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Mega Man X6 Tweaks (v2.6)

Started by acediez, June 14, 2018, 12:32:30 AM

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Quote from: fianovale on October 04, 2019, 03:39:24 PM
One last patition, is there a way to make the lasers from the shieldon stage, do damage when you touch the laser and not only the splash thing?

Not something I'd know how to get into... not too sold on the idea either...

Quote from: gledson999 on October 04, 2019, 04:40:06 PM
One suggestion, You could do the Add custom options to setting menu in the General Tweaks compatible with Original Scripts

That's an entire, separate menu hack, plus extra tile assembly work... A mess I don't want to get into ever again unless I absolutely must  :laugh:

Quote from: DarkSamus993 on October 04, 2019, 11:10:07 PM
if anyone is interested in cleaning it up a little first

For now, the tileset and palette, straight from the KOR Chinese DAT file, are now inserted in the patcher, you'll see it in the next version. The DAT file Aceearly provided was enough for that.

If anyone really really really wants to touch it up, I'll add it as long as I get a working tileset file + palette file.

Quote from: pating on October 05, 2019, 12:27:50 AM
instead of having Zero's version of the cutscene you'll end up having X's version of the cutscene.

These cutscenes have a single cutscene ID, and load the X/Zero variants depending on your current character. When you load a save file, the "current character" value in RAM defaults to 0. The save file doesn't store your "last used character" anywhere.

I'll take a look at it. If that's all there is to it, I guess I'll be able to fix it without much hassle.


Quote from: Aceearly1993 on October 05, 2019, 01:12:15 AM
This variant ("ROCKMAN X6" title screen with USA background) is from the Traditional Chinese PC version.
Interesting, didn't even know that was a thing. 


The only thing that bothers me is that (if I haven't done anything wrong) the new default Ensuizan combo isn't mentioned in the game itself. For people using the patch without the patcher, or just setting the preset config will be wondering why the mentioned "air + special" combo isn't doing anything, as I was just now.


Yes, I need to update the input hints to the new preset. I'll try to get the patcher to adapt them automatically, eventually... at least the hints in the pause menu.


Quote from: acediez on October 05, 2019, 01:22:09 AM
I'll take a look at it. If that's all there is to it, I guess I'll be able to fix it without much hassle.

Thanks if it is workable then I'll be waiting for it but if it's not working then it is fine with me as long the gameplay is already fine and better than the original... I recently pause testing for a while because I just recently got a message from the well-known Japanese firm that I worked with. I just ended my contract as an apprentice. Now they called me to work again for "fixed-term". Hope that after that I can be a regular employee on that Japanese company  ;D




I personally think Megaman X6 Tweaks Patcher still need to include another few options to improve the gameplay.
Can you hear me out?

I think a stage must be able to clear if you are given the choice to proceed to that optional path even if the character is without special weapon and part.
As for collecting parts, rescuing Reploids, and proceeding to optional paths, all characters must be able to do it later with either the correct parts or special weapons.

This tweaks patcher make those impossible to clear stages and rescued Reploids without certain special weapons and parts become possible.
Those are:
1) Amazon Area (Hidden Area)
Requirement: Enable Air Dash for X and Shadow.
Even with Nightmare Rain effect, X, Falcon, Shadow, and Zero are able to proceed to the next platform without the need of special weapons or parts.
2) Central Museum
Requirement: Enable Air Dash for X and Shadow.
The same goes to Central Museum when the character was teleport to Pyramid area with Nightmare Rain effect. No problem!
3) Northpole Area (Hidden Area)
Requirement: Speedster and Ensuizan air move mode 3 repetition.
The spikes place where the Wolf Reploid with Jumper is now possible to be saved even with Zero. Never knew you'll think so far ahead.
4) Magma Area
Requirement: Either change the Jump Height to 198 or alter Shadow's saber (charged, tip) to damage Nightmare Iron. 
The place to Hidden Area was initially impossible for Shadow. Now you have nailed it!
5) High Max (Hidden Area)
Requirement: Altering the damage table for X, Falcon, and Zero.
I personally prefer a beatable High Max (vulnerable) with X's Z-saber and beatable High Max with Zero's saber (air spin).
I only set the damage value to 1. In fact, I prefer Zero's saber (air spin) to just stun High Max but it was impossible at the moment. Oh well...

However, this is the part that I felt improvement still need to be done even though you have created the Stage Modification:
1) Amazon Area (Extend ceiling)
Is it just me? I actually died even more with the extend ceiling as I get instant death from being push back by the moth enemy.
2) Recycle Lab (Long jump to Capsule/ Hidden Area)
I enjoyed the extent tile by 1. It gave X and Armors to pass through the area with precise jump even without the special weapons and parts.
Well, that is if you enable air dash for X and Shadow + Z-saber on air. However, I can never pulled it through with Zero even with extent tile by 2.
For Zero, with the extent tile by 1, it's possible if you either learned Ensuizan or equipped one part like Speedster/ Hyper Dash/ Jumper.
If I'm wrong about this part, perhaps you can show us the way how to pulled it through with just Zero.
If not, I propose that you create an option by changing the location of the 'blue portal to the hidden stage' to the platform before you make the long jump.
I think place it near the left side of the wall with some height that only reachable with wall jump.
3) Secret Lab 1 (spikes area)
Remove more spikes (no requirements):
Yup, now without Ice Burst Weapon or Jumper part also can make it through.
However, I think this is too easy. Instead some challenge should be included. I mention this before.
Why not change the setup a bit more from 'remove some spike'? This time exclude some spikes behind the wolf enemy.

And now, the remaining issues regarding Megaman X6 platform itself.
1) Inami Temple
I do agree with normie players. The path where you can get Dr. Light's capsule is either too narrow or too many spikes.
Of course we all know it can be easily obtained if purposely getting hit by bat enemy while equipped with Shock Buffer and D. Barrier.
But how about a perfect run? Not everyone can pulled off the trick like 'X MaverickHunter' on the youtube.
2) Laser Institute (Hidden Area)
Again, maybe it's just me. The Reploids above the W-Tank is a hassle to be rescued. I need to try and error a lot of time.
Can you create an option to remove the first part of spikes where we need to wall jump pass it?
Or maybe just add 1 tile of platform on it?
3) Central Museum
I hate that I have to visit this stage a lot of time to rescue all the Reploids and getting all the parts.
It's so random. I really hope something can be done on this stage!
My idea is why not make it this way:
1st Totem bring you to Pyramid Area 1 on first visit and Pyramid Area 2 on second visit,
2nd Totem bring you to Aquarium Area 1 on first visit and Aquarium Area 2 on second visit,
3rd Totem bring you to Dinosaur Area 1 on first visit and Dinosaur Area 2 on second visit, and
4th Totem bring you to Galaxy Area 1 on first visit and Galaxy Area 2 on second visit.
You know, something like Megaman 8 having the alternate bgm when you die in Tenguman's stage.

That's all I can think about. Maybe it will be too much to ask for v2.0. Maybe next time if you decide to further expand it to v3.0.


I believe the gameplay is ready ok. The real issues were the following...

1) The Researchers cutscences
2) The commands on the pause menu screen of Zero
3) The dattebayo sounds when using incomplete armor Shadow armor.



   * Script: Ensuizan hints on the script updated to match what's in the default profiles.
   * Script: Wrong colors for the character's names in some cutscenes have been corrected.
   * Incomplete Armors: Shadow Armor's saber color will now change from green to orange when you get the Head Part.
   * Minor changes in the included profile's Damage Tables

   * Title Screen: Added the chinese PC version's titlescreen as an option ("Rockman" logo, USA background).
   * Cutscenes triggered right after loading a save file will not default to X's version. It should now remember if it was triggered by Zero. (Fix included in base patch)

This last one, I haven't tested throughly, but it worked ok on the one cutscene after killing the first Investigator. You'll need to have a save file from this version for it to work though.

I finally bit the bullet and fixed the name colors in cutscenes. Thanks to DarkSamus933, I've had all the info I needed for a while now. I also managed to fix a few color errors/oddities from the original game:
- Sigma colored purple in X's cutscene "Gate defeated" but colored red in Zero's version of the cutscene (it's now purple in both). Isoc's "??" in this cutscene was changed from red to purple too.
- Zero colored pink in the "X's Ending (Without Zero)" cutscene
- Douglas changing from yellow to dark blue in the "X's Ending (With Zero)" cutscene (it's now consistently yellow).

The only remaining thing that bothers me is the Shadow Armor having the Shuriken sound effect while using the regular X-Buster. I haven't had much success managing sound files, but I'll give it another go before I give up. Other than that and fixing any remaining bugs, I'm pretty much done for this release, and for the foreseeable future. For real this time. So again, feel free to discuss your ideas, they're fun to read and might lead to future hacks, but keep your expectations in check.




Quote from: injoon84 on October 06, 2019, 01:56:33 AM
2) Recycle Lab (Long jump to Capsule/ Hidden Area)
If not, I propose that you create an option by changing the location of the 'blue portal to the hidden stage' to the platform before you make the long jump.

I don't agree that all collectibles should be obtainable by all characters, but I do agree that all stages should be finishable with all characters. It's very bad that if you take this path with Zero, you have no choice but to exit the stage.

I'd argue the portal should be on the left side on all cases. Being able to cross the long jump can be optional if it's only for a collectible, the capsule.

This is something I'd really like to get done, but I don't know how to move entities like these. Hopefully it's not too difficult to figure it out...

Quote3) Secret Lab 1 (spikes area)
Why not change the setup a bit more from 'remove some spike'? This time exclude some spikes behind the wolf enemy.

You seem to have this one well thought out. Why don't you take some screenshots and make a mockup of which tiles of spikes you think should be removed?


I wish I know how to snap a picture to show it to you.

Okay, I'm glad you agree with the Recycle Lab (Long Jump) moving the portal to the left side and making the jump optional to collect the capsule.

As for Secret Lab 1 (spikes area):
1) Change the setup a bit more from 'remove some spike'.
2) The first section of spikes, keep it the same as remove more spikes (no requirements).
   This is to ensure X and Falcon are able to pull it through even when they are without Ice Burst and Jumper part.
3) Then, for all the spikes behind the wolf enemy section, keep only the bottom 3 spikes and top 2 spikes.
   The reason of doing this is to ensure player like us won't simply use the Nova Strike with the provided space.
   At the same time, X and Falcon will be able to pull it through with just wall jump as no more spikes in the middle of the wall.

I think that will work unless I misjudged the length of air travel either the dash wall jump or wall jump + air dash.


We should be aware that the game has 3 modes of difficulty deleting too much of the stage hazards might affect the challenge of the game.


I think the file for the new title screen option would be missing or not indexed properly, it's just empty space at the preview screen of GUI and the title screen left unchanged upon patched
Quote"Did you know when one's most desperation time is? It's when he was beaten up by someone critically...
And he can't find who caused this."


Lol, I forgot to add the new files to the compiled package. I'll fix it later tonight

edit: actually, I'm working on another important fix, so I'll put an update when its ready.


I'm having a little issue... The Dark Nightmare effect is not disabling in the game, even if I check the option to disable it in the patcher.
(Sorry about any grammar mistakes, english isn't my native language)


If you have the retranslations in the localization tab then go to General tweaks find the setting menu and check the add custom options to setting menu. Enter an investigator stage then if you already completed the stage go to button configuration, exit that stage and the nightmare effect will disappear.


I don't know if you're still accepting script corrections, but I have noticed one more potential grammatical error:

The "isn't it" at the end should probably be "didn't they", since he's talking about "them" sending "the Zero Nightmare" to assassinate him again, so "they" are the subject, not "it".

Unless I'm mistaken, but stating "isn't it" usually seems to be when stating something about a thing "is" something, like "This shirt is cool, isn't it?" Whereas asking and reaffirming if "they did something" should probably be "They sent you, didn't they?", and not "They sent you, isn't it?"


I just wanted to thank you and everyone else who worked on this project. I just played it yesterday and I am honestly amazed that you have managed to salvage the game and turn into a fun MMX title.

The only real ideas/suggestions I have are:

  • Maybe a tab which allows you to choose which difficulty the boss behavior will be on? So if you set the game's overall difficulty to easy mode but would want the bosses to still be somewhat of a challenge, then you can set them to be on the normal/xtreme difficulty.
  • Changing the damage values of a bosses' attack/objects. I fought against Infinity Mijinion and It'd be nice if you could alter the amount of damage it takes to destroy the snot bubbles he fires.

Those are the only ideas I have, I don't know how difficult they are to implement but they aren't essential for me either way since this patch has fixed MMX6 for me, and for that I am eternally grateful. However, I have one more question: is it pretty much impossible to manipulate the AI's patterns/behaviour? Just asking since I am quite curious about that.


Same with me. I actually still have plenty to report on grammar issues. When it's ready I'll post it.
For now, RC16 Report:

- Alia mission report as Press UP + ATTACK button in the air.
- Special Weapon menu as ↑ + A
[Yeah, it's working but I actually choose "Triangle" button. Lol]

Shadow incomplete armor
- Even without head and arm programs, the Z-Saber is able to make High Max (vulnerable) falls to the ground.
[I don't think this is bug. I guess the game was build in this way. I even purposely used the Overdrive part on Shadow (Complete) to test it.]

Cut scene name color
- When Gate first appear to Alia and Zero, Zero name still pink color.

Save and load cut scene
- Cutscene after Zero beat the 1st Investigator not working.
- Cutscene Gate first appear to Alia and Zero working.
[I test it in a different way. Beat the 1st Investigator and choose QUIT GAME from Alia report. Then, CONTINUE and Use previous data.]