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Sonic 5 - Improvement Vol.2 (Nes)

Started by sics, May 14, 2018, 12:26:09 AM

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I'm kinda new here but I don't see anyone asking this. What's holding Sics back from releasing the current WIP patch.  So the community could try it out, maybe find and/or fix some bugs or go even further and help with the development? 

No to be rude here, just curious. Been lurking this forum since forever.  :angel:


the project is temporarily or indefinitely stopped for now
any news will be communicated by the chief developer of the Sics project

thanks for asking about the status of the project.

Watch out for the thread in case news is published.

regards :woot!:


Now call me a lurker if you must... but I couldn't help overhearing discorse over Marble Zone's art so I went to MS Paint and whipped something up.

*Slams heavy screenshot onto thread* I went with the green-ish stuff over the grey because it's a little closer to the genesis/mega drive game.


Chief developer? Even I felt important, the project not only continues, but every time it is lacking less it to be able to publish it. (Relatively) :laugh:

I suppose that Cartridge_rom it refers to which at present I have not so much free time as earlier therefore the development of the hack is slower.

On the other hand, I prefer to reserve the last updates for the final version. but he must know that I have been liberating some demos of the game in the past, although regrettably I have not preserved any

Moreover, this hack is based on the Improvement + Music version and any modifications developed for this hack can be integrated into this without much difficulty  :thumbsup:

With regard to issue of Marble Zone, I chose gray tones to avoid eye strain caused by the lack of contrasting colors with the environment in general, besides that this palette is best complemented in the underground sector.

Anyway I can add an extra patch with this coloration  :D

About the "disagreement", in fact it was interested in understanding better the SuperStarFox proposal, since I respect its vision like artist.

So you should always keep in mind that what I write comes from a machine translation service, so it is not surprising that ends up sounding like an old man who slept badly


Three interesting things to comment on the project;

■ I found the sector that is responsible for establishing the proportions of each level (among other things), what practically already he would enable to be able to personalize completely the levels. (I will not design levels  ::) )

■ At the same time I verified Scrap Brain Zone it was discarded in a very early stage of development of the port, since instead of having a space defined for the level information, it re-uses the information of Special Stage. Also on having established the necessary conditions so that the final enemy executes in this level the game crashea.

■ On the other hand I discovered what is causing the problem of the ring of the looping, the hitbox of Sonic only covers half of the character, so it never gets to touches some rings. but unfortunately I lack knowledge to find these data to solve the problem.

If you understand the reference to this capture you get a copy of the version I'm developing. Solution: Based on the 2016 capture of Techokami, one who best summarized the problems of this game.
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First Of All, I Understand That The One Ring In The Loops Isn't Fixed Yet... Second Of All, I Understand That Star Light Zone Will Take Time In Order To Look Good... Thirdly, I Understand That You Chose Gray So That Marble Zone Wouldn't Be All Green And A Bit Of Some Pain In The Eyes... And Finally, I Understand Everything About Everything You Said.

Also, You're Doing A Great Job On The Project, Keep Up The Good Work!  :thumbsup:


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sics, What Do You Mean By "Powerful"?  :huh:


For this reason?

● Although not a level editor itself, facilitates incredibly the task of designing scenarios.
● To transfer the information of the level to the game, I export an snapshot with "Tiled" and turn it into text with "FreeOcr".

Test edit level:


FCEUX 2.2.3-interim svn0
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Oh... I See.  :)

Well, Keep Up The Good Work!  :thumbsup:


Waiting for the release of this game 😁


Thank you for keeping you on this project, I look forward to the day of its launch. :beer:


AWESOME!!!! GRETA JOB!! CONGRATUALTIONS!!! AMAZING PROJECT! :woot!: :woot!: :woot!:  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I wanted to thank everyone for their messages of support, on the other hand the release of the hack is close, but first I want to add a bit more content :thumbsup:

As you know I recently discovered Tiled tool, a mosaic editor very flexible and powerful, with this I improvised a very practical level editor.

Thanks to this I have been able to detect and correct several errors in the design levels are not big changes, but further improve the gaming experience

Unfortunately it is not yet clear to me how to edit scenarios with special features, such as loops and steep ramps.

But I have spent these last days comparing Somari's game to Doraemon's, because of this I have discovered many interesting things, which I will talk about in detail later.

Another drawback is at the time of repositioning enemies, because for all items loaded correctly, the object list must have a specific order, which I have not been able to understand which criteria it responds to

At the moment when I encounter this problem, I only I reorganize the list successively until it works properly, but it is not practical for several reasons and the main one is that I have to check the whole level manually for each change I make

I know I've done many things more transcendent than this, but I really wanted to share this with you, since I have dedicated a lot of time and struggle to achieve it :beer:

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"I know I've done many things more transcendent than this, but I really wanted to share this with you, since I have dedicated a lot of time and struggle to achieve it :beer:"

LOL... I know the struggle!  ;D  Great job sics, your game looks amazing! :beer:
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Quoteinstead of having a space defined for the level information, Scrap Brain Zone re-uses the information of Special Stage

Does this mean it won't be possible to re-implement Scrap Brain Zone? Or is it possible to make the game access a different area of the ROM when loading the stage? If it is possible, then Scrap Brain Zone's data could potentially be inserted into an unused portion of the ROM.
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Sics, Not Only Did You Just Improve Everything In This Game... (And I Still Wonder What Happen To The Title Screen You Planned On Improving Now?) But You Literally Just Made This Rom-Hack Look Even More Better! I CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY THIS ROM-HACK WHEN YOU RELEASE IT...!!!

Also, While You Were Testing This Game... Did You Run Into This Weird Looking Glitch In The Final Zone?

Here's The Link To The Source Of The Problem:


Thank you, I love your work :beer:

Technically arguably the opposite, because even though the header of the level does not point to any useful place, this is present, so I'm sure someone with more knowledge can achieve something interesting with all the information collected.

32A14 Puntero A Pos-Sonic

14 AA |  Green Hill Zone
20 AA |  Marble Zone
2C AA |  Spring Yard Zone
38 AA |  Labyrinth Zone 
44 AA |  Star Light Zone
50 AA |  Special Stage
5C AA |  Final Zone
50 AA |  Scrap Brain Zone
32A24 Sonic Startup Block (n) Space between Sonic and the ground? (s) [No touching recommended]
nX sX nY sY (Eg. If "s" Sonic is very high Levite)
00 08 02 00|  Green Hill Zone
00 08 03 00
00 08 02 00
00 08 01 00|  Marble Zone
00 08 01 00
00 08 01 00
00 08 04 00|  Spring Yard Zone
00 08 01 00 
00 08 01 00
00 08 00 00|  Labyrinth Zone   
00 08 00 00 
00 08 00 00 
00 08 02 00|  Star Light Zone
00 08 01 00 
00 08 01 00 
00 08 02 00|  Special Stage |Scrap Brain Zone
00 08 02 00 
00 08 02 00 
00 08 01 00|  Final Zone
00 08 00 00
00 08 00 00

32A24 |Masks that cover the rings (& the floor destroyed by Eggman) [Initial]
7fce0 |Masks that cover the rings (& the floor destroyed by Eggman) [Final] Only in Doraemon?
Height and width of the level in level blocks
FF 1B |FF 04|  Green Hill Zone (Act1, 2 and 3)
FF 19 |FF 06
FF 19 |FF 06
FF 0E |FF 05|  Marble Zone
FF 13 |FF 05
FF 10 |FF 06

FF 1D |FF 05|  Spring Yard Zone
FF 25 |FF 05
FF 29 |FF 06

FF 17 |FF 06|  Labyrinth Zone 
FF 11 |FF 09
FF 18 |FF 0A

FF 19 |FF 06|  Star Light Zone
FF 1A |FF 07
FF 19 |FF 06

FF 08 |FF 03|  Special Stage |Scrap Brain Zone
FF 0B |FF 03
FF 08 |FF 03

FF 04 01 01 |  Final Zone
FF 04 FF 00
FF 04 FF 00

I did a lot of testing on the title screen and even studied other versions of the hummers, but my conclusion is that in the current situation, my prototype is not suitable for this game. However, I do not rule out the creation of a new model, but I make it clear that if this is the case I will do so long after the publication of the hack.

Some tests:

(Somari title screen)

Moreover, after realizing this mistake, I started trying to recreate and after countless attempts, I succeeded, and I also managed to save a file status just before it happened.

My idea was to consult with the community, but I have not had time to do, so if anyone is interested in helping to get a response facilitated the status file (Fceux - The file is compatible with the original hack improvement).

Depending on what is done in the span of the lightning, the error varies from serious to moderate  :-\ , indeed this is the current appearance of the final zone, spoiler  :laugh:
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Quoteis compatible with the original hack improvement

Would you be so kind and tell me there am I suppose to find a link to download it?

I need saves without this bug as well, preferably before you enter the room. Or at least before you run to the right corner.


Excuse me, I have not managed to correctly translate your message, if you are unable to use the link above, here attached new additional links:

Mega | GDrive | Dropbox | Yandex.

If you request an additional bran file, unfortunately it is a very difficult error to reproduce, to get to save this game, I spent about two months trying, Thank you very much for your time! :thumbsup:
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