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[PSX] How to find a graphic in memory?

Started by ghostdwl, July 16, 2018, 08:52:35 AM

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I'm looking for a graph in memory during gameplay, I know the location of this graph out of memory, is there any way I can find the function that writes the graph or its location in memory?
I know how to use the debugger and program in reverse language of the psx, then skip the initial explanations.


Well, seems you don't know about CDROM commands, that is probably what you are looking for... check nocash etc documentation for how it is used.

There is a specific set of them for reading sectors and blocks.


Texture and sprite data must be DMA transferred to VRAM. Polygons must be drawn. The pSX emulator has a debug menu which allows you to debug gpu commands. You can capture a number of frames and it will allow you to step through the rendering of each frame one polygon at a time. For each polygon you can see which function issued the draw command.