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(SMB3) Super Mario Bros. V: The Gamma Project

Started by Gamma V, July 20, 2018, 03:51:00 PM

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Gamma V

I think I've pretty much settled on a good game to hack besides Super Mario World, and that's Super Mario Bros. 3.  The tools for it are fairly user-friendly, even though there are some things that I still don't get entirely, like setting up pointers for pipe/door warps in levels.  With a bit of help from friends on an SMB3 hacking Discord server, I'm sure I'll be able to pull off...


The title screen isn't too different yet.  I haven't really checked out the editing utility for it.  As you can see from the (c) 2013 Infidelity, though, it uses Infidelity's SRAM patch to enable battery saves, so kudos to him/her for that.

The World 1 Map has also been changed.


Hammer Bros. Battle
Besides graphics, this hasn't been edited yet.  I mostly took this screen to show off the new brick block graphics I drew last night/early this morning.  Yeah, I'm a night owl, and, despite my Mormonism/Christianity, I don't think it'll send me to hell.

It's harder to get good in-game screens in this game than it is in SMW.  In SMW, you can just pause the game to take a screen.  Here, pausing renders in-game sprites invisible.

This level almost stopped me dead in my tracks when it came to hacking SMB3 because, in its initial form, it crashed the game.  With help from the above-mentioned SMB3 Discord, I learned that you MUST place the variable-height colored block ledges on the ground.  I could've used the floating ledges, but I felt those wouldn't have really fit the aesthetic I was going for with this level.

I probably could've timed that second screenshot better.  I had to take a hit to get it and just so happened to catch a frame where Mario was invisible due to Mercy Invincibility.

This level also gave me trouble due to not understanding pointers.  Edward Rey helped out immensely by setting the pointers correctly so that I could get that second room working.
Dr. Gates: It's a safe bet those doors are locked.
Optimus Prime: Fortunately, I have a delicate lock-picking technique.  *blasts the door open*


really nice. i like what i see. The overwolrd shot looks clean and simple. great work. cant wait to try this.
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You have a great eye for artistic detail that can be hard to express in pixel-form. I feel a lot of graphics edits in smb3 don't really hold a candle to the original source material, but your style is very aesthetically pleasing. Good luck on your project;)

Gamma V

Thanks.  I've been doing pixel art for years, and you can see it in some of my SMW hacks, like Starlight Island Adventure, Tatanga's Return, and SMB: The Early Years.  I just had to adapt to a more limited palette.


I apologize in advance for the blurriness.  FCEUX's video recorder can't output hi-res video like snes9x's, and YouTube's upscaling algorithms don't like low-res videos.

I just finished up this level not too long ago.  I decided to use OBS to record gameplay, rather than the built-in recorder in FCEUX.
Dr. Gates: It's a safe bet those doors are locked.
Optimus Prime: Fortunately, I have a delicate lock-picking technique.  *blasts the door open*


It will include separate graphics for Luigi?


Quote from: RealGaea on July 23, 2018, 06:23:28 PM
It will include separate graphics for Luigi?

Im not sure if that's possible im afraid.  :-\