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Author Topic: [Technical] Need help extracting 'Dokapon the World' game files  (Read 726 times)


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[Technical] Need help extracting 'Dokapon the World' game files
« on: January 18, 2019, 06:35:43 pm »
Hi everyone  :)

I'm in the process of trying to translate a PS2 game named "Dokapon the World" but I haven't been able to extract the files on my own.

At first, I thought the text might be in the .bin files, but after looking the strings in a hex editor, it looks like the bin files are mainly for Windows emulation and the data are elsewhere. So far, I think the text files are in .cmb archive files. (The files are here:!kwdSXY6a!15r-vqytzKI5NLr8zpv4VA)

I would appreciate any help in hacking/extracting these cmb files. Thank you!

You can find me own Discord at meniscus-#9546
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