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Sonic 5 - Improvement Vol.2 (Nes)

Started by sics, May 14, 2018, 12:26:09 AM

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Dude, I'm So Sorry About That!  :'(

It's Just, After All This Work You've Done To Give Sonic The Finish He Deserves... You Just Did So Amazing Into Making This Game Look Like A Homebrew Game Rather Then a Bootleg Game!  :)

I Just Hope You Finish The Improvement Very Soon... Cause I Can't Wait To Try The Final Improvement Of The Game Very Soon!  :)


 Thank you very much and do not be sad, remember that I do not speak English fluently, therefore I often can not express myself as I would like, so I understand that these misunderstandings arise

In summary, I manage my time to meet as many objectives as possible, but I mainly focus on the goals that I feel I have possibilities to achieve, on the other hand if on the way I find something I can fix and it was not in my plans, I do not hesitate to do it :thumbsup:

On the other hand you will have to excuse me, since I still have a lot of desire to fix several things, so you will have to wait some time until this project ends

Ah, one last clarification, my biggest wish is that this project does not end here with me, I'm very excited about the idea that this game continues to grow "Lubeck city gate"
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I went through all the mock up boot screens you posted, and this is the one I like the most of all of them:


Quote from: Satoshi_Matrix on April 02, 2019, 09:19:25 PM
I went through all the mock up boot screens you posted, and this is the one I like the most of all of them:

I think this one is probably my favourite too, although it's had to choose with so many :o


Hey Sics, How The Progress Coming Along?

Did You Manage To Fix This Problem Where One Ring is Never Collected In The Loops Yet?  :) :huh:


If I had to pick a favourite, it'd be this. It just looks more like something that'd be in an NES game, where all the others look like they're trying to look like they're on a Genesis or SNES. I'm not saying I don't like the others, but this one is my favourite.
Bootleg enthusiast and ROMhacker extraordinaire.


Satoshi_Matrix, Gastronomicon & FailSandwich
Without a doubt the version that I liked the most was the one in the following image, since it looks great with filters or if they, in any case I consider that the ones you have chosen are among the best :thumbsup:

Although the observation you have made seems right to me, I think it is not an absolute truth, these coloring techniques can be observed in the NES, only they are generally reserved for title screens or with some luck in places where it is needed that the graphics stand out from the others

I have not worked in the hack this week, I have to fulfill other commitments

On the problem of the rings, if I'm not wrong White Fox had mentioned* that this failure was related to an error in the coalitions of the object, but being honest I have no idea how to detect the collisions in the game

This not only limits me to solve this problem, but it has prevented me from making the necessary corrections in Sonic animations, correct collisions of fish and spheres with spike

QuoteI would like to thank all those who participated in the inconsequential survey of the week, I think it is incredible that Robocop (2014) has received more votes than Robocop 2

Note: The girl hacker Robocop 3 is not a resource Deus ex machina if you analyze it carefully has a lot of logic, is a girl and is a hacker... and... Well, it's just great and point :laugh:


* Although I'm sure I've talked about this, I can not find a conversation that confirms this assumption, maybe I hear it from another programmer or I'm confused :beer:

I know it seems an unnecessary clarification, but I do not like to say things that are not true, unless it's to safeguard a fugitive who was unjustly accused of a crime he did not commit and wants to take a trip in search of justice. That was very specific? :-\

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If you're open minded to flickering tricks it's possible to achieve a more "16-bitish" Sega logo - like this one I did 7 years ago:

NES Rom link (in case you want to study it):


That SEGA Logo You Made Macbee is So Impressive!!!   :)

Hey Sics, How Are Sonic's Animations Coming Along?
and Question... Are There Any Graphical Change, Any New Animations Added Lately, and How Did You Reduce The Time From 5,000 to 2,000?  :huh:

April 10, 2019, 01:34:44 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Hey Sics, After Some Thinking... I Think The Clouds In Green Hill Zone Should Be Improved and About Eggman's Graphics From One Of Your Previous Posts... I'd Go With The One On The Right Since It Takes Better Advantage Of The Colors! Also Eggman Should Have a Nose and His Head Should Still Be Rounder Like In The Original Version... Hope You'll Plan On Investigating More Bugs So You Can Fix Them and Finally Release This Version!  :-\


I'm really liking the progress, this is gonna be amazing when it's done. :beer:


I think something I had heard :laugh:

On the other hand, although I appreciate your interest, I do not have sufficient technical knowledge to insert new screens to the game, those models were made in response to SuperStarFox' initiative, only to motivate him to give the best of himself.

Finally, I am very curious about how he manages to make the necessary images to carry out this effect, is it a manual process or is it helped with a tool?

The Animations of Sonic.
At the moment it is too early to reveal information about what I am trying to do. Thank you! :thumbsup:

Time Bonus.
To reduce the score of the time bonus I had to find its hexadecimal value and modify it, usually this data is found using the debugger, but in this case as I sensed that this value could be found near other data that I had previously identified, I simply used the hexadecimal editor search and wrote the full number of the bonus with the format that the game uses.

The Clouds.
In the current version I have redistributed all the clouds and corrected some mountains, although I am still not happy with the results. I've also tried some other things, but it's not worth talking about until I make a decision.

Dr. Ivo Robotnik (or Eggman for friends)
With the modification of the final Bosses I have also simplified the Eggman tab, so it is now easier to create alternative versions, on the other hand remember that the Eggman design is limited by the distribution of the pallets, so I have no way to achieve what you request.

I hope you're right, I never imagined that people would be interested in such a modest project like this, thank you very much!
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Let Me Explain Clearly On Just One Thing... Back In Page 7, It Was This Previous Post. "They are like my curtains, they are there but they are useless :laugh:, as I said before, at the moment they are just a modified currency  :D
No need to ask, any kind of help will be welcome  :beer:

By the way, I draw this other version leaving aside the original scheme to take better advantage of the colors, what do you think of it? :beer:"

It Was That Post I Was Trying To Explain About Earlier and I Liked The Other Version Of Eggman's Graphics That Takes Better Advantage Of The Colors Instead Of The Original Version That Was From Sonic The Hedgehog On Sega Genesis!

Also, You Corrected The Mountains and Redistributed The Clouds... Impressive!  :laugh:
If There Was One Level You Would Enjoy So Much More Than Any Other Level In Sonic On NES, What Would It Be?
For Me, It's Green Hill Zone!  ::)


 Dr. Eggman 2 - The revenge of Robotnik.
But if you have read my previous publications you should know that the following comment I made after the one you mentioned was:

Quote from: sics on February 11, 2019, 07:20:09 PM
Gastronomicon (Hello Gastronomicon of the past, how are you? :laugh:)
I think it's a very wise criticism, "I suppose I could include it as an optional extra" (Referring to Eggman) :thumbsup:

So when I commented that: "it is now easier to create alternative versions" by context, I assumed that I would understand that I was referring both to that comment and to the fact that I can now modify Eggman's graphics more easily.

Favorite Zone Act3.
The levels that I have played the most are those of Green Hill, but without a doubt my favorite area is the Marble Zone, I am not sure if it is for all the effort involved in its remodeling, but I love the result that was obtained thanks to the joint effort of all those who participate in it :beer:

Linktree  | Better a small finished project than a thousand giant ideas stuck in your system.


Nice, I Hope The Rest Of The Project Gets Fininshed Soon!  :angel:


 I think I had already heard that somewhere ::)
Linktree  | Better a small finished project than a thousand giant ideas stuck in your system.


Thanks for your interest on the stuff I do.
Even without flickering tricks you could use just one of these 2 frames (I think it would look good enough).

It would require just a few background tiles and 2 palettes:

Without the flicker effect it would look like this on a NTSC screen:

Congratulations on your project!


If Someone Knows How To Add More Screens For Sonic on NES, So We Can Get a SEGA Logo and a Sonic Team Presents... PLZ GO FOR IT!!! CAUSE SONIC NEEDS THIS SERIOUSLY!!!



I uploaded the source of a music hack, if someone needs it:

Put "Sonic The Hedgehog (NES) Improvement V1.0 + Music Hack.nes" into folder, and run build.bat to create a new ROM "Sonic_The_Hedgehog_(NES)_Improvement_V1.0_+_Music_Hack_NEW.nes"

cpu: $8000-$9FFF is a driver/sfx/some common sequences, $A000-BFFF banks with music tracks (see for lines :     .PAD  $C000,$FF
   .base $A000  - this split into other bank) - one track must not be in different banks.
As I remember only "initial bank" works, and others are ignored.
So, after export from famitracker, you split tracks between 8kb banks, and adjust initial bank # (first = $20).

The sound effects/engine:
My own, plays registers values with some sort of compression, uses only 6 bytes.
Some of sfx I took from other games.
Open drv.asm and find " sound0: " to edit. (line 3681)
sound0 hardcoded to triangle, and sound8 to noise, others uses pulse2 (see line 3475 to edit)

You can dump apu registers with this script for Fceux:

f = ("regs.txt", "wb+");
i = 0;

while (i<30) do

a = memory.readbyte(0x4000+4);
b = memory.readbyte(0x4001+4);
c = memory.readbyte(0x4002+4);
d = memory.readbyte(0x4003+4);

io.write (a);io.write (',');
io.write (b);io.write (',');
io.write (c);io.write (',');
io.write (d);io.write (',');

io.close  (f);


The ram adresses used by ftm driver are $700-$7FF, and several other ZP values described in the beginning of drv.asm file. Make sure that this variables are not used by other hacks.


While I agree with crediting Sega by displaying their logo in a boot up splash screen, I also think a logo for Hummer Team should folow it.

Somari is a sloppy mess, no doubt about it. But all of Somari's code and engine had to developed from scratch at a time when NES development wasn't common for unlicensed devs.

I just think that Hummer Team should also feature if possible.


A Sega Logo Screen, Will Make THE STAFF AT Sega and Sonic Team Relized That They Discovered An Amazing Homebrew Port For Sonic The Hedgehog On The Nintendo Entertainment System! Forget The Hummer Team Logo, a Sega Logo and a Sonic Team Presents Screen Will Make This Game Look Even More Better Than Before! Also... I Can't Wait To Hear Some Audio Improvements, Repositioned Enemies, The New Graphics For All Of The Zones, and Tons More Once This Game Is 100% Complete! WHAT??? This Game Is Evolving... This NES Game Has Evolved To a Homebrew Game!

Anyone Who Has Contact With Sega, Takashi Ezuka, The Leader Of Sonic Team, and/or Nintendo Must Look At This Game and See It For Themselves Cause This Game Will One Day Save Sonic's Franchise!  :angel: