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Breath of Fire 2 hex data discoveries

Started by ChaosPrime8, July 01, 2018, 02:22:57 AM

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(Credit goes to Justin3009 for helping me find a starting point when it comes to searching music related bytes). 

When using a hex editor, I was able to discover the locations of background music and individual battle themes. for most of the locations and non-random battles, the data banks are found at:

00C0F0-00C13D (mostly boss battles)

00AF80-00B0B3 ( most dungeons and towns). 




I know nothing about msu nor have I ever got involved. this is for anyone who wants to change the background music. 

the music bytes start at 11 hexadecimal.  for example, the first battle theme "cross counter" is byte 33, the boss theme "i'll do it" is 17. the dungeon music "what is it?" is 14 and the overworld theme "we are rangers" is 32 while "our journey" is 1F and "breath of fire" is 1C


Hi folks,

the msu in snes games works with a hook in the audio play/stop/trackselect routine! If you can find this, you can add a hook to the a free space in the rom and load the msu needed asm. Here you can load the tracknumber like 1C and the msu asm will check, is a msu track available in the root of the game.

you have to find the point, where the game load the track und control play and stop etc. command!