Mega Man X6 Tweaks (v2.6) [on hiatus, pending code refactoring]

Started by acediez, June 14, 2018, 12:32:30 AM

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Just in time for Rockman X DiVE's Closed Beta Test, surprisingly! Nice work.
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Hi, here's a bit of an oversight that appears when you bring up X's monologue as you enter the Nightmare Area in Rainy Turtloid's stage:

EDIT: Correction, all textboxes in this area when you visit as X, including dialogue between X and High Max, is corrupted in this manner. Was it left untranslated?

If you come here as Zero, the dialogue with High Max is fine.

EDIT 2: The cutscene with Isoc that is supposed to play after Zero defeats High Max in Rainy Turtloid's (or any other investigator's) Nightmare Area does not play.

In addition, the cutscene where Gate declares Zero beat his investigators has Gate identified with Alia's name and color in his discussion with her in all lines but his first in his reply to her. When he is identified correctly, he is identified with Zero's red color. Perhaps he should have a purple?

His first line is "You have defeated my masterpieces, I applaud you!" The comma there is a comma splice I think, so it should be a semicolon.

Slightly afterwards, it identifies Zero correctly, but with Alia's name color. Gate is then also identified correctly from then on, but with Zero's name color.

Alia states "we should be joining our forces," the our is extraneous.

Gate says "the genius of my works...,", as in an ellipses and a comma. Should only have either, not both. Ellipses is meant to indicate a longer pause in speech, while a comma indicates a shorter pause. I think a comma would be better here. If you go with a comma here, you should remove the second comma in the same line of "they destroyed them, too!"


EDIT 3: In Alia's dialogue with Zero in Secret Lab 1, she issues an ellipses of "To think we'd find Gate's laboratory here, of all places... proceed a little further ahead." The retranslation is a bit inconsistent with capitalization after ellipses, but the p in proceed should probably be capitalized as it is a separate thought (yes, I am aware I am going full grammar nazi here.)


EDIT 4: The term "Nightmare Investigator" the word "Investigator" is inconsistently capitalized. In X's dialogue with Rainy Turtloid it is capitalized, but I recall other dialogues where it is not.


EDIT 5: At the start of Alia's first dialogue with X in the North Pole Area, she refers to the "High-Jump" part. In the actual parts screen of X6 this is known as the "Jumper" part.


EDIT 6: In X's dialogue with Rainy Turtloid, he says "Then... Will you work with me in stopping the Nightmare phenomenon?" I think this is a case where you should make the W in Will lowercase, and optionally replace the ellipses with a comma, as they are not separate thoughts.


EDIT 7: And now a feature request, since I seem to remember you doing something similar before. Would it be possible to count the player as continuing to duck if they dash while ducking while continuing to hold down on the D-Pad? The reason for this is if you try it in Metal Shark Player's stage while in a tight space, you die since the "getting out of dash" animation's end considers you as standing.


EDIT 8: The description for the W-Tank runs out of its textbox in the weapon screen.


EDIT 9: When you speak to Alia in Metal Shark Player's boss door, she refers to him as "Metal Shark Prayer." Same for X's dialogue with him in general, and Alia's mission result screen. His textbox and introduction screen identifies him as "Metal Shark Player."

Technically, his name should be "Metal Shark Prayer" due to his resurrection theme, but if you want it to display correctly in all cases as Prayer you'd have to adjust his introduction screen.


EDIT 10:

When you defeat Secret Lab 1 with X and view the post-stage cutscene, Alia says to Gate: "You're the one who were always better at everything." The word "were" should be "was." Gate also uses "Hi-Max" here.


EDIT 11:

When encountering High Max as Zero in Secret Lab 2, his name is rendered as "Hi-Max" in the textbox, and it is pink instead of yellow like it usually is.

In Zero's conversation with Gate in Secret Lab 2, Gate says "I suppose I haven't analyzed your DNA properly after all? or rather," the "or" should be capitalized. His name is properly purple.

Zero says "Stop with this insanity! Delete all the remaining program you have!" Program should be plural.

Gate then says "This is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity!" The "one" should be "once."

In the cutscene after defeating Gate as Zero, Gate's name is in red again. He also says "It was too advanced or me to understand." The word "or" should be "for" here.

Sigma's speech in that cutscene has "I never needed your help!..." Perhaps use "...!"? Though admittedly that's not really something you can do in English, I suppose. Same with "this time we'll settle this!..."

Both Zero and Sigma's names are pink in this cutscene.

In the part of the scene when Isoc's corpse speaks to Zero, his identifier is rendered as "Zero: ???:" In addition, it says, "Go, Go, Zero!" Perhaps make it "Go! Go, Zero!"

Zero's identifier is also doubled up in all cases in this part of the scene.

In Zero's ending, the Mysterious Scientist says "If everything goes according to schedule, You..." The "you" should be lowercase.


In Zero's version of the intro stage, High Max identifies himself as "High-Max" again.

Doomsday Forte

I applied the 'Mega Man X6 (USA) (v1.1) [Tweaks+Localization+Custom Art v2.0 RC3]' patch, but I'm not seeing any new mugshots.  X has changed ones, but the ones for the intro stage hunters or Dr. Light aren't appearing, though the player mugshot is still offset properly.  Though I don't have screenshots of Zero's run, it's the same way for him. 




I know other people are getting the mugshots, so I'm not sure if it's a problem with RC3 or my copy of the game.  But everything else is working fine so far?

Edit:  Turns out my emulator was out of date!  Updated and everything is showing up properly. 


Zero will put up his arms when taking damage during the intro stage, but won't in regular play.  A side effect of the game normally only allowing either Falcon Armor or Ultimate Armor there? 

The sound when the boss' soul descends onto the screen is absent.  Intentional? 

In Zero's version of the one Investigator defeated cutscene, Isoc says
"I have a report.  One of our investigator has been neutralized."  Investigator should be plural. 

He later mentions Zero may be a threat "If we don't take measures immediately..." and 'if' should be decapitalized since it's a continuation of the prior line. 

When you defeat the first Investigator as Zero, save, and then power off the system and reload, the game loads X's version of the conversation.  To be fair, the original game does this too. 

Would it be feasible to post the working script online (say, in a Google Docs file) so other people can see it, but leave it so people can only comment on errors without the ability to edit?  It'd allow more eyes to look at it, and it'd save people the trouble of trying to account for every situation (hello, random Museum rooms).  But then I've no idea how you have the text stored for you to edit, so that's probably too much trouble. 

Is it possible to allow the Auto Charge option to still charge just the X-Buster when a special weapon is equipped?  X5 behaved the same way as X6 even though it too had a dedicated buster button. 

Is there a consensus on the first letter in a sentence that starts with '...' being capitalized or not?  Alia's dialog during the initial briefing has it capitalized (when she's concerned about X), but Isoc's responses about his obsession with Zero during Zero's version of the One Investigator Defeated scene does not.  I personally write sentences starting with ellipses without the first letter capitalized, but I've no idea if that's actually proper or not. 

Edit 2: 

I cannot get the Nightmare Fire effect to show up in Blizzard Wolfang's secondary area (the one with Dante who holds the Jumper part).  I tested the untouched game and the screen will shake and start raining down meteors as soon as you walk onto the downward slope, but nothing happens here.  Tested this on my up-to-date emulator too, with both X and Zero.  This makes the rescue impossible without Shadow Armor. 

Edit 3: 

Alia refers to the 'North Pole area' in Wolfang's post-mission screen.  You could guess she means the general area as opposed to the actual North Pole Area you just cleared, but wouldn't it be consistent with other area->Area changes? 

Edit 4: 

During the cutscene after you get 3000 souls where Alia has finished her analysis of the Nightmare as X, Alia refers to it as being identical to the Maverick virus, and 'virus' should be capitalized due to it being an established term within the series. 

Edit 5: 

During the post-mission briefing on Metal Shark Player, she refers to him as 'Preyer'.  'Preyer a free pass to do as he pleased.' 

Edit 6: 

Probably better to screencap this one if that'd help figure out which room it is, but in one of the Central Museum warps, X says "I out of range" instead of "I'm out of range". 


Edit 7: 

During the cutscene after defeating the final Investigator, Gate's name is rendered in blue for "Precisely!  Don't you see?  This is the perfect opportunity!" and is blue for the remainder of the cutscene. 

Also for Gate's final line in the scene, "hehheh" shows up and should probably be split into two words. 

Edit 8: 

When encountering High Max in Secret Lab 2 as X, his name is spelled "Hi-Max" and it's pink instead of yellow. 

Edit 9: 

After defeating Gate and Sigma gets revived, Alia notes Isoc's body is similar to the 'Erasure incident'.  Incident probably needs to be capitalized and it was in the original game, so it's probably the official in-story title for the events of Xtreme 2. 


Quote from: acediez on September 11, 2019, 10:43:18 PM

You have to thank Metalwario64 for that, he insisted on working on those. He even made a new custom blue/gold palette, and made mugshots variants to match all options  :woot!:

Thanks Metalwario64 too! :) Yeah, that blue/gold one looks great too and it's cool X4/X5's palettes are covered too. Haven't found any issues other than some of the typos already posted. Gonna play a bit before work, should be able to test more this weekend.


Is that my font reworked from the Bahamut Lagoon 8x8 type? Neat, I like the use here.  :beer:



Thank you very much Doomsday Forte and Tallgeese! To be honest, I dropped this pre-release hoping I'd get the script reviewed this way by other people, as I got pretty burned out working on the actual hacks. This takes a weight off of my shoulders.

Text typos and obvious bugs: I'll take care of all those as soon as possible.

Wrong name colors in some cutscenes: this is listed as "known issues" in the first post, as I know what's causing it but haven't been able to work on a fix yet.

Requests: I'm not taking any requests for new features now. I'm not gonna be working on this for much longer, so I'm only focusing on making a acceptable release of what's already been done.

"Put the script on Google Docs so EVERYONE can...": No, no. That sounds like an endless back and forth of opinions on the script. As I said I'm not gonna be working on this much longer, I'm only gonna be fixing obvious typos, grammar mistakes, and bugs. Of which I think your posts have already covered most of. So, thanks again.

Quote from: Gemini on September 13, 2019, 08:46:02 AM
Is that my font reworked from the Bahamut Lagoon 8x8 type? Neat, I like the use here.  :beer:

Yes! When I decided I should try other fonts, the first one that came to mind was the one in your retranslation of Symphony of the Night, so I went straight to look for fonts made by you on the site. Thanks! :)
It's listed in the credits by the way.


Here's some of my finding in v2.0 RC3. Will continue testing though:

Alia mission report. Alia still call Preyer.

Skip Nightmare soul explaination if beat a stage even though I didn't checked the box.
However, if collected some souls and back to stage select without beating a stage, Nightmare soul explaination will trigger.

High Max's life bar in intro stage becomes longer than usual even though just Lv01.

No cutscene when High Max is beaten.

Some damage table doesn't work well against High Max.
Try to make Shadow's giga attack inflict damages to High Max vulnerable stake but not working.
Maybe it has nothing to do with the table damage. It might be Shadow's giga attack was not implemented to damage High Max.

I think still got plenty of grammar mistakes but I'm not sure. My English wasn't good either.
At the beginning of the mission,
Our mission is simple: in order (Shouldn't it be "Our mission is simple. In order")

Personal suggestion for future version:

Tested a bit on "Parts on Rescue Reploids".
Checked randomize parts carried by reploids and between Reploids already carrying parts.
I don't like that in a stage, the rescued reploids may still give out more than 1 life upgrade and 1 energy upgrade.
I think shuffle is good but you still have to make sure only 1 life upgrade and 1 energy upgrade per stage.

Stage modifications only tested Amazon Area and Secret Lab 1.
I think some adjustment still can be make on "Remove some spikes".
For the spikes behind the wolf enemy, you can reduce the middle spikes by leaving only 3 spikes at the bottom and 2 spikes at the top.
This way, I think without "parts" and "Ice Burst" X and Falcon can make it through with good wall jump and air dash.

Also, you may think of modifying a bit on North Pole secret area like reducing a bit of spikes for Zero instead of relying on glitch?

Could you make both normal Zero and Black Zero selectable at "characters selection screen" by pressing "select" button?
Z3ROX did that on his recent Megaman X5 Classic Game Hacking. The more the merrier right?

Lastly, I really want Falcon to be able to air dash diagonal upward.
I know I have mentioned this before but now you already found out how to disable the jump mid-air triggers air dash.
Couldn't you add the effect of "Infinite Float Up"?
I hope it can be as simple as this sound.
#Infinite Float Up (gameshark)
800970C6 0002
eg. When Falcon jump and use the "jump" button to air dash, include this effect and Falcon can air dash diagonal upward.
Can you share the ram for disable the jump mid-air triggers air dash?
I want to have some experimental test on it.


Oh, you're making this the final patch? Oh boy.

I guess I should go through the whole game as Zero just in case to catch anything. How much time do you estimate I have?

Signas using a colon for "The mission is simple: in order..." is an appropriate use of a colon, since the purpose is to explain the immediate prior statement.

What's the verdict on Metal Shark Player vs. Prayer, anyhow?


Quote from: Tallgeese on September 13, 2019, 11:58:13 PM
Oh, you're making this the final patch? Oh boy.
It's "final for awhile". I'll most likely come back to it at some point, it'll be fun to tackle individual ideas once all the script mess is sorted out... But yeah, I'll be focusing on other stuff for some time. As for a time frame, I'll be out for the next week or so. When I'm back, I'll be able to work on this for a couple of days (22th-23th), and that's it. I'll have my hands full on other things from then on.

About "Player/Prayer": I planned to make it "Prayer" at some point, but since I ran out of time to edit the boss intro tileset I'm settling with "Player" for now. Should be easy enough to revert if I come back to this later.

For now it's gonna be: "Player"; "High Max"; "Investigators" (capitalized); capitalization after ellipses only when it's the start of a new phrase (as it should be).


Script fixes: all typos and grammar suggestions from the last few posts were covered, except two I decided to keep as they are: the semicollon one, which I decided to keep as a comma, and the Erasure incident one.
Hopefully you won't run into any already reported issue in RC4, but If I missed anything, please let me know.

Bug fixes:
- Broken text in Inami Temple/Hidden Area
- Cutscene after High Max not showing up
- Nightmare Effect not showing up in North Pole Area/Hidden Area.
- The "Skip Nightmare Effects explanation" thing: Turning "Navigator" OFF would skip this explanation. If you turned it off at first and later turned it on, you would've gotten this dialogue later. I realize now it's not very intuitive so from RC4 and on, "Navigator OFF" won't affect this dialogue.
Now, if you didn't touch this option at all and you still have this issue, let me know.

Known issues still not addressed:
- Wrong colors in name titles
- SFX of boss orb not playing (I might've broken it when I imported the "Warning" sfx from the prototype. I'll try to fix it next time)
- Zero having "armor defense" on the intro stage (it's a rather harmless side effect of a little oversight of my "incomplete armors" code. I'll try to fix it next time)
("Shadow Armor Giga Attack damage value changes not working against High Max", I haven't tested this yet. Maybe I labeled the wrong value. But I wouldn't be surprised if there's some High Max only code affecting this. I'll check it out next time.)

Feel free to report as much stuff as you can/want over the next week. I won't be able to work on this until I'm back, but I'll be reading every comment.

Doomsday Forte

Have a good week off, then!  I'll end up editing this post a bunch too for clarity's sake. 

You can use Exit Stage in the intro stage, and this skips not only the intro stage, but Isoc's speech as well as the initial briefing at Maverick Hunter HQ, putting you right at the eight boss screen.  I don't know if it's intended, but it definitely should stay in for those looking to jump right into the game proper.  So far, there aren't any issues with doing this skip. 

When encountering Zero Nightmare in Infinity Mijinion's secondary area, he asks "Zero... WHERE... is ZERO'?" with the apostrophe in there. 

Edit 2: 

Central Museum as Zero: 

(A bunch of these are to go with the ellipsis guidelines you posted before.  I reserve the right to be wrong!) 

Initial conversation with Alia "...the place is completely deserted." needs 'the' capped. 

One random room "Alia?  Great, the comm's off... what do I do now?" needs 'what' capped since it's the start of a new thought (arguably?). 

Another random "Alia?  ...the comm's dead?" needs 'the' capped. 

Another "...this is getting real old real fast." needs 'this' capped. 

Another "Again?  Tch, what a pain... well, no use worrying about it." needs 'well' capped. 

Zero VS Ground Scaravich "Oh-ho!  If it isn't mister Zero, right back from the underworld." 'mister' needs to be capitalized since it comes before a name. 

Alia's post-mission briefing says that Scaravich was rooting around "where Dr. Cain found you, X." even though you're playing as Zero.  I'm not sure how to suggest rewriting this since you'd have to account for every player configuration (X only, playing as Zero, X with Zero unlocked).  Is the assumption that X and Zero go through the stages together, just you only see and play as one?  One of the great mysteries in the X series is what the other player characters are doing while you're in the field.  :P 

Later in the briefing, Alia says "...the worst part is that Gate didn't even bat an eye..." needs 'the' capitalized. 

Back to the Central Museum proper, another random room has Zero say "...comm's dead... alright, then."  Both 'comm' and 'alright' need to be capped. 

Another "Oh no, not again... give me a break."  'Give' needs capped. 

Another "The comm's dead... what the hell is going on?" needs 'what' cappped. 

Edit 3: 

I noticed that both in the retranslation here and in the original English script, Dr. Light doesn't mention the spike immunity power of the Shadow Armor legs.  I know it goes beyond the scope of the 'retranslation' part of the hack on top of being a feature request to mention it, but I just thought it odd that this fairly useful aspect is not mentioned anywhere.  Especially since you can use the Shadow Armor legs as soon as you get them now. 

There's severe lag during the dialog with Blizzard Wolfang in both the original and hacked version of the game.  You're probably the best person to ask--what's causing that?  It doesn't happen during the rematch in Secret Lab 3, but it still does if he kills you and you try again in North Pole Area.  Weird! 

Edit 4: 

During Zero's version of the 3000 souls cutscene (or at least the one where he interjects with a cut-in and everything; I got it as him at least), Alia says "...even it they were just a fake."  'It' should be 'if' here.  During the same scene, Zero later says "Well, we can't be doing with a madman' pipe dream at a time like this." and it's missing the s on 'madman's'. 

Edit 5: 

[Non-Hack Bug]
This happens in the original game too, but when using Zero's double-jump rolling slash with Z-Saber Extend equipped, the extension waves appear inside of his sprite erratically.  I'm not sure if this can be fixed or is even a priority due to Z-Saber Extend having such a tiny additional range. 

Edit 6: 

When entering Infinity Mijinion's secondary area with Zero, he says he senses something nearby and " I imagining things?"  'Am' probably needs capped. 

When you talk with Dr. Light in that same area with Zero, he says " wouldn't perhaps know anything at all about me, would you?" and the first 'you' needs capped. 

Edit 7: 

There are a couple of lines where they're not changed at all from the original game (X meeting Infinity Mijinion being one case).  Are these worth pointing out, or were they deemed 'good enough' to remain? 

Zero VS Infinity Mijinion:  I'm not sure if the "clean up-- ...wait a minute" needs 'wait' capitalized (it's a new line of thought, right?), but "I'm sure I set up Illumina to guard this room!  ...don't tell me--" needs 'don't' capped. 

"W-WHAT'?" needs that apostrophe removed.  I kinda feel that "how COULD you!" needs a question mark with the exclamation since it technically is a question. 

Zero in Secret Lab:  "...Alia?  ...comm's already dead." after landing from the big hole; 'comm' needs capped. 

X in Secret Lab:  "...the communication's cut off already." needs 'the' capped. 

Edit 8: 

There's something wrong with the terrain in Secret Lab 1 as of RC4.  The first downward slope with ice on it has misplaced tiles that are oddly functional (didn't test the spikes), but the 'path' above goes nowhere. 



You can get around the obstacles easily enough, but the map wasn't like this when I went through the game on RC3 the other day.

Edit 9: 

Zero meets Gate after Secret Lab 1:  "...what?  You used my DNA!?" needs 'what' capped. 
"'re completely insane!" needs 'you're' capped. 
"Hah hah hah... now that's unusual." needs 'now' capped. 

Edit 10: 

Zero VS Gate intro:  "...are you telling me to simply give up?" needs 'are' capped. 

Zero VS Gate aftermath:  " think such an ancient program..." needs 'to' capped. 

Sigma's first line has "!..." at the end, but I didn't cap the quote itself, sorry.  'D-don't be cocky' or something? 

Zero's ending, Mysterious Scientist says ", according to my analysis..." and 'so' needs capped. 
" be honest," later needs 'to' capped. 
"...yes, I know."  'yes' needs capped. 
"...yeah, I'm ready."  'yeah' needs capped. 
" it."  'got' needs capped. 


Well, that's once through with X alone on RC3, and once with Zero on RC4.  I hope all of these help. 


The RC2 of v2.0 worked fine for me on my PS3 (aside from the new script when trying to do the navigator message in the nightmare area of Heatnix's stage and not getting the cutscene of High Max defeated in the Nightmare areas), but RC4 is a mixed bag that makes the game pretty much unplayable in the PS3 no matter the options I pick, most of the time the game crashes randomly when I enter a stage (for the most part the intro stage in a new game), I still have to try it on a PSP but I have little to no hope for it to work fine, I would want to try the RC3 version to see if it's more stable that RC2, but in the meantime I'll have to downgrade to RC2.

Update: Looks like my PC corrupted the RC4 files somehow, I re-downloaded and looks like it's now working fine on my Ps3, gotta give it a shot now.


Thank you so much again! I'm glad it's mostly a few letters left to put in caps. Still a couple of typos left, but nothing too embarrasing.

The stage tiles on Secret Lab 1 happened because of a bug on the patcher when modifying consecutive bins without reloading (a duplicate mod entry on a different address)... unfortunately it creeped into the sample patches this time  :(, but it's an easy fix

The exit stage button behavior in the intro stage is untouched from what the original game throws you at, and in my opinion it worked out ok. If you're skipping the intro stage, you would most likely skip the cutscene and dialogues afterwards anyway.

Thanks also for listing bugs from the original game, some of them I hadn't even noticed, like the Saber Extend one. I won't be able to check those now, but I'll keep a note for later on.


Reports for v2.0 RC4:

First of all, no more problem with Alia's report explaining souls for the first time.

High Max intro stage life bar still longer than usual at just Lv01.
I mean same as Lv04 life bar at all 8 secret area.
I did adjust some boss health including High Max (Secret Lab) to 48.

I'm pretty sure the missing green/red orb from Nightmare soul sound effect does not relate to prototype "warning".
I did try to unchecked it.

Misplace spike in Secret Lab 1.
That's weird? It doesn't happens to me!
Mine is completely fine. I did choose to "remove some spike" though.

It's great to have playable incomplete armors.
It even came with different palette color for unarmored Blade (green) and Shadow (grey). Very cool!
For the complete display version, some color palette will appear whenever Blade (blink red) or Shadow (blink green) get hit unless they get body parts.
Is that intention?

Dialogues between Zero vs Nightmare Zero.
Now every stage will have Zero conversation with Nightmare Zero same at Amazon Area. Neat!

I'm not going to check all the dialogues of Zero. Most of your tester tend to play Zero. Let them do it.
Just that I accidentally trace this one.
Amazon Area Zero vs High Max
Zero: Investigation? Don't make me laugh. You used me and a scapegoat and now you're trying to get me to buy into this drivel of yours?
("and a scapegoat" should change to "as a scapegoat" right?

Stage modifications Amazon Area.
The edge of the top ceiling of the modified wall may sometimes instance kill any character if you get hit by enemy.
I don't think it's a bug though. My theory is they push you back and the game registered as though as you get stuck in tight area but I might be wrong.

Came with one serious bug in the final stage.
When Shield Sheldon hide inside the shield and used bouncing shield attack, Shield Sheldon's whole sprite will gone just like that.
Because of that, I was still be able to view the ending only once with X and Zero available.
After that, every time I load the game, with any character, the game will freeze with this attack but the music still keep playing.
There is also one time the game crash with unknown opcode 0000000F at 80020CF0.

Tested the game with X (I mean combination of X and other X's armors).
About the dialogues, I struggled with a lot of new words, styles and punctuation.
It seems there are a lot of long sentences using "," and ":" as support.
The usage of "And" and "But" at the beginning of a sentences.
Sometimes after "..." (small letter) and "... " (capital letter).
Same goes to the usage of "!?" and "?!".
It's so confusing! I don't know which is right or wrong anymore.
I'll slip these and let others to check the English grammars and punctuation.
This is really tough for someone with English limitation and no guideline to check.
Anyway, I did go through the rest of the dialogues with X, including the dialogues with Nightmare Zero, High Max and Dynamo.
Please look at the below dialogues which I'm still unsure and some with bugs.

Inami Temple X meets High Max
X: Stop all of this Nightmare nonsense! And while you're at it, tell the Investigators to fall back, too!
(Doesn't seems natural to me. I prefer it as either "fall back!" or "fall back too!".)

Laser Institute X meets Dynamo
X: Dynamo? You're alive!?
(Just showing a sample of punctuation "!?")
Dynamo: 'Course I am! I can't make top Zenny if I'm dead now, can I?
(Is that " 'Course" means "Of course" and "Zenny" the reference to Capcom's Breath Of Fire III on purpose?)
Dynamo: You seem to be pretty busy yourself, what with the Nightmare and this spooky ghost of Zero around, huh?
(I don't know. The sentence seems weird to me. To be honest, I suffered with all the way Dynamo's talk in every stages.)

Northpole Area X meets Nightmare Zero
X: I found you! Time to put a stop to this nonsense of yours!
("I found you!" is a correct sentence?)

Northpole Area X meets Dynamo
Dynamo: Now, now. If I do that, I won't be able to swipe all these precious Nightmare Souls you've got there, now will I?
(Has a repeated dialogue from Dynamo. Also the "Now, now." actually means "No, no."?)

Magma Area X meets Nightmare Zero
???: Don't you recognize me? ...Fine. You'll be dead anyway, so what's it matter? Hahaha... Die, X!
("so what's it matter?" is a correct sentence?)

Magma Area X meets Dynamo
Dynamo: Man, aren't you busy... I'm just so enthralled by the Nightmare, and all of the hooplah surrounding it.
(This "hooplah" word does not appear in dictionary. Google only brought me to Spongebob.)

Weapon Center X meets Nightmare Zero
X: You! What do you think you're doing!?
(An example of punctuation "!?".)
???: Zero... WHERE... is ZERO'?
(Shouldn't it be "ZERO?"?)

Recycle Lab X meets Nightmare Zero
X: Who created you...? And, why?! Answer me!
(Another example of punctuation for "...?" and "?!".)

Central Museum X meets High Max
X: ...X, don't you recognize me? It's me! I look different because of what the Nightmare did to me, but it's still me!
(X used some of the Nightmare Zero's dialogue. You better check the rest of this dialogues again. Maybe there are more!)
High Max: You really expect me to believe such a half-baked story?
(I think High Max is using one of the X conversation with Nightmare Zero.)

Central Museum X meets Dynamo
Dynamo: X, don't tell me... you've gone Maverick, haven't you? That's why you can't recognize me, right?
                ...So be it. As a Maverick Hunter... No, as your friend, I'll take you myself!
(Dynamo used some of the Nightmare Zero's dialogue. Better check this dialogues again.)

Final stage battle X and Sigma
Sigma: NOt yeT! THiS iS jUSt tHe beGgiNNinG!
(Not sure you intentionally spell "beginning" wrongly.)

Epilogue scene with X and Zero available
Signas: Well, looks like our mission is complete, then. But our work isn't done yet.
("is complete" correct? Also, why add the words ",then."?)

That conclude all I was able to trace. Also, I will probably stop checking for a while until a new version come out.

Oh my, I totally miss out this section.
Weapon menu screen. (Most of it is just personal opinion except one.)
Dragonflies fly around you.
Shoots ice blocks you can step on.
A high jump. Sticks you to the ceiling.
(Maybe is just me but these 3 descriptions, I would avoid the usage of "you" and create a different sentences.)
(Shouldn't you add "AIR" description on both of these inputs?)
A beam of light that bounces upwards.
(It can also bounce downward.)
Perform charged attacks freely.
(The description is out of the textbox. Also, wouldn't it be better to change "attacks" to "buster"?)


Just tried the 2.0 RC4. I am gonna say i am really impressed with the amount of work that you guys did here. I've been playing this hack since (V15)
I will try to record this instead doing live(It was failed tbh).

Also i wonder why the game start with complete version instead light. I mean i just found that other reploid without part just went missing instead empty as usual.
Was that intentional?


If you want to make videos of it, please wait until I release this on the site. This pre release on the forum is only meant for bug testing, there's still many issues left to fix in RC4. I'm not gonna showcase it in other places until it's done.

There's no "light" and "complete" profiles anymore. If you want to have all rescuable Reploids as they are in the normal game, you're gonna have to use the patcher tool to deselect the option.


Ah i see. I accidentally make a video about it. It was deleted for now.

I see, No more light and complete option. That's understandable


Hello, i'd like to let you know that after i beat High Max as Zero, there was a cutscene where Gate was in transmission and at some point as he talks the name shows up as "Alia" i wish i could took some screenshots but i couldnt


I think this is where the bug comes from if you tweak the below selections:

High Max intro stage life bar longer than usual at just Lv01.
Let say you set High Max (Secret Lab) Lv01=48 and Lv04=56, even at Lv01, the life bar is 56.

Final stage bug battle with Shield Sheldon.
If you adjust Shield Sheldon's lifebar, that shield attack bug will occur.

Missing sfx of green/red orb after beating an Investigator.
Whatever you customize on this v2.0 tweaks patcher, this sfx sound will be missing.
All I can say is even with tiny little customization, the bin file will always be slightly bigger than original.
Tweak bin will be at least 585,972 KB to 586,234 KB while original bin 585,924 KB.
This never happens in v15.

Damage table.
Let me explain a bit on what I experimented on High Max if your damage table is correct.
I try to make Zero's spinning blade to only stun High Max not working but to induce damage is possible.
Whatever is checked originally can stun High Max.
Additional customize checked with some value can only damage High Max.
From that, I managed to make Shadow's Giga Attack to inflict damage to High Max (1st phase) but not the 2nd phase (vulnerable).
I believe it was not build in the game.
I came to this conclusion because you should notice Shadow's charged saber can inflict damage to High Max (vulnerable) even though it is unchecked.
It even made High Max fell to the ground.
Falcon's and Blade's Giga Attack are possible to inflict damage to High Max (vulnerable) if checked with some value but High Max will not fall.
The same goes to both Ice Burst (basic shot) and Yammar Option (basic shot). High Max will not fall.
As for Zero, almost all learnable moves are able to stun (1st phase) and make High Max (vulnerable) falls except for few.
Yammar Option behaves the same as X. Cannot stun (1st phase) but upon contact, High Max (vulnerable) will fall and basic shot can inflict damage.
Not sure about Hyoroga as impossible to test it out.
Guard Shell will not stun but it is possible to make High Max (vulnerable) falls upon contact and counter.
In other words, I believe either some of the stun and fall were not build inside the game or should be located elsewhere.

Also, I just notice 2 things:
1) You didn't include Nightmare Pressure's damage table.
2) Among all the secret area boss room, only Northpole Area has slippery floor and you can't wall slide and jump.

Stage Select Menu: Remember character/armor selection (Personal opinion)
I think it's kind of unnecessary tweak unless you can make it remember whom you play previously at intro stage.
First, load your memory card and play with that certain character and go back to title screen.
Then, start a new game with that character.
After the intro, that certain character will not be available unless you unlock it.
That way, everyone can enjoy all kind of characters without the usage of cheatcode in the intro.


Thanks for all the script notes everyone! Special thanks to those who registered just for this  ;D

Other stuff you've commented on:

High Max life bar: I only meant to change the life bar sizes in the actual fights (hidden areas, Secret Lab). The intro stage non-fight loads data from the Secret Lab fight. If you change the health bar size from that fight, it will change the size from the intro stage fight. Weird that it displays the Lvl 4 bar at Lvl 1, I'm gonna take a look at it... but as long as it works correctly in the Secret Lab fight, I don't mind.
My bad. Turns out the code is separate from the Secret Lab fight, just very similar, and I set the wrong address in the patcher. Will be fixed next time.

High Max Damage table: The code that controls which attack stuns, or drops High Max to the floor (and any boss weakness animation), is separate from the actual damage tables. I didn't change any of it.

Nightmare Pressure Damage table: doesn't have it's own damage table, it uses the "common enemy" table.

Shield Sheldon boss fight freeze: one of the life bar values is being written in the wrong address, which breaks some other instructions in the fight. I'll fix it.

Northpole Area has slippery floor: It's an ice stage...

Stage Select remember selection: it's explained in the description in the patcher. This option was made only to not have problems if you disable Falcon Armor. I'm not gonna do anything else with it.

Missing nightmare orb SFX: the file size change, and the bug, is because I replaced a sfx pack with the one in the proto version. I thought everything was working fine, I didn't notice there was this one sfx missing until it was pointed out here. For now I'll just revert the sfx file to normal (and remove the "warning" voice clip option). I'll bring it back once I figure out how to edit sfx packs correctly.