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Sonic 5 - Improvement Vol.2 (Nes)

Started by sics, May 14, 2018, 12:26:09 AM

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sics I got around to playing this hack, just wanna tell you personally that I love what you did. :thumbsup:

I plan on finishing this later on tonight, this hack to me is a classic. :D


Quote from: sics on April 01, 2020, 10:21:15 AM

April 02, 2020, 03:43:32 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Is there a way to hide surplus charts?
For Mesen - video options - overscan.

Xander max

Maybe it's asking a lot, but could someone put a synthesized voice saying SEGA in the opening ?!  It would be epic!
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Wow! You've come a long way! I'm proud of you, my dude!
I know it sounds like I'm rushing here and jumping the shark, but seeing as we've got some form (even if VERY basic) of a level editor, perhaps we can slowly attempt to replicate the Zone layouts from the Mega Drive (or Master System for faster level design) and make this look like an almost official port!


Honestly having finished the most important part of the project (at least as far as I can contribute) I am much more eager to work on other new hacks, so although I feel that they would be great to apply any of these ideas that they propose, I am not interested in working on it.

Currently in the notes I shared this all the information necessary to edit the levels, although it is true, that there are still details to polish, I have no doubt that anyone with the minimum knowledge of ASM, can easily solve them.

On the other hand, even if you lack that knowledge with programs like CadEditor, Tiled, Fcuex, Notepad++ and some patience, you can make any edition.

Important Notes:

Sonic Nes.txt
Dimenciones de Nivel.txt
Enemigos Finales.txt (Disable line adjustment)
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Thank you very much sic, I was playing it and it's great.
It will even be in a new version, waiting for your new projects to follow. :beer:


The wait was so worth! I played this and I loved it. Thank you for your work!


hi Sics, would it be possible to make the enemies (mechanical wasps) your bullets have a lower speed? the bullets go very fast and there is practically little chance of escaping them since the mechanical wasps appear and automatically fire. You could opt for slower bullets or that when mechanical wasps appear they do not fire automatically.  ;D


I have detected a new bug, the mask that covers the capsule when it explodes is generated on the wrong screen, causing it not to be displayed in the game:

Comparison of version 1.0 & 1.2

Click on the image to enlarge

Unfortunately although I am aware of all the problems that enemies have, as I have mentioned several times along this thread, I currently do not possess the necessary knowledge to reprogram them :-\

In addition. I take this opportunity to remember that any kind of collaboration is welcome, even if it is sporadic with the aim of solving some specific issue, or presenting a counterpoint on some detail that they believe can be improved

Finally, I don't mind answering a question more than once, but with this point they've been somewhat insistent lately, so I'd like to ask for two things:

The first is that they don't use private messages for hack-related issues, unless they really are things they feel they can't speak in public and as far as possible they occupy the advanced search tool before making a query they may suspect has been treated in the past, thank you very much for your understanding :thumbsup:

Solution: Secret shield in Spring Yard zone, Act 1

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Quote from: sics on April 12, 2020, 01:40:34 AM
I have detected a new bug, the mask that covers the capsule when it explodes is generated on the wrong screen, causing it not to be displayed in the game:
Ok. I fixed this. Same url.


I Did Some Improvements With The Title Screen... For Instance, I Sorta Removed The "2020 Hack By The Jabu" Text And Fixed Up The Waterfall Animation So That They Won't Look Out Of Place.  :laugh:


I don't know if this is a debugging oversight or not, but pushing select instantly enables the Level Select (if this IS intentional, I suggest changing it to the ORIGINAL Mega Drive inputs: Up, Down, Left, Right)


Great, I just sent the update :beer:

It looks really good, although I am currently still trying to add the title screen I've been working on, anyway if I don't achieve it I would definitely love to integrate your proposal :thumbsup:

Although I must mention that I do not agree to remove the credits of the hack author for no reason that justify it :-\

Modification map

You must have applied the Menu Code - Select (Others).ips patch without realizing it, as this patch serves to simplify the level selection trick, the way you commented.

The default trick of the game is practically the Konami code, but with the last two buttons of the sequence repeated.

Although I thought correcting it would be a nice tribute to its creator, I feel that something is missing when I change it :P

Hi hungry people and people who do not talk about their private life, I've been testing the level edition more thoroughly and I discovered some interesting things.

By changing Green Hill data to point to other Zones, I realized that the sector I thought was responsible for defining the proportions of the level, only restricts the space in which Sonic is allowed to move.

However, everything indicates that there is indeed a place where this data is defined, since for example by adding acts with proportions higher than those originally designated, their level blocks are loaded in a disorderly way.

Another encouraging fact is that despite the changes, Green Hill continues to load its own palette, this is good, because performing the same checks with Scrap Brain Zone, it could be shown that not only does it possess its assigned palette, but has its own level proportions.

In addition to the fact that both the Special Stage and the Final Zone, were written occupying part of the space designated for the level blocks, which suggests Scrap Brain has originally been omitted due to lack of space.

Other one interesting fact is that the Special Stage has an unused level that does not respect the standard format of the levels in the game, this may indicate this bonus would be one of the first things programs by the team of developers or that would work in a different way than the common levels.

On the other hand, I would appreciate any help in better understanding how the levels work, so that I could deliver a better result in future editions of this project :thumbsup:
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To Be Honest... You're Probably Right...  :-\

But On The Other Hand, I Didn't Know There Was Actually Another Unused Special Stage!?  :o

P.S. Why Doesn't The Continue Theme Play In The Continue Screen Anymore?


I don't really know, there's a new line of code under the coding of the continues (0x7ED06) that seems to be related to this alteration you mention, but to tell you the truth the continues always presented a rather dubious operation in terms of their accuracy :P

On the other hand, Somari is a virtually free game engine due to the legal limbo in which it is located, so I do not doubt that someone with greater expertise will better research its code in the future, for my part I will try to continue to deliver the best of my :thumbsup:

In other news, about the unification of appearance in the animation of the rings, both PacManfan64 and his server, we were trying to do something about it.

But personally I am not convinced, I think that the new designs leave too much evidence of the limitations of the palette of the system, when this is one of the aspects that I most considered when working with the art of this game.

I understand that in addition to the mismatch between the two graphics, its excessive size has also been highlighted, which makes me wonder if with a more effective design these could be better adapted to those restrictions, but personally I never managed to overcome the great work of FuriousHedgehog in this section...
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Hello, it is only to warn that given my current situation I will probably be absent for a while, on the other hand I take the opportunity to comment that I have already discovered the addresses where the size of each level is established.

Thanks to this I was able to load the discarded special stage, it seems that it was discarded at an early stage since it seems that some important blocks in its design would be missing, although this could also be attributed to the fact that part of the space that by logic should be used for these blocks were occupied to program the Final Zone, hinting that they were eliminated in a post to bring this zone to the game.

On the other hand unfortunately when changing the dimensions of the levels I could see that the enemies stop being loaded correctly, until now my notes ...

Level dimensions
1C 1A 1A  |  Green Hill Zone | 32053
0F 14 11  |  Marble Zone
1E 26 2A  |  Spring Yard Zone
18 12 19  |  Labyrinth Zone 
1A 1B 1B  |  Star Light Zone
1A 1B 1A  |  Scrap Brain
05 05 05  |  Final Zone
09 0C 09  |  Special Stage
05 05 05
86 87 88

X0 X1 X2 X3         
00 01 0D 40 |  Green Hill Zone | 32704 Level pointer???    |  1a010  (04)
02 03 0E 48 |  Marble Zone                                 |  1c010  (05)
04 05 0F 4C |  Spring Yard Zone                            |  1e010  (06)
06 07 10 50 |  Labyrinth Zone                              |  20010  (07)
08 09 0C 88 |  Star Light Zone                             |  18010  (03)
0B 0B 0B 10 |  Scrap Brain Zone
0B 0B 0B 05 |  Final Zone                                  |  16010  (02)
0A 0A 0A 05 |  Special Stage                               |  14010  (01)
0B 0B 0B 05 |

X3 Tile enemigos
10 11 12 |13 14 15 16 |16 |  Green Hill Zone | 032728 Background
18 19 1A |1B 1C 1D 1E |1E |  Marble Zone
20 21 22 |23 24 25 26 |27 |  Spring Yard Zone
28 29 2A |2B 2C 2D 2E |2F |  Labyrinth Zone 
30 31 32 |33 34 35 36 |37 |  Star Light Zone
58 59 5A |5B 5C 5D 5E |5F |  Scrap Brain Zone
58 59 5A |5B 5C 5D 5E |5F |  Final Zone
38 39 3A |3B 3C 3D 3E |3F |  Special Stage
58 59 5A |5B 5C 5D 5E |5F | 
14 AA |  Green Hill Zone | 32A14 Pointer To Pos-Sonic
20 AA |  Marble Zone
2C AA |  Spring Yard Zone
38 AA |  Labyrinth Zone  |  Scrap Brain Zone |  Final Zone
44 AA |  Star Light Zone
50 AA |  Scrap Brain Zone
5C AA |  Final Zone
50 AA |  Special Stage
32A24 Sonic Startup Block (n)| Space between Sonic and the ground? (s) [Touch is not recommended]
nX sX nY sY (Por ej. si "sY" es muy alta Sonic levita)
00 08 02 00|  Green Hill Zone
00 08 03 00
00 08 02 00
00 08 01 00|  Marble Zone
00 08 01 00
00 08 01 00
00 08 04 00|  Spring Yard Zone
00 08 01 00 
00 08 01 00
00 08 04 00|  Labyrinth Zone   
00 08 01 00 
00 08 01 00 
00 08 02 00|  Star Light Zone
00 08 01 00 
00 08 01 00 
00 08 02 00|  Special Stage |Scrap Brain Zone
00 08 02 00 
00 08 02 00 
00 08 01 00|  Final Zone
00 08 00 00
00 08 00 00
(In fact in this area there are all the masks of the diverse levels of the game)
32a78 |Masks covering the rings (& the Floor destroyed by Eggman) [Initial]
7fce0 |Masks that cover the rings (& the Floor destroyed by Eggman) [End] Only in Doraemon?
32ac8 | Decide the stage limit in level blocks (LongxHigh)
FF 1B |FF 04|  Green Hill Zone
FF 19 |FF 06
FF 1A |FF 06
FF 0E |FF 05|  Marble Zone
FF 13 |FF 05
FF 10 |FF 06

FF 1D |FF 05|  Spring Yard Zone
FF 25 |FF 05
FF 29 |FF 06

FF 17 |FF 06|  Labyrinth Zone 
FF 11 |FF 09
FF 18 |FF 0A

FF 19 |FF 06|  Star Light Zone
FF 1A |FF 07
FF 19 |FF 06

FF 08 |FF 03|  Special Stage |Scrap Brain Zone
FF 0B |FF 03
FF 08 |FF 03

FF 04 01 01 |  Final Zone
FF 04 FF 00
FF 04 FF 00

13 F4   |  Green Hill Zone
33 F4   |  Marble Zone
53 F4   |  Spring Yard Zone
73 F4   |  Labyrinth Zone 
93 F4   |  Star Light Zone
B3 F4   |  Scrap Brain
B3 F4   |  Final Zone
D3 F4   |  Special Stage
F3 F4   |  Pantalla de titulo
13 F5

Sorry for the quality of the notes, this is the best I can offer at the moment, also I do not want to stop thanking everyone who follows this project.
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I can't wait to see what the second stage has to offer.


How to say it, currently like many this year I am experiencing quite a few tribulations, for which although I would really like, it is impossible for me to resume something of this magnitude at the moment.

On the other hand, I try to keep my head active when facing simple jobs, so I do not rule out returning with more encouragement in the future.

Anyway, if someone has the desire to rekindle this hack, let them know that they have all my support :thumbsup:

I thank everyone for accompanying the development of work and I wish them the best in this particular 2020! :woot!:
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It seems that most of us are having a lot of tribulations this year. 2020, a year to be forgotten ...
See my hacks channel including some of my works:


Hello, I just happened to tell you something that has me very excited, currently a hacker named woring is creating a really promising Somari hack! :beer:

Changelog (Reduced):

  • New level designs (With enemy repositioning included) :laugh:
  • Modification of the waiting sequence for Somari and Exoploción of monitors.
  • Editing of certain physics (Jump of Somari, destruction of objects).
  • Sound effects to objects that did not have them before.

Please give your full support Link :thumbsup:
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