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PSP Translation

Started by strule, July 14, 2018, 02:10:30 PM

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Hey y'all, I started translating PSP's Yakuza and I'm having a little trouble when I repack the game and try to play on ppsspp, it shows asterisks instead of latin letters. Do someone in here knows how to correct it?


It will depend what you did.

If a more modern game displays incorrect characters it will tend to be because whatever you altered in the game is not there in the font. In the case of Japanese games then I often find that while they might use ShiftJIS, EUC-JP or some other common Japanese encoding they might well lack the more conventional Roman characters you have when you type in most editors. If they do have Roman characters it will tend then to only be the ones in the Japanese subset of the encoding.

Some will edit the fonts/text handling to support things, others will go back and use the Japanese subset ( , same site has other common encodings). If you need an editor to allow you to type in Roman characters in said Japanese subset then JWPCE and NJstar should both be able to be slapped into supporting it. (if memory serves then those buttons at the top with A and J in the middle, one of those four should allow it. Then save the text in the relevant encoding (might need to save as) and slice out the relevant things with a hex editor to put into your hack.


I found out the font was the problem. It hasn't the right characters, but I'm still trying to edit the font file since it's a .pspf file and I couldn't manage to open with any program I tried

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