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Author Topic: Completed English Retranslation of Dragon Warrior 2, Minor Graphical Help Needed  (Read 719 times)

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Minor revisions outstanding, I've completed a unique English retranslation of all the text in Dragon Warrior 2 which restores the style, conventions and uncensored content of the original Japanese Dragon Quest II game. It's been play-tested by multiple individuals at this point and I'd like to officially publish it as a completed hack. The hack already includes graphical work including a redesigned title screen with improvements to the design and animation of the marching princes.

The only thing I really need is help reverting the tile map of the secret passage room in Hargon's Temple to reflect the original white tile cross instead of the box redesign for the US version.

I'd be grateful either to have a collaborator that does the work or a mentor who can support me in the process of learning how to do the required work

I require the least amount of graphical help with DQ2 to be honest. With all three other NES Dragon Warriors I need substantially more assistance with graphics.

One more thing to add. Choppasmith also has his Re-Quest patches in production which are based on the official contemporary DQ translations and conventions. He and I have collaborated extensively and since he hopes to be using the same uncensored graphics any support offered would be helping both of our projects.

The patch so far

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