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Sonic 5 - Improvement Vol.2 (Nes)

Started by sics, May 14, 2018, 12:26:09 AM

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What do you want? If you don't say anything, people can't guess...
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I saw it is, it's a custom Hummer Team sprite sheet of Knuckles. It's not bad, but still you guys should probably say something instead of being quiet.


Although the Sonic Improvement Vol.2 project is the result of a collective effort, I must recognize that in this last stage, the work of Ti_ & Amilgi was fundamental, making the hack has given a qualitative leap in quality.

It's really hard to list all the changes that the project has undergone lately, but I guess you'd like to know some of these new features:

Updated the rendering engine, it is now even faster and adds hiding lines for areas outside the drawing area (Optimized for PAL).

Improved Sonic's controller driver and optimized his code.
Rewrote the ring drop code (Now it is possible to set more than 3 rings)
Changed Sonic's behavior when shooting enemies or destroying monitors.
Green Hill Zone - Uncommented gameplay

Altered the underwater physics (Sonic no longer slides).
The bubble generation interval of the dispensers was improved.
Sonic now releases bubbles underwater (Like Megadrive).

A new drowning sequence was created.

The superspeed shoe monitor has been added.
Sonic can now destroy monitors from almost any direction.

Improved the invulnerability shield (It was full of problems, that's why it was originally only used in Green Hill).

Fixed the color attributes of several Sonic frames.
Repositioned various Sonic animations.

Enemies can no longer attack you when they are off-screen!
Changed the behavior of Buzz Bombers and Crabmeats, they now fire at predetermined intervals.
(It will be necessary to relocate most of the enemies to take advantage of this change).

Chaos Emeralds were implemented.
+ Collect 7 and you get the good ending (and Super Sonic in the game).
+ Now you get to continue collecting them.
+ Your emeralds are displayed in the HUD at the end of the bonus.
+ Corrected the name of the Special stage at the start of the bonus.
+ Bonus lives are now earned by collecting 200 rings.

As I mentioned the Super Sonic transformation was implemented.
Upon meeting the requirements, you can activate it by collecting 50 rings. In this mode Sonic becomes invulnerable and considerably increases his speed, while your rings are deducted. When it reaches zero, the transformation is finished.

In general, an infinity of historical errors have been solved, among them those that allowed breaking the game in the confrontation against Eggman in the Labyrinth area.

He has also supplemented the programming of some Bosses, adjusted some characteristics of others and worked with other issues related to everything related to said confrontations.

Eggman's color attribute system has been improved, allowing him to improve his graphics. I leave some comparative images:

Not only that, in addition to this improvement Ti_ decompiled the sector that manages these frames of Eggman, so it is possible to improve a little more the final escape sequence...

Now the capsules show the animals in the level and their paddles can be selected independently in each zone.

On the other hand, one of the changes that has brought the game to life the most was the soundtrack update, plus a lot of new SFX has been added, not to mention that all the existing ones have been revamped.

+ SFX Drowning (New animation)
+ SFX By gaining a life.
+ SFX When going down a slide.
+ SFX Harpoons and Spikes.
+ SFX Chaos Emerald.
+ SFX Explosions Bomb-Bomu.
+ SFX Fire (Marble Zone)
+ SFX Shield Monitor.
+ SFX Springs.
+ SFX Bumper (Spring Yard)
+ SFX Shield Loss.
+ SFX Fire Projectile (Marble, Labyrinth, Star Light)
+ Eggman's SFX completed.

SFX now play only if the element producing the sound is on screen.
Music for continues has been restored.

Added the SEGA intro, proposed by Macbee (including digitized voice).
Quote from: macbee on April 07, 2019, 07:34:05 PM
If you're open minded to flickering tricks it's possible to achieve a more "16-bitish" Sega logo - like this one I did 7 years ago:

NES Rom link (in case you want to study it):

The level selection menu has been reprogrammed, improving its controls, updating its graphics and including Scrap Brain* in the list of Zones (You heard that right).

Regarding the selection menu, I am very excited to comment that we used a little graphic trick to put twice as many graphics in the same space. It consists of superimposing 2 different sprites in the same mosaic, using the color attributes to hide one, while showing the other and vice versa.

On the other hand, we improved the bad ending sequence, we also included credits with the names of all the members of the project, we designed the screen for the good ending, including the angry Eggman sequence.

* Regarding Scrap Brain, a completely new zone was added with the objective of designing said level, and we are currently looking for people who are interested in helping to fulfill this or any of our objectives, so if you are interested in being part of this little piece of history you can contact us here or in any of my social networks.
Linktree  | Better a small finished project than a thousand giant ideas stuck in your system.


Great Project, every time it gets better, thank you very much :thumbsup: :beer:


holy shizz, if you told me 25 years ago sonic would be on the nes i would have never believed you. This has gotten 10x better keep up the good work man!  :thumbsup:


The work you and your team have made is incredible, this hack would set a new standard into Sonic hacks for Nes or it could become the base for future hacks.

Keep the good work!  :thumbsup:


The hack has improved so much that it can be said that it has become at least a "DEMAKE" version of an older brother.

I look at the total work and say straight out: "A huge job that really justifies itself. I'll wait for the final version. And so: THANK YOU very much for the work done. And your testers who accepted the job, and the main figure in this hack, and even you, because you were able to promote this hack (not without the help of others, of course) - to a new level"

May 23, 2022, 12:30:46 PM - (About the post that is above this.)

I agree with NiO - it will now become one of the standards in Somari Hacks


This is barely a hack of Somari anymore. Why? Because all these improvements... the fixes... the Chaos Emeralds... Super Sonic... everything is about to be so flawless!  :cookie:

Quick question: How will you design Scrap Brain Zone sics?

Master Tom Cat

 It's pretty cool that we'll get to finally see a Scrap Brain Zone, the good ending, the SEGA logo, and Super Sonic in this game. Good Work guys.


I still hope the final version of this hack uses the Master System/Gamer Gear Special Stage music, since that was what the original bootleg used.


Thank you very much for your nice comments, we work very hard to give the best. By the way, in my previous comment I shared a gameplay where you can listen to some music work done by Amilgi for the hack NES Boy Special Stage :thumbsup:
Linktree  | Better a small finished project than a thousand giant ideas stuck in your system.


sics: great work, this update was all i wanted in this game, is the patch already in romhackin to download? :thumbsup:


Linktree  | Better a small finished project than a thousand giant ideas stuck in your system.

Master Tom Cat

I would like to see if Sonic Classic will be a playable character in the 1.5 version of the hack.


Quote from: Master Tom Cat on June 13, 2022, 06:57:21 PM
I would like to see if Sonic Classic will be a playable character in the 1.5 version of the hack.
He will be... expect, it's going to be a seperate patch.


This hack is getting so much improvement it's INSANE.


This is quite a great project! I hope I get to try it out once it's released!  :thumbsup:

Quote from: tygerbug on May 05, 2022, 07:41:10 PM
BTW, I created that spritesheet. I hope you like it!


It's a good and accurate Knuckles.


This really is just becoming my favorite ROM hack of a bootleg, at this point it may as well not be associated with bootlegs anymore, this is a proper quality NES game by now.

I really only have a few small quips with what's been shown by now:

-Time bonus seems to be a static 2000 points regardless of your finishing time in an act
-Invincibility is still 15 seconds long rather than 20 seconds like the original game, speed shoes also shorter than original game
-Low-pitched SEGA chant

Things I would look into, essentially. Me myself, I'd preferribly also have the level design from the 16 bit mega drive game but I'd imagine that would simply be too much.

Genuinely hoping to play this soon!