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Author Topic: Pro Evolution Soccer [PSP] Texture Error  (Read 1301 times)


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Pro Evolution Soccer [PSP] Texture Error
« on: May 26, 2018, 07:57:49 pm »
Hello, I am editing the Pro Evolution Soccer games in psp and I have a problem with the texture of the numbers on the shirts. The problem is that the numbers appear transparent in the game. This is a capture

These are the steps I follow to insert the texture:

1.- I Index the texture using OPTPiX iMAGESTUDIO

2.- I open the game file that contains the texture with GameGraphicStudio

3.- I insert the texture in all the slots using the right click

Does anyone know why this error occurs?

I have inserted insert the texture by hexaedition but I do not know very well how to replace the code

To insert the texture by hexaedition, first extract the content from the original file with Zlib tool.

Just open Zlib tool and drag the file to the Export part.

To reimport only drag the extracted file to the Import part

Is there a solution, either through GameGraphicStudio, Hex or another form?

Here is an original file of the game and the Zlib Tool in case someone can help me

I apologize for my bad English
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