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The Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X

Started by Googie, November 01, 2020, 06:48:42 PM

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I've been seeing on social media these consoles going head to head, the consoles are being released soon.

From what I saw the Xbox Series X with be backwards compatible with the OG Xbox games, Xbox 360 games and Xbox One games. The Playstation 5 will only be backwards compatible with Playstation 4 games.

So in your opinion which console will be better? I'm gonna wait a while to get 'em when the prices get lower, I can't see myself spending $500 USD on a new console.

I already have a PS2, PS3, Wii U "With the Wiimote to play my Wii games, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 & Xbox One S along with the 3DS XL.

I'll be honest with you fellas, the graphics look great.  :D 


I've seen this episode before.

Quote from: Googie on November 01, 2020, 06:48:42 PMI already have a PS2, PS3, Wii U "With the Wiimote to play my Wii games, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 & Xbox One S along with the 3DS XL.
And you have absolutely no backlog because you've already played every game you've ever purchased, amirite?
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Going by the backwards compatibility alone, I'd say XXX is the better choice.
Personally, I couldn't care less as Sony and Microsoft have failed to interest me with their consoles/games for the last 2 generations or so.


I'm leaning towards PS5, but I will not get it at launch. It will be at least a year before I get it.
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Jorpho: I completed around 46% of the games I have, I still have a lot more to go. :)

Vanya: I can dig that, my cousins in Queens been turned off the consoles from the past two generations too, they says the PS2 library of games are way better than what came out.

ultimaweapon: I'm gonna wait for the price to drop too, when I bought my first Xbox One in 2015 "I hadda buy the Xbox One S cause my first one somehow got ruined in storage" I payed around $300 for my first Xbox One, the XB1S I bought late last year was on the Facebook Marketplace for $175.   


Series X.  Just about everything but the PS5, really.  This is because the PS5 is the only straight TV console on the market.  Switch is hybrid, the Series X can easily be treated as the opposite of a dedicated console due to how easy it will be to play its games elsewhere.  This may or may not result in big things down the road, but it partially depends on how people warm up more to streaming (honestly, I hope we don't because of game preservation but I have a feeling that it'll happen).  Not actually needing a Series X to play the Series X though?  That can really be a big deal.  Either way, once again the Series X has the better hardware of the two meaning ports and multi-platform titles will tend to be better.

If I'm honest though, if I get one this generation it'll still be a Switch.  Next to nothing really interests me about either other console, except the Series X's backwards compatibility (looks like the focus is on the 360 according to some things I've watched, which is very much appreciated considering the RROD).