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The other kind of rom hack [h]

Started by HellfireEternal, June 26, 2018, 12:54:19 PM

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Is there anyway to find out which hacks are applied to the files marked [h] in the TOSEC collections? When a file is marked [h5] for example, does that mean it has 5 hacks similar to trainers marked +5 or is it the fifth hack of that game? I am hoping there is a reference somewhere that explains what cheats are hacked into the game, trying to manually load each and figure out what is going on seems like a difficult task.

Thanks for any help!


TOSEC or goodtools?
I would not expect numbers in a [h] value for TOSEC naming ( ) but goodtools on the other hand I might ( ).


From your links I can see that each uses the [h] tag so I'm not sure which I have. The set I was looking at came from a torrent marked TOSEC (could have been mislabeled) but I forgot all about goodtools, they have more hacks in their sets IIRC.

BUT, this is still the same issue... is there a website that explains what each hack in the goodtools or TOSEC sets does? The maintainers of the sets had to have kept notes of what is going on in each rom or they wouldn't know which hacks they already had.


The peeps doing sets on torrent sites, especially if the torrent is older, are not always the most diligent.

Afraid I abandoned such things years ago for no-intro and functional equivalents thereof. Any hacks I want I will get from places like here or make my own (certainly any translations in such sets are probably weaker than anything I can find here, and most hacks are either quick to remake (or remake as cheats) or exist here anyway.

Similarly where there might once have been a list somewhere it was never really formally considered and was probably long ago reduced to hashes. If you find some equivalent of with all nice nfos (or given the age then FILE_ID.DIZ) and whatnot made then please do share with the site; if nothing else I am sure some interesting history could be gleaned from such an archive. I saw other day and despite Vice being involved it was still a fascinating read and I would be up for seeing the hacking equivalent thereof one day.