ROM Hacks: EarthBound Zero Without the Frustration

Started by RHDNBot, October 04, 2018, 07:17:52 AM

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Update By: Q

Since the NES EarthBound Zero prototype was leaked two decades ago, many gamers have been frustrated by the game's tedious pacing. EarthBound Zero (known as Mother in Japan), the famed prequel to EarthBound for the Super NES, is an old school RPG known for it's high random encounter rate and for requiring large amounts of grinding to level up and purchase equipment, which has discouraged many potential fans from completing the game.

This problem was fixed in the fan translation of the GBA version of Mother, which added an item called the "Easy Ring." Now, you can enjoy the benefits of the Easy Ring while playing the original NES version of EarthBound Zero. Q's Gameplay Balance hack—which is included in his EarthBound Zero Tweaks collection—quadruples earned experience, doubles earned money, and significantly reduces random encounter rates, just like the Easy Ring mod.

If you enjoyed EarthBound for the SNES and Mother 3 for the GBA but could never get into the first game, then apply this patch, and give it another chance.

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