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(ASM programming)Sega Genesis

Started by worldstar88, May 29, 2018, 06:04:00 PM

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Hello World!

Could anyone tell me how to(ASM)program moves to make non-player characters fully playable
I have some experience in ASM but i am just still not sure on how to code this.
Sorry if i am not making much sense i am still a newbie but i am willing to learn!

hopes for your replies
Thank You!


It will be helpful if you start with a game title, console if the game has more releases, ...
Welcome to the FF5 Den:


Do you want to make one of the background characters in Street Fighter playable or play say Phantasy Star as a NPC from one of the towns?

For the former then it will be a long winded affair wherein you create more animations, fiddle with hitboxes, do moves and more.

For the latter then (possibly ignoring any conversation portraits and battle animations) you could possibly pull it off with a tile editor, some copy-paste action and the same with the palette, all of which would involve no assembly at all. Also instead of a tile editor you might be able to pull it off by editing pointers.
On the other hand you might be back at the thing above and have to program the game to accept the new character and do all sorts of things.

For 3d games it gets a bit easier for some hacks like this as animations are done to models and are not whole sprite sheets needed to be created.


the game i am working on is mortal kombat 1 for sega genesis
I am currently trying to figure out how to add new character select screen, and to make non-player boss character fully playable. This should require ASM but im not sure how to rewrite this game code in asm file.


I'm sure this isn't very helpful, but Smoke made an excellent hack of MK2 with all the extra characters:

And Kabal_MK made an even better hack of UMK3 with virtually everyone:

I know you want to hack MK1, but given those other two hacks, I just wasn't sure it was necessary.

Have fun, though! :)