Shimmer's gear will be named Lucifer and her sword colors are the same colors as Edge's ninja swords from the original game. Her dark colored sword is named Lucifer because it alludes to Golbez in Final Fantasy IV starting out very evil, but turned good thanks to Celestia playing Fusoya saving Golbez played by Sunset Shimmer from Zemus played by Adagio after going astray. Her red colored and ultimate sword is called Daybreak named after Celestia's alter ego. When Sunset Shimmer appears during the time she's evil and when Sunset touches the red sword, the room will turn red referencing Sunset Shimmer's unpleasant appearance. Her demon form is brought back for battles since I wanted Sunset Shimmer to act very similar to Shredder from the TMNT 2012 series and Golbez from Final Fantasy IV during the time he is possessed by Zemus. As a matter of fact, Sunset Shimmer's first appearance alludes to Golbez in Final Fantasy IV and Golbez was a big inspiration to Sunset Shimmer's character.
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Re: Ponified Final Fantasy IV: Filly Fantasy IV
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2018, 10:47:22 pm »
I have completed the spell list, job class, and commands for each playable character in my hack. All that needs work is the appropriate items for each character with swords and ninja gear for Fluttershy and Metal gear for Sunset Shimmer when she joins the party. Sunset Shimmer's Lucifer armor with two swords will be found in the moon/final dungeon of the game. I intended to have Applebloom's graphics replace Kain's for the beginning of the game until filly Rarity summons a monster that causes Quake. This is because I want to have a least one tomboy character for every mission minus the giant mission(Giant of Babil in the vanilla game). For the giant mission, every playable character is a pretty lady. The ending will have the Kain of the Game leave with Fusoya instead of what you see normally. The ending will be changed to reflect the MLP T.V. Show. For example, references to marriage will be replaced with princess coronation in my Final Fantasy IV ponification.

July 17, 2018, 10:45:48 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
New songs that will be intentionally used in Filly Fantasy IV:
My Very Best Friends: Title Screen music
So Many Wonders: Fluttershy Theme
My Little Pony Theme 80's Theme Remix:Rarity Theme
Raise this Barn:Flash Sentry/Applejack Theme
Crusaders Go Hunting:Sweetie Belle/Scootaloo Theme
This Day Aria in the style of Tower of Zot:First Tower theme/Elements of Chaos Theme
Shadow Theme from Final Fantasy VI(Harp Remix):Zephyr Breeze Theme
Golbez, Clad in Dark with My Little Pony References- Evil Sunset Shimmer Boss and Appearance Theme
Under the Giant Remix of Unused Endless Memories song- Unicorn Twilight Battle, Opening Airship Theme,
Short Sequence between rescuing Fluttershy and fighting Mane-iac, and Lower Moon Subterrane.

These are new songs that will be in Filly Fantasy IV. All the other songs that are not listed here will remain intact. Under the Giant will play during the Giant Mission. Some of the original songs had changed instruments to make it appropriate for Filly Fantasy IV. For example, Twilight becoming an Alicorn song has the flute replacing the trumpet in the overall song. The Tent/Cabin/Rest song now has the Harp. Tower of Babil for this ponification has the organ replacing Trumpet. The reason why there will be song changes in Filly Fantasy IV is because I want to tone down the Star Wars references only for the storyline and game. There will be Star Wars references, but only in dialogue. The Red Wings song will only be heard during the upper Moon Subterrane for my Final Fantasy IV ponification.
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Re: Ponified Final Fantasy IV: Filly Fantasy IV
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2018, 06:01:33 pm »
Information about each playable character:
Unicorn Twilight will act the same as Dark Knight Cecil except she will use black magic starting with the ordinary black and white magic spells because she is a unicorn.
Trixie acts the same as Tellah from the original game but will start with 199 MP and have the Smoke command staying true to her character in the T.V. Show. All of her stats minus MP increase slowly due to her young age which balances out her character due to the short time she's playable.
Filly Rarity acts just about the same as Child Rhydia.
Zephy is no longer a bard, but a thief. He can steel items and can use Nimpo which is Ninja magic making him useful during the time he's playable. His Hide command has a new animation which is the same as running away.
Fluttershy is a ninja and acts the same as Edge but has the Stun command which acts the same as Pin saving Flash as a Ninja move. She has more ninja spells and will be a perfect example of being a well balanced character.
Applebloom acts the same as Yang but will have the Slam command being a fighter and a crusader at the same time. She also acts like Yang when he was a teenager. She will no longer have weapons since her Attack is maxed out permanently when she is playable. Due to this, Applebloom with fight with her bare hooves.
Sweetie Belle's abilities are like her counterpart except she has the Wall command staying true to her Friendship is Magic counterpart.
Scootaloo's commands are the same as Porom from the original game minus Twin which will now be used for Alicorn Twilight.
Alicorn Twilight can now use both sets of magic and will learn magic faster than all the other playable characters. She now has Twin which casts a TwinNuke or TwinHoly.
Applejack now has more commands since she will have longer playtime because she is an early adult and will save room for Sunset Shimmer becoming playable. She can now use Guard which protects characters and Shock which automatically uses Blitz at the cost of no MP nor Items balancing out her playtime.
Luna now has Kain's unused animations because she has White command which now has Cecil's After Years spells and Nimpo which uses one of the four elemental ninja magic.
Adult Rarity will act as a summoner but can use buffing white magic representing her element of Generosity.
Sunset, the final playable character in Filly Fantasy IV, will be based on Golbez form Fedorajoe's Playable Golbez hack of Final Fantasy IV but will not have the Fight command because she is not a good physical attacker. She has the Twin command because it was appropriate to have Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle team up as sisters. Her stats will be the same as Golbez's from The After Years with a buff in speed due to her young age. She will be the strongest playable character because I wanted the player to feel happy playing as Sunset Shimmer since Final Fantasy IV doesn't have a minor villain playable so I've decided to make the minor villain playable in my Final Fantasy IV ponification.
Celestia is ranked down as the second-to-last playable character in Filly Fantasy IV because I wanted Sunset Shimmer to be the final playable character. She acts the same as Fusoya but does not have the fight command and has Study staying true to her character in the T.V. Show. It was logical for me to remove the fight command because Fusoya was a very low ranked physical attacker and he's more familiar at using magic.
Flash Sentry will appear as a playable character during two AI-controlled fights near of the game, fighting Adagio's first two forms alongside Celestia.

August 06, 2018, 09:39:29 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Cast of Characters although some may be used differently in some places:
Twilight Sparkle as Dark Knight/Paladin Cecil
Zephyr Breeze as Edward/Gilbert Chris von Muir
Fluttershy as Rosa(Note: Her character will allude to Shadow from Final Fantasy VI)
Applebloom as Yang(She will be in the beginning of the game instead of Luna)
Applejack as Cid Pollendina
Sunburst as Elder
Sweetie Belle as Palom
Scootaloo as Porom
Luna as Kain(She will be at the ending with Celestia instead of the minor villain)
Trixie as Tellah
Pinkie Pie, Marble Pie, Limestone Pie, and Maud Pie as Hummingway Bunnies(Blue ones will be played by Pinkie Pie)
Yona as Luca
Yak Ruth as Giott(Yaks replace Dwarves
Princess Ember as Bahamut(Will be named Queen Ember due to restrictions)
Celestia as Fusoya
Sunset Shimmer as Playable Golbez(Sunset Shimmer is an important character and makes a big impact in the story so I'm making her a playable character. Besides, It's great to have a minor villain and ninja playable at the same time.)
Flash Sentry as Unplayable Edge(I had to take Flash Sentry out of the playable roster because I wanted to save room for Sunset Shimmer becoming playable. His character will allude to General Leo from Final Fantasy VI. We will still see his battle sprites from Filly Fantasy VI during the time he takes on Adagio's two forms.)
Imposter Luna/Queen Chrysalis as Scarmiglione
Shadowbolts as Magnus Sisters
King Sombra as Cagnazzo
Mane-iac as Barbariccia
Discord as Rubicante
Adagio as Zemus/Zeromus

These are the ones I know so far who will be the cast of Filly Fantasy IV.

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