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Sonic 5 - Improvement Vol.2 (Nes)

Started by sics, May 14, 2018, 12:26:09 AM

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I am able to download your file. What I meant is I don't know what hack do I need to open. What the hell is Eggman Final - Sonic por fallar? Or everybody here knows what it is except me?

I need another save from "Final zone" screen or something. Not sure if I gonna actually need it later, but still. And I won't play this game to the end myself to get it.


Is a state file Fcuex (fcs), to be used with the game "Sonic the Hedgehog (NES) - Improvement Plus Tracks". Available in SonicRetro :thumbsup:

Sorry for the confusion, English is not my mother tongue
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It appears that there is some garbage at $00D0-$00DF, you might wanna clear it up when you enter that room


Is there any way to erase those data when they are not needed? Honestly I lack the skills needed to achieve this goal on my own  :-\
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There are lots of ways actually. For example when the game sets timer to zero, check for room number and zero out those addresses as well.

The more you know about the game, the better you can choose a place to attach your code.


I'm too far away to get things like that. When this project is finished, I hope to read your course :thumbsup:
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I still hope you'd be able to replace the Genesis Special Stage music with the Master System/Game Gear Special Stage music.


Ummm, NES Boy... I'm Not So Sure If Sics Is Gonna Try To Replace The Special Stage Music With The Game Gear/Master System Special Stage. But I'd Love To See That Happen.

BTW Sics, I Saw Your Latest Video About The Evolution Of Sonic The Hedgehog's Title Screen From The NES Version... I Don't Know What You Did With The Last One But Whatever You're Doing, Keep Up The Good Work.


Hi I'm looking for people who are interested in making videos of this hack to help you make it known :thumbsup:

"If you have a Youtube channel with 30 subscribers or more, you can contact me by private message to get an early copy of the hack"

On the other hand, in no way will you be obliged to speak well of this job, nor in a kind way, just be you and say what you think

Something I would like to urge others is that try to test more than one zone of the game, even if it is through the level selector

Happy Holidays! :beer:

Unfortunately to accomplish this task, I need musical notions which I currently lack.

Anyway I am convinced of the result of my work and I also know that the evolution of this game will not end when this project is completed.

The SomariEngine is an amazing engine and the game still has much room for improvement.

It's good you to ask, the new version version of the title screen has internal and external changes.

I stylized Sonic's design, retouching some sectors to better take advantage of the background color, changing things like the relief on his hand for example.

I removed the surpluses from the second color layer and rearranged its graphics tiles, for easy editing in the future.

Update the Sonic logo and remove all unused graphics from the tiles used for the title screen.

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Cody The Fox


Can't wait to play this, don't make us wait too long!  ;D
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Great to hear this project is still alive and kicking. I hope all the work pays off because you've really done a good job on this. I'm glad that you've been getting better, and that progress has been going well. And of course, Merry Christmas, I hope you enjoy your holidays.
Hey there


I would like to test the game and I could make a kind of gameplay-impressions video


Oh my, ok it seems I randomly became unnotified and I thought this project was dead- it's great to see it's still going


Cody The Fox
Thank you, I see that you has been renewed, I hope this change brings good things :thumbsup:

It would be very practical, I am already subscribed to your channel, I would only lack the popcorn :laugh:

Thank you, your words give me a lot of encouragement to move on!!! :beer:

You weren't so misinformed, it was a difficult time, but I decided to put an end when they started sending me messages from this project to my private social networks, luckily it all ended well and I'm back here.

On your other question, you can always check the readme of the original Improvement version, anyway the trick is as follows:

on the title screen.

On the other hand for this new version I created a patch that simplifies this trick for those who do not want to complicate their lives, changing the code for:

on the title screen :laugh:

The truth has already been worth it, it was a very enriching experience, and although it had difficult times, it helped me to grow a lot.

One of the hardest things for me was to understand that I'm not obligated to have all the answers or to realize that my opinion was also important.

Merry Christmas to you all and a prosperous new year!!! :beer:
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Hey Sics... How's The Progress Coming Along?  :thumbsup:


Thanks to Ramzet's live :beer: , I found a lot of things that could be improved, including:

• Remove broken secret passageways in Marble Zone (Used them to facilitate the development of the hack)
• Continue repositioning of enemies and items, mainly in Spring Yard, Labyrinth, and Star Light.
• Increase Sonic Oxygen Duration (Alternative Patch)
• The bubble generator block will be removed (Alternative Patch)
• The Spring Yard Act 3 is significantly modified, not more blind alleys.
• Graphics were rearranged to prevent multiple corrupt sprites.

In the version with Somari:
• Fixed the end screen of the level, now it says: "Somari Has Passed".
• Added Somari sign (Original Graphics)
• The Somari icon is modified to match the "improvement" style.

• Some graphic aspects of "The Hummer Complete" were retouched.
• He continues to wait for the video for "Cody The Fox", wink, wink :laugh:

I must mention that after this I decided to take a break, so I left the survey above. I would also like to thank Ramzet for trying this hack, your opinion was very helpful!!! :thumbsup:

Note: The operation of the continues were programmed that way by the Hummer Team, being such a short game I think it makes sense to do so.
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Cody The Fox

First Off... I Like How Did Some Improvements On Somari's Version And I Hope To See Some More Improvements On Somari And Hummer's Version! Also, Are U Planning On Doing An Improvement On "Family Kid"?  :huh:

P.S. I Was Planning On Doing A YouTube Video On Sonic 5 Vol. 2 NES, But Due To COPPA's Effect On YouTube... I'm Worried That I Might Get A $42,000 Fine, But I'll See What I Can Do! :( :)


Regarding for the Somari Improvement version, I can't think of any more to add it, so in any case I hear ideas ;)
On the other hand I honestly don't think "Family Kid" is a game that has a lot to offer, but if it makes you happy I guess I can do it

Family Kid - Extraction Beta (ips)

Finally, I am spending some time away from the project, as I was so familiar with everything, that I unconsciously ignored many things that could be improved, a hug :beer:
Linktree  | Better a small finished project than a thousand giant ideas stuck in your system.


I love the progress you've made so far! It's good that you're taking a break, I've done many projects like this before and I know how stressful they can be :(
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