Actraiser 2 patche in order to work on Snes Mini: how to?

Started by legolas119, July 16, 2018, 05:26:40 PM

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I read that Actraiser 2 doesn't work on Snes mini. It needs to be patched with an ips file for canoe. I patched it, but when i run the game, there is a black sreen and i don't know why.
I installed Retroarch and snes9x2010, I added "--retroarch" with a space after the name of the rom in the command line...but the black screen is still here :(

can you help me?


If you are running the game in retroarch, you don't need to patch it.

The patch is just to run it with Canoe.


well i run it with canoe but now i find the right way. I patched the game, then when i add it, i have to reply NO to the pop up that ask if i want to use a different emulator. In this way in the command line there is canoe as emulator.
But, in addition, i have to add "--retroarch" at the end of the game; otherwise, it doesn't work. It is strange, but this is...

I rad that i have to add --retroarch ONLY if I want to run a game with this emualtor/core; but strangely in this case it is necessary even if I'm using canoe...