Wendy: Every Witch Way - Force GBA Enhanced Mode

Started by celebi23, June 14, 2018, 07:51:17 AM

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So, I made a quick patch to force "Wendy: Every Witch Way" into GBA mode, similar to the hacks for Shantae, Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons.  I used the information provided at the end of the article on TCRF:
ROM0:3976 CB 20        sla b

ROM0:3976 06 02        ld b,02
and this forum post.  This is the only edit I made.

My question/issue is that when I run the patched/edited rom in a GBC emulator (tired Gambatte via RetroArch & OpenEmu) I seem to have enabled GBA mode with the GBC color palette.
The original title screen:

GBA mode via the patch I made:

And how the title screen looks when running the unmodified rom in a GBA emulator (ran it in VBA-M)

Are both options (GBA mode & GBC color palettes) somehow linked together or can I create 2 separate patches?  If someone could try the patch out before I submit it, that'd be amazing.

I just want to make sure my first patch works properly.


The pictures are not showing up (presumably caught in the anti spam filters) but is "I seem to have enabled GBA mode with the GBC color palette" a bad thing?
Most times we see this then forcing GBA extras is good and all but any palette changes to work with the original GBA screen are not desirable. From the wording there then you sound like you have the best of both worlds right off the hop.

For others playing along at home then GBC games could detect if they were running on a GBA. As the GBA was new and exciting then a handful* of games added bonuses for running on one. Some of said games also tweaked the colour palette to be more appealing on the awful original GBA screen, if you see it on something else (like a GBA SP, never mind the AGS 101 line of GBA SP) it will tend to appear washed out and not good.

The classic check is a soon after boot that will be checked and then noted, any additional unlocks made available accordingly. Said things may also be used to alter the palettes ( http://bgb.bircd.org/pandocs.htm#lcdcolorpalettescgbonly ) so you might have to find the thing that checks for this and alters colours, or set the thing that provides extras to always have them while maybe not doing the colours at all.

*Shantae, as well as the Zelda titles Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons being the main examples people look at.


Whoops, sorry about the pictures not showing up.  No, it wasn't a bad thing.  I just wanted to make sure the patch actually enabled GBA mode with the GBC palette before I posted the hack.  It looks like Gambatte was somehow messing things up for me.  I tried the edited rom in KiGB & Sameboy and had Advance World unlocked but with the GBA palette.

Will have to look at the GBC palette at some point.  Thanks for the suggestions!


i have been wanting this patch since i patched my Oracle and Shantae games! thanks so much!

i was thinking that, of the 4 games, Wendy was the only one that did NOT have a palette change.

i think it stays the same (at least it seems to whether the emulator is in GBC or GBA mode)

but for Wii emulation you cant "force" the emulator into GBA mode, so super useful!

and yes, as far as GBC vs. GBA palette, the GBC is always preferred.

but my question is can anyone get past level 1-1. i tried it patched and not patched and re-downloaded it and everything, it always hangs up after i beat 1-1.