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Sonic 5 - Improvement Vol.2 (Nes)

Started by sics, May 14, 2018, 12:26:09 AM

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 If I am completely honest, far from being more motivated to continue I am terrified, I never thought that this project would attract Ti' attention :o

For that reason, although I understand how all the possibilities that your contribution provides, being this my first project of this magnitude, I have many questions hanging around in my head at this moment, without forgetting the fact that I am still alone, distributing my time to perform all the tasks that I was considering necessary.

That's why I ask for some patience so that I can organize my ideas, so any help, advice or idea about the future of the project is welcome, thank you very much! :thumbsup:

Note: I apologize for not having responded to the messages in the usual way, I am completely blocked :D
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How's The Progress On This Game, Sics?  :)


Quote from: SuperStarFox on April 14, 2019, 03:01:47 PM
Anyone Who Has Contact With Sega, Takashi Ezuka, The Leader Of Sonic Team, and/or Nintendo Must Look At This Game and See It For Themselves Cause This Game Will One Day Save Sonic's Franchise!  :angel:

It's extremely unlikely Sega is aware of this graphical and gameplay improvement project for Somari, and contacting them about it is a very bad idea. ROM hacks are in a sort of legal gray area. Some companies are cool with it, some see it as missing with their property and may even try to mount a C&D. Nintendo is particularly awful about this.

It's best to leave big companies out of fan made content like this. As you saw, it makes the creators nervous when people bring something like that up.


Point Taken... SORRY!
Never Mind About The Contacting Thing... Sorry About That! I'll Be More Careful! I Hope There's More Previews on Sonic's Upcoming NES Improvement Coming Soon!


Yeah. We all want the best for the project. Some devs are cool about fan made content and it's awesome when they are. But some see it as unauthorized use of their properties, their code, their engines, etc. That's why it's always best to not seek approval or recognition. We're not profiting off any of this and as long as that remains the case, we're in the legal clear.



The only thing that SEGA owns in this game is the IP, the music, some of the sprites (like the rings because those I believe were ripped from the actual Sonic 1) and possibly portions of the source code. The rest was coded (or ported) by Hummer Team. Still isn't a good idea at all to tell SEGA, I just wanted to put this out there.
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 Do not worry, I'm just reloading HP (Not the printer :laugh:)

I was suffocating to have to update this publication only to repeatedly answer the same, I always hated to ignore people, but some forget that the time I spend answering those questions in a language that I find hard to write, is time I lose to work in the hack.

It hurts me a lot, that everything has coincided with the publication Ti_, I always admired his work and I really wanted to ask him some questions about his hack :-\

That is why before continuing, people must understand that I am alone, that my time is limited and above all that I have responsibilities to fulfill before the hack, it is not logical to assume I will be able to do everything they want me to do just for propose it to me.

And yes, I know that you may think that the problem is that I must look for more people to achieve the hack that everyone expects, but honestly I never looked for such a thing. My goals are simple, I just want others to see the same thing that I saw in this game when I was little, for that reason:

● He believes he can contribute something, he is invited to do so.
● Whoever wishes to work with me, is invited to do so.
● If you want to work in a parallel hack version, you only have to ask for a copy of the project.
● When I encounter a problem that I can not solve, I will always ask for help.

I only ask that they give me space to grow, that they also listen to my opinion and, above all, that they accept my limitations.

Quickly answers:
Thank you very much, for your contribution I love how you solved your design, I hope to use it in the future :beer:

I almost fell out of the seat when I saw that I had this message, thanks for stopping by, I know that sooner or later your contribution will change the course of this project

Satoshi_Matrix & SuperStarFox
At the moment it does not seem logical to work on the screens of introduction of the game, before that I want to solve other things that I consider more important, but if I decided to do it in the future, I guess I would choose to make both versions (Hummer Team and Sonic Team)

Satoshi_Matrix, SuperStarFox & FailSandwich
I can not believe that someone with common sense could think that a project like this could infuriate Sega or interest Nintendo

On the other hand, anyone is free to express their ideas however bad they may be, it is not as if I were going to blindly follow every advice they give me. That is why opinions on these opinions are also welcome. No one should be censured in that sense ;)

I think the same, no, actually I'm impatiently waiting for his Deadpool Nes hack

As I mentioned I need a time to breathe, later I will continue with my work, but for the moment I will rest until further notice, you can feel free to write in this publication, but as much as possible I will respond when I finish this recess :thumbsup:
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Have you seen the homebrew Sonic NES game Espitene?

It seems to be a newer version of Sonic Mal included in a multicart. Here's a screenshot. There's a rip of Sonic Mal where it's just the singular game but the levels are different and it might have been modified for a Plug N' Play console.


That homebrew seems quite interesting, but it isn't nearly as impressive or as complex as this romhack of somari. However, how it relates to this topic other than loosely resembling sonic on nes eludes me




Amazing project!!!!!!!    :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

I hope you can finish.  :thumbsup:


Hey Sics, I Know Your Still Relaxing or Thinking Of Something To Make Sonic On The Nintendo Entertainment System Look Even More Better Than Before... But I Was Wondering If You Have Any Previews Or Any Mockups That You Made For Either Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone, Spring Yard Zone, Labyrinth Zone, Star Light Zone, (Expect For Scrap Brain Zone Since It's Still Not Part Of The Project) Final Zone, Special Stage, Or For The Entire Game... Sorry If I Got Carried Away But I'm Just Curious...

Also, I Heard That You Were Curious About How I Created The 8-Bit SEGA CD Startup Which Also Features Sonic's Finger Wag... If You Really Want To Know, Then I Guess It's Time For... The Making Of SEGA CD - Sonic's Finger Wag (8-BIT)! I'm Not Able To Show You Images But I Can Tell You How This Was Possible!

1. I First Use Paint 3D To Resize The Screen To The 256 x 240, Then I Color The Background To Black and Used The Sonic Pocket Adventure Fonts.

2. Next, I Add In Sonic's Finger Wag and The Sega Logo.

3. Then I Use An Online Sprite Editor Called "Piksel" And I Design The Sprites, Animations, and Other Stuff!

And That's How I Created The SEGA CD - Sonic's Finger Wag (8-BIT)!  ;)


how is the Sonic 5 project going

Greetings Sics :beer:


1. Don't double-post.

Quote from: sics on April 14, 2019, 05:13:38 PMThat's why I ask for some patience so that I can organize my ideas,

3. Please For The Love Of Christ Stop Typing Like This. Nobody, and I mean literally nobody likes to read posts that are written like this. Our brain turns off and we skip down to the next post. Use mixed case like a civilized human being, for everybody's sake.


Quote from: Midna on May 27, 2019, 10:21:16 AM
1. Don't double-post.

3. Please For The Love Of Christ Stop Typing Like This. Nobody, and I mean literally nobody likes to read posts that are written like this. Our brain turns off and we skip down to the next post. Use mixed case like a civilized human being, for everybody's sake.


I haven't said anything for politeness' sake but everything said here has been bothering me a concerning amount. At least wait until sics comes back and stop bumping the thread for the love of god


I hate to break it to you, but getting angry at people who are calling you out for misbehaving isn't a good look.


Projects die all the time, even ones that get officially announced and are a decent way through development. If sics comes back and finishes this, cool. If not, oh well.

And always remember that you can learn hacking yourself, and eventually put out something just as good as this, if not better!


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